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Hai my friends,
Thank you for all the support till now. Bear with me for two more parts in this ff. keep supporting me till then..

Now, in today’s episode.. I will just narrate the story what has happened…there won’t be any dialogues or drama.

So let’s begin.. Samragni epi 49

Actually, Chirag is an Emperor of other empire which is adjacent to Ragini’s Gadodiya Empire. Before that, Raajat Empire used to be adjacent to Chirag. But, after defeating Raajat, his empire also came under Ragini.
So, now Chirag’s fears started. He feared that Ragini would also occupy his empire. He is a coward by himself, that’s why he never went to any war. But, he acts as hero in front of everyone.
He is great believer of astrology. On the occasion of his birth of son, he calls an astrologer to predict the horoscope of his new born son.
Then the astrologer tells interesting fortune for the prince.

‘The son of Chirag would marry daughter of Ragini and Laksh in future.’

Chirag at first feels happy as that is not a big problem. Then he can have friendly hand with Ragini’s empire too.

But then, the astrologer tells another shocking thing to Chirag..

‘As soon as princess of Gadodiya marries his son, that Princess will become empress for Gadodiya and his empire too. She rules two empires under one umbrella. She becomes the monarch..!!’

Chirag shocks with his statement. He never wanted someone rule his empire. After him, his son has to rule..!! and, he believes the horoscope a lot..!!

So, he sends his spy maid to Ragini’s palace. She eyes Ragini always.

Once, Ragini tries to tell that she is pregnant to Laksh. And, Laksh gives silly answers as if he didn’t understand. Then that maid listens to this news and gives information to chirag.

Chirag thinks.. ‘ enemy is ready to come to this world..!!’
But, he wanted to know whether it is a girl or boy whom she is going to give birth.

He asks astrologer whom she is going to give birth.
(in olden days, estimating the planetary positions and dashas some genius astrologers used to tell future horoscope: and this is just my assumption. I don’t know whether it’s correct are not..!)

The astrologer predicts that Samragni Ragini devi will give birth to two kids, who are twins. One is boy and other is girl.

Generally, if boy is there, the next heir will be the boy. So, Chirag takes breath that chotu or this new born prince will be the next emperor after Ragini.

But astrologer says… ‘Not the son her chote papa or not the son of her will rule that empire..!! it is only her and Laksh daughter..who is going to be the next Samragni..!!!! not only for that empire but till all the borders which are blocked by oceans..!!’
(that means, she is going to rule a whole continent..!)

Chirag dumb struck with that. He was amazed why she has that much fortune..? it means, she is defiantly going to sit on his throne too..!!!

The competition of a kid and an unborn baby has already started.

That’s why Chirag wanted Laksh’s daughter shouldn’t enter the world. but, He is not that cruel to kill a baby that too a girl.

That’s why he informs the maid to throw the warning letter near Ragini. So, that if the baby has born too Ragini would hide her anywhere without knowing to people.

And, his plan worked out.

Ragini being worried that there is someone behind her princess, she hides her in secret palace.

But Chirag and this maid never knows that Ragini has given birth to a girl. They believes only son has born. Because, Ragini hides it as secret.

Chirag knows it from the horoscope that she has already given birth to such princess and he understands that she has hidden her somewhere.
But he has still fears in his mind. But, he is not so cruel to kill the baby.
So, Chirag’s son is one year old when Ragini’s daughter is born.

Now, Ragini never revels about the warning letter to Dp, Laksh or Sanskar because, they were already sacrificing many things in service of empire. So, she doesn’t want to make them even more worried for her. she wanted to solve this on herself.

They were not aware that Chirag is spying them this cleverly.

And one day, Ragini comes to know about it.

It is after her difference with Laksh, when he took away their son from her.

She observes that maid was sending letter to someone. Ragini slaps her and arrests her. she knows from her that she is spy of Chirag. She tells that he is after her daughter.

Ragini doesn’t understand a great emperor like Chirag why is back of a new born kid, that too a girl..? Generally, prince is targeted. But, why princess is targeted here..??

Now, so many confusions crept in her mind. She finds only one solution for this problem. “WAR”

War with Chirag. She knows what happens if two great vast empires war. But, he was back of her little princess who has just stepped into world. If, Ragini kills him in war, no problem from Chirag will be there.

So, she announces war with Chirag.

(note: this is happening when Laksh is not with her. if he was with her, he never let her do a war..!)

The coward Chirag now trembles a lot. He already heard the brave war stories of Ragini. He has just imagined his failure if this war happens. And, he knows very well Ragini never takes her decision back once she targets…!!

Her eyes are powerful than eagle. Her punch is powerful than tiger. Her target is stronger than a mountain.
Such an empress only opponent is Sanskar. But, he is always devoted to throne.

And, only other best opponent of her is Laksh. No one else in this world can defeat her.
Because Chirag know very well… ‘Samragni is strong before anything but she is weak before love..!! She is slave to loved one’s.’

So, Chirag decides to take Laksh’s help. But, why he will raise sword against his heart..?

Laksh amazes with declaration of war with north empire(chirag’s empire)

He thinks Ragini is doing that just for extension of the empire.
‘She has turned into an arrogant empress in his absence. She was far from his love and she forgot loving.’ Thinks Laksh.

But, Ragini is doing that all with a mother heart.
(if we remember, she tells to Laksh once, she can’t tolerate if something happens to her kids.)

So, Laksh denies helping Ragini in that war which creates an unwanted bloodshed. But, he was worried about her.

Now, Chirag comes to Laksh’s kingdom to implement his plan.

(guys, please note the difference when I’m referring empire and kingdom. Kingdom is subpart of the empire. Just as country and states. So, we already know that Laksh was province prince in Gadodiya Empire. He has become samrat after marrying Ragini but, Ragini is the ruler..!! hehe, you all know this, I know…)

He comes to meet Laksh.

(so, in olden days our ancient people has a vow. ‘one has to stand up on the promise..!’)

So, Chirag applies that plan.

Chirag: maharaj Laksh, give me a promise.

When a promise is asked being a Kshatriya(a king) they shouldn’t say no..!!
So, Laksh gives his promise.

Chirag: help me in war against Samragni..!!

This shocks Laksh.

Laksh: I have also given promise to Ragini, that I would protect her always.

Chirag: then, are you burying my promise in land..?

Laksh: maharaj Laksh will help you in the war. But, Laksh protects his Ragini always.

Chirag however confuses with his words, but he feels relieved that Laksh is with him.

Laksh was blocked with the word, ‘promise’
Now, his rules Vs love has come into scene.
Which was stabbing his heart.

On the war day….

Ragini shocks that Laksh was helping Chirag..!! she never expected that her heart will fight against with her.
She doesn’t know about promise. She only knows that Laksh went away from her as she was hiding their daughter. He also took away their son. But, why did he turn as a enemy to her..??
She doesn’t have answers for her questions.

Deep their eyes have showered only love and missing each other. Because it was already one year, since they didn’t talk with each other.

Laksh with promise and Ragini with her will… they both alone starts the war.
(we already know this scene)

Now the dagger comes…!!

It was thrown by Chirag’s senapathi with his secret order. That dagger was not thrown to kill Laksh. It was thrown to stop the war. The war comes to halt if the main person in army wounded.
They can’t proceed war until he is ok.
If he was wounded by the opponent then it is called a failure. But, it was an unknown attack. So, the war has to be stopped..!!

Ragini comes and takes that dagger shot to save Laksh and however as Chirag wished the war has come to a halt for some days.

He wanted the war to have break as he very well know, either Laksh or Ragini never going to win or lose..!! they will die together if they want to die. But, they won’t kill each other.

So, after this war.. Laksh coming near Ragini, they both remembering flash back, these things have happened in the previous episodes.

Hope, I have cleared all the mysteries in this part. If something is not clear please ask me.

So, it’s only Chirag who created the breaks in family. Only his over insecurity feeling was suffering two hearts and two kids.
The solution to his problem is only going to make them together.

And the solution is………..

In next episode…..!!!

/* guys, hope I didn’t confuse you. I took stress in writing this part. If, you feel anything not clear, plz let me know. In two more parts this finishes. */

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