Qubool Hai 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 7th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As zoya shuts the door, asad tries to take her hand and she jersk it off instead. While asad apologises for the misunderstanding, but she is too hurt to listen to what he has to say. Asad says that he accepts that he has made a huge mistake, but situations forced him to believe so, that her father killed his father, as he was under the trauma of his father’s detah and hence went on ranting whatever he felt like, without wondering how is affected her. Asad says that she doesnt want to forgive him, so that he is at peace, as he wants his zoya, his life back. Asad profusely asks for an apology, for mistrusting her and torturing her like that. Zoya says that she would forgive him on one condition, that he would never again talk of leaving her, and distancing himself. Asad promises that nothing would seperate them ever, not even death. They hug each other tightly.(MITWA)

In haider’s room, while he is changing, humaira comes and starts staring at him. he asks why is she doing so. when she says that its nothing, he coaxes her to say. She says that wrong time influences someone’s thinking, as she thought that she might have been wrong due to his bad behaviour, but then thought that only he was to be blamed, but never realised that he may have a motive behind it. He says that what he did wanst a mistake but a crime. He refuses to forgive himself as what he has done with her who was absolutely innocent, is beyond forgiveness. She composes him and then asks him not to get angry at what she is about to ask. She asks what happened to his parents, as he had stoppped midway while talking to zoya, as she feels that he knows about zoya’s past and asks him to tell the truth. He says that he would tell her everything but after some time, as thats best for all, and asks her to have faith in him. she says that she has faith on him more than herself. She hugs him, while he gets emotional.

Meanwhile, while tanveer is lying around, and wakes up the next morning, razia puts a knife around tanveer’s neck, and tells her to beware before she plans and plots anything against her and tells her that she has no right anymore to her, her husband and her jewellery. tanveer asks her what has he done. Razia reminds her about how she had stolen the property papers, and how she has finally retrieved it again. she feigns innocence and says that she had taken to keep them safe, so that only they both can have it. razia smiles at this and says that she shouldnt even think that she would share land and property with her. tanveer tells her that she has shared the husband already. tanveer reminds her that she is the other woman, and mamu’s second wife. razia tells her that she is sadly mistaken as she doesnt remember that she has divorced mamu. tanveer is confused. She shows tanveer the divorce papers that she manages to implicate, by forging. Tanveer is shocked. Razia tells hner that she had married mamu due to asad and now divorce him due to asad also. She asks tanveer not to eye tghe property as her concentration is on asad right now. razia warns her that she would tell everyone that she had killed rashid. She finally releases the knife. Tanveer composes herself and says that if she can warn her about her past, so can she about razia and her secrets. Razia is unfazed and says that she is always in the game and has the ace ready always to sace her in the game. She leaves while tanveer is amused.

Asad and zoya and humaira are waiting for their plan to be implemented, and are happy to see tanveer coming down the stairs, thinking whats razia upto now, and that she should get rid of zoya asap, so that she can marry asad and settle abroad. Asad and zoya pretend to have a huge fight in order to be able to get tanveer in their trap, by arguing about her defense for mamu, and asad telling her that she can leave the house if she continues. they both genuinely fight to show tanveer that they are at loggerheads. tanveer smiles evilly as asad leaves with a victorious smile, while she is in oblivion that she is being befooled.

In his room, asad understands that its tanveer on the other end of the door, and pretends to think that its Zoya. tanveer comes in saying that she was concerned about him after the fight with zoya. Asad asks her not to take zoya’s name, and says that he is destined to stay alone. tanveer sympathises with him, while he is amused that she is taking the bait. He asks tanveer to leave him alone and not start it all over again. Tanveer extends the hand of friendship, but he reminds her what had happened. she asks him to give her one chance, saying that she had changed but the reason she did was him, as even if he didnt have her, she always wanted him, in the hope that one day she would be forgiven. She says that he needs a friend right now, especially when zoya left him. She begins to go away, but as planned, asad refers to her as Tanu. She is overjoyed to hear that after such a long time. She turns around happily while he asks if she actually is his friend. She vehementky says yes, and says that he cant even imagine what she feels right now, being referred as Tanu. she says that their past is again here, as if nothing happened in the middle. she takes his hand while speaking. He too reciprocates. Asad takes her hand and says that he indeed was in need of a friend, while she is surprised. tanveer hugs him and says that now he would never miss a friend now, as she would always be with him and never leave him, and even if he wants her life, she would give it to him. Asad says that when the time comes, he would comply to her wishes. tanveer is surpised, while he says that in friendship even death doesnt matter. Tanveer hugs him back, while the screen freezes on his determined face.

Precap: Haider, humaira , zoya and asad are sitting together, planning their next step. haider tells asad that he shouldnt have said no to marrying tanveer, as she wont confess otherwise. Asad says that if he says no, then she would leave rightaway. zoya is tensed. Asad decides that there must be some other ways to get her to confess the truth. He says that their mission was unaccomplished uptil now but not anymore. Meanwhile, in their room, razia tells tanveer, that they both are linked by mamu, and since their husband is in jail right now, hence they dont have any need to share the room. tanveer is surprised when razia says that she has shifted tanveer’s stuff in the guest room. while tanveer is frustrated, razia is amused. She wonders if there’s anything in the almirah kept in razia’s room that she could use against her, what razia was threatening her about earlier.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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