Jee Le Zara 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 27th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi decorating the house for welcoming the new year. Addu helps her. Nani asks her to get ready as well. Saanchi says, everyone is family here. Nani says, you have to get ready for the good changes coming in your life. Anway introduces Dhruv as his brother. Pradeep changes his track and says, I didn’t know that DV sir has big connections. Anway says, we want to but the land. Dhruv says, case is lodged in Prithvi enterprise name. Anway says, it is Dad’s charitable organisation. He wants to build hospital on that land. Pradeep says,it is a good thing to build hospital for poor. Anway says, when we came to know about you being the lawyer for that case, we were relieved. Nani asks Saanchi to welcome the troubles also which is a part of life. She says, you have

to move forward with your family. Dhruv says, my client didn’t want to sell the land. Anway says, I know. Dhruv says, she is not ready to sell the land.

Anway says, everything sells in this world. He says, price should be big or the helplessness of the seller. Dhruv says, I will talk to Dad and asks him to let go of this land. Anway says, do you think he will agree. Dhruv says, he will understand. Anway asks, do you want to fight with me and Dad. Dhruv says, I just want to make him understand. Anway says, he will not leave it. Dhruv says, my clients emotions are attached to the land and I had promised to win the case. Anway tries to misguide him. Nani tells Saanchi to keep the relations intact. Saanchi says, shall I get ready now. Nani asks her to break her silence and starts sharing the things/talks.

Anway takes Dhruv to the land and says it is Dad’s dream. Can you say no to Dad’s dream. Dhruv says, it is someone else Dad’s dream. We can’t snatch her dream. Anway says, why you are getting emotional. Dhruv says, Dad’s projects can build anywhere else, I will search for the land. Anway says, Dad’s project will build here only. Dhruv says it is impossible and says Saanchi will not sell her dream. Anway says, I will buy this piece of land at any cost. Pradeep tells Anway that this land is closer to Dhruv. Anway says, his family is us. Pradeep gives him hint about Saanchi.

Saanchi is selecting her dress. Dhruv asks Anway not to talk on the road and says I will talk to Dad. Anway says, what you will tell to dad that it is my girlfriend’s dream. Anway asks Pradeep to leave. And says she can’t become your wife and asks her to have fun with her and let her go. He says, family responsibility is something else and fun is something else. Dhruv gets angry and says you didn’t meet her so you don’t know her. He asks him to meet Saanchiji. Anway asks, how will Saanchiji react when she came to know that Prithvi enterprise is yours. Dhruv says, I will make her understand. Anway says, you are the owner of Privthi enterprises. Anway says, you are very emotional and asks him to come home.

Anway asks him to think about it and leaves. Dhruv is tensed. Saanchi comes, Addu compliments her. Aaji and Nani smiles looking at her. Saanchi says, our family will be complete with Prachi and Sunil. Aaji says, she will come but the focus is on you. Nani asks Saanchi to pick the call. Saanchi says, I called him but he isn’t picking the call. She says I am sure, he will come before 12 am as they are waiting for the new year celebration.

Dhruv comes somewhere and recalls Saanchi’s words that she is emotionally attached to the land. It is not land but her entire childhood. He recalls the promise made to Saanchi. He recalls Anway’s words that you are the owner of Prithvi enterprises and Dad will never accept your relation with a older woman. Dhruv thinks to talk to Saanchi and gives her this news. He says 15 mins are left for the new year and says I am coming to tell the truth to you.

Saanchi tells Dhruv that I live dreams with you only, love drive, long walks and kisses. She hugs him. Dhruv looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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