Tumhari Pakhi 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 8th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone looking out for Ayaan. Maa ji tells Anshuman that Ayaan and Pakhi are not at home. Anshuman says so Pakhi took Ayaan, this is her way of handling Ayaan, she wants to scare him in alone. He says Ayaan won’t be able to tell anyone. Girish asks Lavanya where are you going in hurry. Lavanya says I m sure Pakhi will take revenge from Ayaan so I m going to take Ayaan. Girish says no need, lets see what Pakhi does, I m sure she will do the right thing. Ayaan is sitting in the park alone as he has run away from home. He sees some monkeys on the tree.

Pakhi comes to him. Ayaan is shocked. Ayaan thinks about Pakhi’s anger. Pakhi sits by his side and smiles. Anshuman messages Pakhi and she replies back. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi looks at Ayaan. She asks where are you going. Ayaan says I will leave home as I don’t want to live with you. She says why, are you afraid of me. He says no, you are afraid of me, thats why you did not scold me. Pakhi says you sit here, he moves away from her. She says I don’t want to scold you and shows him muffins. She eats it infront of him and says I went to jail because of you, I did not get anything there to eat so I made these tasty muffins for me, will you have it.

She says you want to leave home, so you will have to sleep on road, how will you be in so much cold. She says all the best. She plays games on the tab and makes him jealous. She tells him her plans but says I think you won’t be part of this holiday. She shows him some photos of cool places and says I planned so many things, but you decided to leave the house, so its fine.

Ayaan is upset. She says the disadvantages of leaving home and scares him. She says did you think I will scold you, let me tell you I won’t. You can come home with me and have food which I made for you. She says I m waiting for you in the car, come if you want. Ayaan thinks and she looks at him. She says I will count till five, if you want to come, come soon and starts counting. Anshuman talks to Mr. Rana and says Pakhi went outside to talk to Ayaan. She will ask me to choose between her and Ayaan and I will tell her that I choose my son.

Anshuman and everyone are shocked to see Pakhi with Ayaan. Anshuman says Pakhi, where were you, I was worried. She says I messaged you that Ayaan is with me. He says what about bag, again blackmailing to leave the house. He scolds Ayaan and says I will slap him. Pakhi says calm down. Anshuman says ask him why he did this. He will say he won’t stay in this house with you, you also don’t need to bear him. He says I will choose between you two. Pakhi says we will stay together, there is no problem. She says we went to take burger, we did not tell you about this. We had food and packed for you.

She sends Ayaan to his room. Anshuman is shocked. Pakhi is standing on a stool cleaning something. Anshuman comes to her and says Pakhi you did not……… She slips and falls on him. He holds her. He cares for her and they argue. He says I came to ask you where was Ayaan going leaving the home. She says first make me stand. Anshuman gets hurt by her mistake and she cares for him. They argue again. He asks what did you do, tell me, how did you handle him. She says by my way, did I ask you how you manage office, so this is my secret, don’t ask.

She smiles and says language of touch, did you eat walnuts. She says Ayaan is like walnut, hard from outside and lovely from inside. He says Ayaan made a big plan and sent you to jail, whats this, Ayaan has destruction in his mind. Pakhi says its your mistake, she shows him a diary which has the details of Nanny. She says you have not given her time. Did you think what the Nanny did with him, how they punished him, he now thinks only of punishments. Anshuman looks on.

He asks him to sit and says Nanny did not regard Ayaan as their son, but he is your son, its hard to grow a child, but its painful for a child to get less love. She says you got busy in work and does not know anything about your son. She says he lost his mum and did not get your love too. She asks him do you remember anything about his childhood, when did he take his first step, when he calld you dad for the first time, when he learned to ride cycle. How much he missed you, do you remember when he went to school for the first time, when his teacher praised him, when he came to sleep with you fearing, you don’t know. You only remember when he misbehaved.

She says Ayaan does not value relations, no one taught him, his life is a race and he thinks we are his competitors. Anshuman says yes, life is a race. He asks how did you handle him. She says I m explaining you. He says no language of touch. She holds his hand and says Ayaan lost a ot in this age, and in these ten days I want to make him sure that everything will be fine, even yo have to become his dad, we have to show hi everything has changed, no Nanny will come now. We are for him, we are his parents, we have to make space in his heart and we have only ten days, promise me that you will support me. She says the life has given you a chance to rectify your mistakes. Anshuman looks at her and holds her hand. Pakhi smiles.

Pakhi tells Anshuman mission PP. Anshuman is in kitchen with Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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