Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th December 2013 Written Update

Sharda is worried for Karan but gets distracted as some more guests (their neighbours in Gujarat) come in. Sharda and Suresh welcome the guests who are coming but Sharda also notices the look on his face as he checks his watch. She goes outside and sits in a car and leaves for some place.

Sakshi is looking out for Sharda. Her friends tease her thinking it to be about Karan but Sakshi denies. She wonders if Sharda has said anything to Karan which has upset him and he left.

At Rohan’s place Rohan tells Karan to run away if he doesn’t want to get married. We don’t know if anyone has read your letter plus it doesn’t matter as the engagement is still on. You have to run. Karan agrees but he cannot leave thinking about Sharda. If I run away then dad will scold mom

a lot. Sharda says if you would have been so much worried about your mom then you wouldn’t have come here without telling me. Karan is surprised to see her there. She had heard Bruno barking on the phone so she realised where he would be. Rohan apologizes to her. all the three friends leave from there so that Sharda and Karan can talk.

Karan is also going out when Sharda stops him. Karan says this isn’t a wedding but business deal. Plus I have no interest in this wedding. I am young I don’t want to be caught up in this relation. I want to fly. Sharda says it is important to be tied to fly. A kite cannot fly high if its not tied. Even the birds who fly in the air have to come back to their nests in the evening. Everyone has to make their nests. Karan is not ready for this yet. I want to stay like this till it is the right time for marriage. She asks him how she would know then that it is his age to get married. He has no answer. She asks him if he will realise it when that age will pass. This is the tradition. She (his wife) will be your inspiration. Your dad has chosen her for you and you always say that he is a superb businessman so would he find an alliance for you that is not worth it? He knows the difference between gold and copper. He will find the best for you. He doesn’t know it but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He loves you a lot. She gets a call from Suresh. He asks for Karan. Karan takes the phone but Suresh doesn’t know. Suresh starts blaming Sharda for spoiling him. You will be responsible for anything that goes wrong because of him. Find your son and come back home asap. Suresh ends the call. Sharda tries to talk to Karan but he gives her her phone. She agrees not to say anything to him. She is going out when she stops. Before making a decision, think over my words with a cool mind. She leaves.

Padma asks for Karan from Suresh. Just then he notices Sharda returning home all alone. Some guests come to talk to Padma so he goes to Sharda. You had gone to get Karan right? Where is he? If he doesn’t come today! Just then Karan enters all dressed up for his engagement. Sharda also turns to look and is relieved to see him and his friends.

Before Suresh can say anything to him Padma joins them. He is told to touch her feet which he does as Sharda nods at him. Karan obliges. Padma takes him to introduce him to her guests. Sakshi’s friends catch a glimpse of Karan and like him but Sakshi is not able to see his face. They tease her to wear high heels as much as she wants to before she gets married as Karan is not that tall. Karan escapes from there as his dad and MIL are busy talking to the guests. Sakshi turns to go and stops just before she was about to collide with Karan. They both have an eye lock.

Padma introduces Sakshi and Karan to each other. She leaves them alone to talk. Sakshi’s friends tease them a lot. Finally they both say hi to each other. Sakshi’s friends pushes Karan next to Sakshi to see how they both look together. Perfect, they say! They also decide to go from there so that they both can talk to each other. Sakshi and Karan are feeling a little awkward. Dadi calls them for aarti. Karan takes the chance and goes from there. Dadi tells Sakshi how shy he is. Someone calls out for Dadi so she leaves after telling Sakshi to come for the aarti.

Priest does Karan’s tilak. He gives him the puja thaal to do the aarti. Karan takes it carelessly, the diya slides and is about to be blown when Sakshi saves it. The light goes off which irks Suresh. Sharda is happily surprised to see Sakshi trying to protect the diya from blowing off and Karan and Sakshi looking at each other. Sakshi tells Karan it is said that puja’s diya shouldn’t get blown off in any way. Light comes. Priest tells them both to do the aarti and seek blessings from Radha-Krishna. Sakshi-Karan and Suresh-Sharda do the puja.

Sharda is walking while thinking something when she stops seeing Sakshi standing before her. Sakshi can feel that she is not all right. Sharda denies. Sakshi says since I came I was noticing that you do everything perfectly except lying. Your eyes are saying something else. Sharda tries to say something but Sakshi stops her. I know you are worried and I am the reason behind it. You are very good and you should get a good DIL. I don’t know what a perfect DIL is but I know I am not perfect. I don’t know any household work but I keep on fighting with mom. I had kept a fast on Janamashtami last time but ate before completing it. What to do, I cannot control my hunger. She stops talking as she realises Sharda knows everything about her. You also know I had run away from home. You deserve a better DIL. I know you wouldn’t say anything as you are very good. But I can say right. I will go and tell mom everything right now. Sharda tries to stop her but Sakshi goes to her mom telling her she wants to talk to her. Before Sakshi can say anything the priest calls out for everyone as he is going to read out the vachan patrika (book of promises). Sharda is relieved.

The priest tells Padma and Sharda to pick one patrika each. Shrda recalls her first meeting with Sakshi on the platform….the before and after incident. Sharda finally picks it. Dadi thinks priest told Sharda to read the patrika as if she will read it. Latika assures her dad will handle it. Priest tells Padma to read out the patrika first followed by Sharda. Everyone including Sakshi is worried for her.

Suresh tells Sharda to give the patrika to him to read. It will be an insult to us if people here get to know that you are illiterate. It might cause problem in the wedding too. It would be better if you give it to me I will read it. Suresh tells everyone that Sharda is not well today so he will read it. He is about to open it when Sharda starts speaking on her own. When a boy and girl hold each other’s hands for a marriage then not only do the lines on their hands join but their fates / lives join with each other too. Before marriage we want to fly high. We don’t want to be tied to something / someone. But only after we join our lives with someone that we realise that happiness is in a bond as well. One cannot move forward by looking in the past. True partners are those who forget their past and look at their future with their partners and family only. Sharda’s family members are happy…including Suresh. And I think that Sakshi all these qualities and I accept Sakshi as my DIL. Sakshi is happily surprised / touched. Sharda smiles.

Precap: Sakshi promises Sharda she will try her best to live up to her expectations. I will try my best to understand Karan and all the other family members. Karan tells his friends that he has promised not to back out of this wedding but what if the girl does that.

Update Credit to: pooja

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