Jee Le Zara 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi playing with a kid and Dhruv getting tensed. Dhruv asks her if they can leave now. She says 2 more minutes. Dhruv gets angry and goes to his room. He waits for Saanchi, but she is busy feeding the kid. Dhruv comes down and sees that. Lady praises Saanchi for consoling kid and says she will be a good mom. Lady says she is feeding the kid like his mother. Dhruv waits until the kid finishes his milk and asks Saanchi to come now as they are getting late for the movie. Kid starts crying and Saanchi starts consoling him. Dhruv angrily goes back to his room

Saanchi comes to their room and asks sorry to Dhruv like a kid. He says she is not a kid to behave like that. He says he took off to enjoy with her, but neither he could not enjoy the off, not worked. Saanchi tries to convince him and says she could not come leaving the baby crying there. Dhruv says he would have felt good if she would have come as he is not their kid. Saanchi says he is acting like a kid who needs attention always. Dhruv says she was kissing that baby a lot. She says she will kiss him also, kisses him and asks if he is happy. He says he is not happy, but not angry also. He goes to bring the keys. Saanchi says today’s plan can be delayed, but she cannot delay having a baby.

Anvay asks secretary to proceed with the orders. Secretary says once Dhruv comes, he will take his approval and will process the order. Anvay gets angry and thinks his dignity is at stake and has to do something.

Saanchi is getting ready. Raman and Shruti come and start playing with her. Kids says they will stay with her tonight and torture her. Saanchi says she will enjoy with them. She says she will prepare kheer for them. They get happy and hug her.

Dhruv comes come with chocolates and flowers for Saanchi. He goes into his room and finds Raman and Shruti thee. He asks where is Saanchi. Saanchi comes out of tent and says she is playing with kids. Raman says they will sleep with Saanchi today and asks him to join them. Dhruv gets angry. Raman sees chocs and asks for whom did he bring those chocs. Dhruv says it is for him and gives it to him. Saanchi asks what about the flowers. He says he brought it for them but will throw them now. He throws the flowers angrily and goes out.

Suparna sees Dhruv going out angrily and gets happy thinking of differences between Dhruv and Saanchi. He goes near him and says kids shout a lot. She asks Dhruv why is he sitting her. She hears kid’s sounds and acts as getting headache. She says kids should be taught discipline. Dhruv says kids can be controlled. Suparna says she and Anvay are not planning kids as they will lose their privacy. She says she will get happy with Dhruv and Saanchi’s kids and says Saanchi is thinking about kids. She says she will send him tea and goes from there. Dhruv thinks what happened to Saanchi, everybody is aware of Saanchi’s baby talk, life was going good and she wants to spoil it.

Dhruv is thinking about Suparna’s words. Saanchi comes and asks him why is he sitting quiet. She asks if he angry on her than kids. He says he made a plan, and she ruined it. Saanchi says how could she ask kids to go out, he would have joined them. Dhruv says he comes home from office to spend time with her and says he does not need kids now. He says he has a meeting tomorrow and will go to guesthouse and prepare there. Saanchi thinks Dhruv is going away from her. Mom informs Saanchi in the morning that Dhruv went to office without breakfast. Saanchi says he would have eaten something. She thinks why is Dhruv angry on her that he does not want to speak to her, what should she do.

Dhruv is busy in the meeting with his staff. Saanchi calls him and asks why did he go without informing her. Dhruv says he is busy with presentation and will talk to her later.

Mom asks Saanchi to join her and Suparna. Suparna asks Saanchi if she is missing kids. She says mom that her friend crossed 30 and is very desperate to conceive, but is unable to. Mom says why did she wait for so long, everybody knows after certain age, it would be difficult conveive.

Precap: Dhruv shows his presentation to his clients. Client sees Dhruv’s and Saanchi’s pics with kids on projector instead of presentation and asks if he is talking about family planning there. Anvay scolds him for messing up his presentation.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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