Jee Le Zara 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 31st December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

DV recollects what his bro said that Sanchi wont support him when truth is out and that Sanchi said.. she wants to share all with him! DVs moby rings . its Sanchi.. he doesnt receive ..! Self talk ..pick up the call! DV says its Sanchi! DV self thot.. talk her on phone it will be easier! DV is confused! DV self thot. .u dun wanna tell on phone. .nor in front of her..drop a mail .. coz u have to tell her or u dun wanna tell her? DV says.. want to..! He says i know gotta tell her! DV says.. its ok if u dun tell her! DV says..lies cannot stick for long! DV self thot. .njoy till then! DV says no.. cannot do that to Sanchi! DV self thot. .all will be over when u tell her the truth! DV says.. if truth is hidden all will be over forever! DV self thot.. cant tell lies… cant hide truth. …time will fly n someone else will tell Sanchi n u will have to leave! DV says.. its my truth. . i will tell Sanchi..! DV decides to talk to his dad first and make him take the case back.. !

Prachis mom in law tells her ..that Sanchi must be stressed.. go and support her.. and also ur family .. build bridges..and make a new start! Prachi is about to call. ..! Scene shifts to DV talking to his dad ..! He asks how he is? His dad says.. have two smart sons .. ! DVs mom says.. three! DV says need something urgent to talk to u about! DVs dad says. .ur gonna be heading a fruit processing plant .. be ready rule.. n he says i know but need to talk to u..! DVs dad to me at the airport.. we are boarding flight! DV wonders what to do.. as it will be 15 hours before he can talk to his dad about Sanchi and her farm land!

Part 2

Nani is serving tea to Aaji when the doorbell keeps ringing! Nani is irritated.. n opens! She is surprised to see Prachi..! Nani asks u left home and came? Prachi says.. came here to meet u all in the New Year.. n Sunil and his mom sent me here! Aaji says ur in laws changed! Prachi says.. well Sanchi has changed her destiny . in one stroke..she has reached so high! Prachi says. Sunil told to congratulate Sanchi ..for getting a guy like DV! Aaji asks Sunil knows Dvs family? Sanchi comes and they hug..! Sanchi says. .when Sunils parents found out about DV.. he sent me here .. to congratulate u for getting a guy ..a rich guy like DV and the court case being settled! Sanchi asks how? Sunil calls .. n Prachis talk is interrupted..!

Nani asks where is DV? He din come since morning! Sanchi is surprised! DV wonders how to hide all this for so long..? He decides to go and tells Sanchi..! He turns and sees her standing in his room! DV asks u? Sanchi says..came coz ur avoiding me..! DV says.. not u.. avoiding myself..! Sanchi asks what is the matter?? DV says.. ur older to me.. more mature.. understanding.. if i tell u something.. will u handle us both? Sanchi says ofcourse.. but what is it? DV asks for promise.. that she will stay with him forever..! Sanchi says nothing like that has happened.. promise.. tell me? DV says.. am Dhruv Kumar Goyal .. son of Prithvi Enerprises owner.. the same company that wants to buy out ur farm ..! Sanchi is stunned..! She slaps DV..! DV turns n realises he was day dreaming..!

Part 3

Sanchi calls DV n asks where are u? U din come home since morning? All ok? DV doesnt answer! Sanchi says.. ur Zohra-Zabeen are missing u .. Prachi is here..come here! DV is skeptical..! Sanchi says. .guess Prachis in laws are not uncomfy about us. so come now! DV says congrats.. to u n Sanchi says to u too! Sanchi says.. all family is here.. u come too . .m making tea-fries..! Sanchi is confused ..with DVs reply ..! Aaji asks Sanchi the matter? Sanchi says. he will come now! Prachi asks what did DV give u? Sanchi says.. nothing ..! Prachi says show me! Aaji is skeptical too! DV is playing with stress ball and it lands in Aajis feet..! DV asks u here? Aaji says.. u din come since morning so i came..! DV says was on my way.. u din need to come! Aaji says.. we can do this much for family ..! DV smiles! Aaji asks what is the matter? Why so quiet? DV says Sanch is biggest happiness of my life. .n i m scared of losing her..! Aaji says u and Sanchi fought each other.. then world. .n earned each others trust.. fight is over.. so why scared now? DV says just like that.. if i make any mistake.. and Sanchi gets upset..! Aaji says.. u threw the ball on the wall n it came back to u .. if u remove the wall . it wont come back.. till the wall is there.. ball will come back to u! DV says din get u.. Aaji says.. u n Sanchi need to build. .a wall of trust around each other like a house no one throws stone at u..! DV hugs Aaji happily ..! DVs elder bro and Pradeep are on the way ..! Pradeep says.. u r after this farm land since ages .. why do u need to work so hard..?? Pradeep says.. if Sanchi is his.. her land is his too! Pradeeps bro says .. we dun do anything without dads permission .. DV cant bring Sanchi home without his permission! DVs bro says.. those who think they landed a big fish. . they will pay for it.. !

Prachi says.. she learnt how to cook .. n Sanchi says.. gonna congratulate ur mom in law..! Prachi says ..had to..! She says Sanchi u dun need to do any work at ur in law..! Prachi says.. everyone knows about Goyals..! Sanchi says DV is not from some Goyal family .. n right then DV comes..! Nani asks whats the matter? Prachi greets him as Jiju n says.. was telling Sanchi about Goyals ..! Sanchi says.. who Goyal?? Prachi says.. ur crazy.. Dhruv Kumar Goyal .. DV .. is Yashwardhan Goyals son.. whose company Prithvi Enterprise wants to buy ur farm ..! Sanchi is stunned..! DV is speechless..!

Precap —- Sanchi takes off the ring and says. .u put the ring on me in the morning…if u had to cheat me ..then why did u put this back on me..! Sanchi says.. u r talking of trust? U just used us for fun! DV tries to explain..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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