Jee Le Zara 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 29th January 2014 Written Update

Dilz asks Sanchi to tell the truth as she cares not just for Sanchi but also DV. She says this way she is insulting their relationship. Sanchi says she wants to go to DV but she can’t as she has promised his mom to not break her house. She has seen that their worlds are poles apart and should remain apart. Dilz asks why she is giving more importance to his mom than DV himself. Sanchi says a mother is mother and she can’t hurt her. She asks Dilz to support her.

At Sanchi’s house, Nani and Ajji are fighting over food, when DV tries to intervene. Nani says he should focus on making something special for Sanchi as the way to a man’s heart passes through stomach. DV says in case she has not noticed, Sanchi is not a man, but a very pretty woman. Nani says, but the rules are same. So they suggest DV to make chocolate cake for her. DV starts making it creating a complete mess. He makes many mistakes, which Nani and Ajji notice. When DV keeps the cake inside the oven for setting, they signal Aadu to get DV out of kitchen and he makes him shift furniture and meanwhile Nani and Ajji go and make all the corrections in the meanwhile. DV then goes and sees the cake ready (1 minute cake maine pehli baar dekha hai.) He asks Aadu to take this cake to Sanchi and places a “Marry Me” card with it.

Aadu takes the cake, while Dilz opens it and is amazed to see the cake. Even Sanchi is happy seeing the cake. She sees the card inside and smiles. Dilz asks is he has proposed, then she should say yes. Sanchi says she can’t accept it. Dilz says at least to eat the cake. Sanchi refuses. Dilz insists a lot and finally Sanchi takes a bite. She takes the rest of the cake to DV and says she did not expect this as she knows Ajji’s taste from childhood. DV says no he baked himself. Sanchi asks him not to lie and leave from here. She hands back the plate to him and starts leaving. DV calls from back and says he would leave in three days but not alone, along with her after marrying her with her full consent.

DV comes inside confused and Nani, Ajji and Aadu all sit with him, asking him what happened. He wonders he only made the cake, right. Then he sees Nani and Ajji’s expressions, he realizes that they only changed. They both say they only wanted to help. DV grins and says he will surely win her heart. They all start having fun. Sanchi comes, sees it and leaves. She complains to Dilz, that see how they all are having fun. Dilz says that’s because DV is so charming. Sanchi says they are making all fatty and oily stuff which is not good for their health. Dilz says if she is so worried, then why she doesn’t go and live with them. Sanchi says no she won’t and snatches the plate of Spring Rolls from her and and says as long as she is here, she will put Dilz on a diet.

In the morning, DV’s dad calls him up and asks him to come back. DV says he won’t till he has sorted out matters. Yash shouts that he needs to forget Saanchi as his future is here with them and Ankita, but DV replies, that he would and could never forget Sanchi. He cuts the call and goes inside and asks Nani and Ajji to go for shopping for bridal dress and jewellery for Sanchi,

Precap: Sanchi coming to her house and DV making some plan.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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