Jee Le Zara 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 8th January 2014 Written Update

Sanchi and Aadu reach the place reserved by DV’s family. There DV’s bhabhi goes on being sarcastic to subtly insult Sanchi and Aadu. Even while ordering food, she insults Aadu. Sanchi gets up for a minute and DV’s mom also excuses herself.

At Sanchi’s house, Sanchi’s MIL comes to fetch Prachi on hearing about her fall from stairs, but she changes track the moment she learns about Sanchi being gone to meet DV’s parents.

DV’s mom talks to Sanchi how she has taken care of her family just like Sanchi. But now she feels that why she sacrificed so much when one wind’s blow will destroy everything. She says that she wanted a girl just like Sanchi but not someone so older to him. She says she does not blame her. It’s destiny. Just like Anvay liked only that land which she does not want to sell. She goes on to say that this will create a rift between Anvay and DV and Anvay will always hate her. Suparna and her would never be on the same wavelength. Yash would always see Sanchi as her biggest defeat. And she herself always wanted a same age DIl for herself. and so there would always be tension in the house and DV will always side with her which in turn will distance him from his own family. She asks if she really wants that DV should also lose his family like herself. She begs Sanchi to leave from DV’s life and save her family. She leaves from there and Sanchi breaks down.

While DV is waiting for Sanchi and praising her cooking, Suparna keeps being sarcastic. Sanchi calms herself and goes back to the lounge and asks to speak to DV’s father alone. She doesn’t let even DV come with her. She asks Mr. Goel if he is happy with this match. He says yes since she is DV’s choice. But Sanchi points out is that why he met her first in office and then here in a restaurant but could not take her home. He is silent. Sanchi says that since he is meeting her only in places where business meetings are held, so she would talk business. She asks if his offer of Rs 20 crores is still valid. He says that he knew her business sense will kick in. But Sanchi says she had already rejected that offer. But DV’s mom’s appeal had more impact. She does not want to sell her love, but she can’t take away a mother’s love too. She then asks him to increase his offer to 50 crores but then gives him family discount and asks for Rs 25 crores.

Precap: Mr. Goel signs Rs 25 crores cheque in front of everyone and informs DV that she has sold her love.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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