Jee Le Zara 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv and Saanchi dancing with kids on the song Tere Liye Signal Tod Taad Ke…. Ankita says Suparna that she is going as she cannot see Dhruv and Saanchi together. Suparna says it is just a matter of moment, a twist will be coming the story soon and asks her to enjoy. Anvay comes and greets Suparna. He sees Ankita and her sad. He asks why are they looking boring and then sees Saanchi and Dhruv dancing. He says Saanchi has sidelined both sisters again. Suparna says they will make Saanchi headline of the party. Suparna takes Anvay to dance. Isha’s mom asks Isha to cut the cake now. Dhruv asks to wait for some time and thinks someone is yet to come. Saanchi inists and says Shruti is getting restless. Dhruv says Shruti is waiting for someone more than the cake. She asks who. He says someone when he comes Shruti and Raman will be very happy. Just then Arvind comes with lots of gifts. Everyone sees them and gets happy. Anvay is shocked to see him. Shruti and Raman gets happy and hugs him. Isha asks Arvind how come he is here and if somebody saw him. Dhruv asks Isha not to worry about Arvind. Saanchi asks if Dhruv called him, he says hes. Saanchi says he is proud of him. Ishi hugs Dhruv and thanks him. Anvay asks Arvind how dare to come here. He scolds Dhruv to call Arvind and says his family’s name will spoil because of him and asks Arvind to go. Isha asks Anvay not to speak like that in front of kids. Ankita asks Suparna to control Anvay. Suparna says Arvind is damad of this house. Anvay says he is a fraud. Dhruv’s mother asks Anvay to stop and says Arvind will not go.

Anvay says dad gave house’s responsibility to him. Mom says she is elder of this house. Saanchi asks both of them to stop and says everyone is waiting and lets cut the cake. Shruti cuts the cake and everyone sing happy birthday. Suparna and Ankita eagerly look at the door for police. Inspector comes with constable and asks everyone to go now as party is over. He arrests Arvind and then asks who is Saanchi Goel. Saanchi says she is Saanchi Goel. Inspector thanks her for calling and getting Arvind arrested. He asks her to come to police station with him to give statement. Mom and Isha ask if she called police station. Suparna says inspector Saanchi cannot do this. Inspector says Saanchi made and phone call and shows his mobile number. Everybody is shocked to hear that. Ankita says it is Saanchi’s number..

Isha asks Saanchi why did she do this. Inspector asks Arvind to come with him silently. Dhruv brings antricipatory bail and says he cannot arrest Arvind. He says Arvind is being framed. Inspector reads the bail papers and accepts it. Arvind thanks Dhruv for helping him. Dhruv says he knew something like this would happen, so he applied antricipatory bail. Inspector thanks Saanchi for informing him and goes from there. Suparana asks Saanchi why did she do this, everyone wants to know that. Dhruv says he knows she would not have done knowingly but she should speak up. Everyone insists. Suparna says there is nothing to speak. Saanchi says she does not have anyting to speak, but wants to show something. She takes out handycam and asks servant to play it. Suparna and Anvay ask to stop her drama. Dhruv asks them to wait for 5 minutes. Ankital picking Saanchi’s phone and calling inspector is shown. Everyone is shocked to see that. Saanchi says when she kept handycam for charging, it was on by mistak and everything got recorded. Dilshad says they should call police now. Ankita requests not to call police as it was a joke. Dhruv scolds Ankita for trying to arrest Arvind. Suparna also scolds Ankita and asks her to get out. Saanchi sees Suparna’s face and understands it was Suparna’s plan.

Precap: Saanchi says Suparna that she is the one who asked Ankita to call inspector and says she did not show her video purposefully. She asks her to stop now, else she will not keep quiet.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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