Jee Le Zara 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 30th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi and her family waiting for Dhruv for the new year celebration. Aaji asks Saanchi not to be tensed and says he will come. Saanchi tells them that Dhruv went to meet Pradeep Dada and gets worried for him. Nani asks her not to worry. Addu comes and says, lets welcome the new year. They happily welcome the new year and says Happy New Year to each other. Dhruv comes, Saanchi smiles and runs to hugs him. Dhruv tells her Happy new year, Saanchi tells him Happy new year chand. Dhruv smiles for his new name. Saanchi asks, what happened? Why you are quiet? Dhruv says, you told me that you trust me. Did you told by heart? Saanchi says, I mean that by my soul. My new year resolution is to break the silence. She says, I thought to break my silence and shares everything

with you. I want to share everything, my secrets, worries and dreams with you. I live my dreams only and only with Dhruv, long drives, long walks, kisses……She hugs him again and says, I want to share much more with you. Dhruv is worried and wonders how to break that Prithvi enterprises is him. Saanchi asks, why you are silent. Shall I bend on my knees and says sorry for not sharing her worries, talk. She says, I will try from now on to share everything to you. Dhruv says, I want to tell you something. Saanchi says, but I will say first and asks him to close the eyes. Addu comes and asks them to come for cake cutting. Saanchi asks the grannies to cut the cake. Aaji and Nani cut the cake and make the younger lot eat them. Saanchi gives a cake bite to Dhruv.

Dhruv thinks, I can’t be quiet. I have to tell you that the greedy people is my family, who wants to snatch your dreams from your hands. Nani thanks Dhruv for bringing happiness in Saanchi’s life, for bringing colors in her life and blesses him. Nani blesses Saanchi and prays for their happiness. She asks Addu to play the music. Addu asks them to dance.

Dhruv and Saanchi dance on Jee le zara song. Saanchi asks Dhruv to tell what he wants to say. Saanchi rests on his legs. Dhruv says, I want to tell you without wasting any time and says I am son of Yashwardhan Goel, Prithvi enterprises owner, who wants to buy your land. She finds her asleep.

Pradeep calls Sunil and tells the breaking news that Dhruv and Anway are brothers. Sunil is shocked. Pradeep says, they are real brothers. Sunil says, Dhruv is betraying us. Pradeep says, our money is fixed. Prachi asks, what Pradeep was saying. Sunil says, Dhruv is crorepati. He is the son of Prithvi enterprises owner. He says, your sister is going to be rich. Prachi says, I won’t talk to her. Sunil asks her to apology to Saanchi. Dhruv recalls Anway’s words that how Saanchi will react after knowing the truth. He recalls Saanchi and Nani’s thankful words. Saanchi comes and keeps her hand on his eyes. Dhruv says I know you are here. Saanchi asks, why did you not come for breakfast? Dhruv asks, did you make anything special? Saanchi says, I made everything according to your taste. Dhruv says, it is good that I didn’t come. Saanchi says, our trust will not break rather Pradeep and Prithvi enterprises’s dream will break. Saanchi says, I have full trust on you. you always saved our love from breaking and I have full faith. You are my hero. She hugs him. Dhruv is tensed. Saanchi says, I have to go to office and says, we will have tea in the evening, okay. And we will complete the talk about the yesterday talk.

She kisses him on his hand and asks him to keep it safe and if wants, can return in the evening. She gets shy and leaves. Dhruv smiles a little. Dhruv says, I should be ashamed. I should tell you sooner. Dhruv comes to her and says, we should start a new beginning. Dhruv says, I told you that I will make you wear this ring when a trust build between us and asks her to keep the ring. He asks her to feel the ring whenever her trust shakes and says Dhruv always loves you and wants to marry you. Saanchi says, I trust you. Dhruv says, this is for my satisfaction that you will trust me forever.

Dhruv tells Saanchi that I am Dhruv Kumar Goel, son of Prithvi enterprise’s owner Yashwarden Goel. Prithvi enterprises is the same one who wants to snatch your land from you. Saanchi is shell shocked to react.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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