Tumhari Pakhi 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 31st December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman thinking its Ayaan’s new plan. Ayaan has deleted the call history. Pakhi looks at Anshuman and knocks his head. She says its time for you to say sorry. He says sorry. Ayaan says thank God, dad did not doubt on me. Ayaan says I have a solution, when someone does a wrong thing, he makes the other one have icecream. Anshuman thinks Ayaan is upto something and wants to send us outside. Anshuman says ok. Pakhi says we will go together, else not. Ayaan says you go, I have much homework. Ayaan asks them to go. Anshuman says lets go. Pakhi says I will bring my shawl and leaves. Ayaan is happy and says missing is at final step.

Maa ji praises Ayaan and says you are a good actor. Ayaan says you act the whole day. Maa ji laughs. She says tell me

what we have to do now. Ayaan tells her the plan in her ears. He says I will call the teacher and she will think I m being tortured. Anshuman and Pakhi come to have icecreams. Pakhi asks him to stop the car at the roadside icecream shop. He says here. She says yes. He says are you sure. She says yes, you try once. He says fine. He is unable to decide which one to take. She smiles seeing him. He asks her to decide. She says fine and says his choice. He says how do you know. She says by your touch, I saw your finger stopping at your fav icecream name.

He says good observation. She says I told you your fav icecream, now you tell about my choice. The menu flies and they hold it. Bol dil se………………. plays…………………….. They have an eyelock. Anshuman smiles seeing her. She touches his hand and moves her hand backwards. He comes to her while she smiles and acts shy. He says I am a businessman and without saying you, I will go and bring your fav icecream just give me a moment.

Ayaan calls on Anshuman’s number and Pakhi is shocked to see that its Ayaan calling her from her mobile. Ayaan says don’t beat me, please. Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi says Ayaan, whats going on. Ayaan is shocked to hear Pakhi’s voice. Ayaan says Maa ji, everything flopped, I made the mistake by changing the names. He asks Maa ji what will we do now. Maa ji says I don’t know and cries being tensed. Pakhi calls back. Ayaan says Pakhi is calling back. Maa ji says what will happen now.

Ayaan makes the phone like before. Pakhi comes to Anshuman and says Ayaan called, we have to go home. Anshuman asks why. They go back home. He asks what happened, tell me. She tells him everything and what Ayaan said. Anshuman says do you think someone will beat Ayaan at home. She says no, but lets go. Pakhi comes home and runs to Ayaan’s room. Maa ji informs Ayaan that Pakhi is coming. Pakhi asks Ayaan are you fine. Ayaan lies to her. Pakhi says you were crying on phone. Ayaan says I was rehearsing for the play. He fools Pakhi with a fake story.

Maa ji smiles. Anshuman is happy seeing this. Maa ji says Ayaan is very clever. Pakhi asks him why did he call her. Ayaan says by mistake. He gives her mobile back. Anshuman says I told you it was nothing, you got worried and made me also worry. Pakhi is upset and leaves from Ayaan’s room. Anshuman laughs. Its night, Pakkhi comes to Ayaan’s room and finds him sleeping. She covers him with the quilt. She finds the nylon rope under his pillow and thinks this was for his school project, did he not take this.

Pakhi thinks about Ayaan and his mischief. She checks his drawer and smiles seeing his drawings. She sees the school calender book and is about to see his mum’s photo. Anshuman comes and calls Pakhi. Pakhi says shh…….. and closes the drawer. He asks what are you doing here. She says nothing, I m feeling that Ayaan is hiding something from me.

Anshuman asks why are you feeling so. Pakhi says I heard him crying on phone, but I found the rope here in his room, I hope he is not hiding anything, I saw his diary, he is a bright student. She says after seeing his drawing, I felt he misses his mum a lot, I hope he shares his feelings with me, I don’t want him to go wrong way. Anshuman says you are overthinking. He says he is a kid, don’t worry, don’t bring any doubt in your heart. Pakhi says maybe you are right. Anshuman says I think maybe your 15 days challenge is burdening you. He says the pressure is on you, don’t worry. Pakhi says thank you. Pakhi thinks I hope Anshuman is right about Ayaan.


Pakhi talks to Anshuman about Ayaan. Pakhi comes to meet Ayaan in his school.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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