Jee Le Zara 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 20th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv saying he needs intelligent, caring, matured and of good background. He is okay if she is elder than him. Ulka kaki tells him about someone whose marriage is failed. Dhruv says he needs a elder girl as he is not matured. Dhruv says it is okay in American culture. Ulka talks against it. Nani and Aaji also tells the disadvantages. Ulka says girls should always be younger to their husband. Dhruv says it is old fashioned thing. He asks Nani and Aaji to come home. After coming home, he signs Saanchi that he didn’t talk to them. Nani asks Saanchi whether she is going to office. Saanchi says she is leaving. Dhruv says I will come but Saanchi says no need. Dhruv comes to Saanchi’s office and is about to say. Saanchi says we shall tell them and we can’t proceed with our relation. Dhruv says he was about to talk but Ulka kaki interrupted them. Saanchi says she will talk to them but Dhruv promises her that he will talk to them in 24 hours.

Dhruv thinks to wear Indian dress as Aaji will like it. Saanchi calls him and asks him when he is coming. Dhruv says he got confused? Saanchi says whether he is confused about them. Dhruv says he is confused about wearing the clothes. He says we are one. Saanchi says shall I come and help you. Dhruv asks her to come and says he will have a bath now. Saanchi comes and looks at the clothes on the bed. She thinks he is going to talk about his marriage or going to attend a marriage. Dhruv comes out half naked in a towel. Saanchi says you should have wear the clothes. She turns around. Dhruv holds her hand and asks her to help him. Saanchi says if anyone sees us then.. He says I will close the room. Saanchi says please don’t do it. Dhruv says why there is shame between us. It is common in relationship. Saanchi says let me go. Dhruv says he won’t let her go without a hug. Saanchi closes her eyes and asks him not to do it. Dhruv wears his clothes and comes infront of her. Saanchi says she was scared. Dhruv says your breath is telling something else. Saanchi says lets go before Aaji and Nani go to the market.

Pradeep is getting ready and singing song. Deepali tells him that some car came for him. Pradeep says this is my car. Deepali asks, did you sold Saanchi’s land? Pradeep asks her to think about him rather than worrying about Saanchi. Dilshaad makes Dhruv eat sugar and curd. Dhruv wears formal dress and says he needs to pass in this test. Dilshaad says he will surely pass and says Aaji and Nani have accepted you as a son. Dhruv jokes that may be they will think me as Saanchi’s brother. Dilshaad says you have done a big thing by winning Saanchi’s heart and will surely win. She asks him to go. Dhruv says you are very good. She wishes him best of luck.

Nani tells Aaji that Dhruv didn’t come as he said he needs to talk something important. Aaji says he will come. Saanchi thinks where is he? She comes in the balcony and sees him rehearsing outside. She throws the flower on him and they talk in sign language. Dhruv throws the flower on her with a kiss. Pradeep is driving the car and is talking to Goel on phone and asks him not to worry. He hits someone riding the bicycle. He thinks he is dead and thinks to flee. Passerby runs after his car.

Nani tells Dhruv that you drank 15 glasses of water in 15 mins and is constantly telling that you needs to talk something important. Dhruv says this thing is very serious. Aaji says tell us whatever it is, we are very strong. Dhruv says he respects them a lot and says he didn’t share this thing with his mom. he says he thought to share with them first. Dhruv says, sometimes we make picture of our life but sometimes life shakes us and nothing happens as we thought to be. He gives an example and says there is a fixed opinion about age in our society. And life is the thing which can be over anytime. Nani says she is understanding well. Nani says you want to say that you have some deadly disease. Dhruv says he is fine. Phone rings, Saanchi picks the call. Dhruv says he will tell them clearly. Saanchi takes Advait name and is in shock.

Saanchi is crying in the hospital and tells Dhruv that destiny is hinting them something. She says, two times we wanted to talk to aaji and nani and something happens. Dhruv says you are very stressed. Saanchi says it is not in their destiny and that’s why it is happening.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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