Mahabharat 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 20th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sakuni and Bhishma exchanging pleasantries with sarcasm. Sakuni flaunts his newly made dice(out of his father’s bone) and the way it listens to him to Bhishma. A little later, Drona enters the court and announces of his students completing their education. The court agrees unanimously that the most talented person would be the crown prince.

Dhirid asks Dron if it is none other than his darling son Dury. Dron is hesitant. Bhishma suggests that the kids display their talent and then they can decide who is more talented rather than the Guru telling them.

Everyone agrees to it. Sakuni intervenes and tells that at Gandhar, they have a practice of having a competition for two equals to prove who is the more suitable candidate. Before Bhishma shows his displeasure on this idea, Dhirid agrees enthusiastically.

Later on Bhishma and Vidur are seen assuring Kunti that nothing bad will happen. Kunti seems to be a little worried but says that her sons will prove their worth. Bhishma before parting tells her that the poison will have an effect only when it strikes first, the second time, the body wouldn’t react adversely

Sakuni is playing the dice game with one of his chief confidante. He asks the hinges which are used to operate the gate to the palace grounds where the competition is to take place to be broken when an arrow hits it. Something is brewing in his shrewd mind, he smirks evilly.

At another corner, Ashu is seen working on a big wheel where all the names of Dron’s students are written. Dron and Ashu share a talk. Dron feels that Ashu should be more friendlier to Arjun as he is the most talented of the lot and he will get profited more out of him. Ashu seems to have a different thought. He says that he is sure that Dury is going to be the crown prince and his friendship with dury will bear him fruits.

[[[I wonder if Dury was very good at making friends… He seems to have loyal friends.. May be he had an amazing talent to attract this loyalty!]]]

Further, Ashu also tells his dad that whatever happens in the competition the next day, he shouldn’t intervene and let it happen the way it was destined to happen. Dron says that he wont lie, Ashu says that he needs to keep mute.

The next day, the arena is full with the people of the kingdom having come to witness and cheer for their princes who are returning back. The Royal ladies also await for the return of their sons and brothers. Dhirid, Bhishm, Vidur and Sakuni are seated as well. Dron enters in and informs that his students will display their talent and this competition will decide the crown prince.

Bhishma adds that if a prince injures another intentionally or accidentally, he would be disqualified. Dron blows the counch indicating the start of the competition. Ashu is shown with his bow and arrow as the wheel carrying the names of the princes starting to rotate.
Dron gives his consent to Ashu who nods at his father and slyly looks at Sakuni who smirks back at him.

Precap: Grand entry of the grown up princes.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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