Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji and Hoshiyae getting angry on Gabru. Tau ji says I like the people who say the truth, I will give you once chance, send your parents, as marriage links two families, if we like them, then you can expect this from me. Gabru says I am not so lucky that my dad comes to talk to you. Tau ji asks why. Gabru says we lost him long time before when I was a child. Tau ji says I m sorry to hear this. Gabru says I have a mum but no brother. He says the one who have mum, has everything, I will send her to you. Tau ji says it means you take care of the house and mum and you are also an inspector. We are lucky to have a son in law like you. Tau ji asks Hoshiyar’s opinion. Everyone smile. Gabru looks at Rano and smiles.


tells Rano why is Gabru not telling the truth. Rano says its fine. Simran says I can’t see this happen, Gabru’s truth should be out, if he does not say, I will say it. Rano stops Simran but she does not. Simran says Tau ji stop. Everyone look at her. She says he is not a real inspector.He is only a struggling actor. Everyone are shocked. Tau ji asks Gabru about this. Gabru says yes, its true. Tau ji gets angry and shouts saying jaggi, bring my gun. Gabru says why so, will you shoot me for only one lie. He says you can’t shoot me, the Lord has made us to love each other, not kill.

Gabru says beat me but don’t shoot me. He says I m afraid of the gun. Tau ji says you were not afraid to lie, so why are you afraid of the gun. Gabru requests him to forgive him. Rani comes. Simran asks Hoshiyar to control Tau ji. Hoshiyar says forgive him, he made a small mistake to lie. Tau ji says he lied to me, liars are not good people, they can’t face he truth and we can’t trust him, I can’t bear liars. Gabru tries to convince Tau ji and the scene is funny. Gabru asks jaggi not to bring the gun.

Tau ji shouts and says I will kill him. Simran says forgive him. Tau ji says no way, if I leave him today, he will lie to me again. Simran and Rano get worried. Gabru says its fine. Tau ji looks on. Gabru says even if I die, my love will win, my blood will shout that my love for Rano is true and will forever be. He says lovers don’t be afraid of anything. Tau ji says I will see you today. Rano stops jaggi from taking the gun. She cries and requests him not to take the gun. jaggi says I m helpless, I can’t help you today.

He brings the gun and gives it to Tau ji. Tau ji aims his gun at Gabru. Rano asks Gabru to run away. Everyone are tensed seeing the gun. Simran asks Tau ji to stop. Gabru gets worried. Tau ji shoots and Gabru acts as if he is really hurt. Tau ji says this is an empty gun, where are the bullets, jaggi says I did not check it. Gabru gets up seeing he was not shot. Rano thanks jaggi for removing the bullets. Gabru says some filmi lines. Tau ji asks jaggi to bring the bullets. Tai ji asks him to forgive Gabru. Hoshiyar says don’t shoot him, he is the only support of his mum, let him go.

Tau ji scolds Gabru and says I m leaving you thinking about your mum, go from here, and don’t show me your face. Tau ji asks him to leave. Gabru says I will always love Rano and won’t be afraid of anyone. He leaves and Rano cries. Its night, Rano is thinking about Gabru and crying in her room. Simran comes to her and Rano is annoyed with her. She says you have taken away my happiness from me. Simran says I understand you but I knew this was not good.

Rano says why did you tell everyone, did you think about his status or that he is jobless. Simran says no, I don’t believe in all that, love does not see status. Rano says then what did you see. She says I would have told Tau ji the truth after my marriage, are you jealous of me, thinking how can Rano get someone so good as Rajveer has went very far from you. Simran cries and says if this was the case, I would have told the truth to Tau ji before. Rano apologizes to her and says sorry I have told you bad things in anger.

Simran says I know this, but trust me, I did not do anything wrong with you. She says the relation which is on a lie, gives only pain. Simran thinks about her and Rajveer. She cries and says what the lie does, it ruins everything. She says I m saying the truth. Rano says sorry again for thinking wrong about her. Simran says its fine, I did not feel bad. I m happy that you understood me. Rano says tell me, what do you think, will Didi bring Rajveer back. Simran says no, she won’t, she will take Rajveer very far, but I trust my love. I know when Rajveer remembers everything, Didi won’t be able to keep him away fro me, I know he will come back one day.

Rano says I wish my love is also true, but Gabru can back off, and even if he comes again, Tau ji won’t agree for this marriage. Simran and other women talk about Gabru in the kitchen. Simran says I will talk to Tau ji about this relation. Simran says I don’t regret of what I did, Tau ji would have done the same if we came to know this later. Tau ji says yes, I would have shot him.

Simran calls everyone and says be happy now and welcome Rajveer. He is coming back. Everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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