Jee Le Zara 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 20th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nani seeing Dhruv from the window. Dhruv asks her to open the door. Nani mistaken him to be the groom. She asks your parents didn’t come? Dhruv says what is the need as he came to see the house. He asks her to give something to eat. Nani asks what do you want? Dhruv says juice. He says he is tired. Nani tells Dadi that the lad comes, he seems to be good mannered but looking younger than Saanchi. Dadi tells Nani that you said right he is young, but Nani says he is good. Dhruv takes the tray’s from nani and dadi’s hands. Nani and Dadi introduces themselves to Dhruv. Dhruv looks at the food and sits to eat it. He says he is very hungry. Dadi asks about his luggage, Dhruv says he came to stay here. Nani asks what you wants to know. Dhruv says he wants to look at the

house and its people. Dadi enquires him when he used to come in the night. Nani asks do you have any bad habit. Dhruv says he don’t have any bad habit. He asks Aaji and Nani to decide about his food and clothes. Nani and Dadi gets happy and go inside to talk. Nani says he is thin, Dadi says he seems to be good. They both agree with each other.

Saanchi comes, Nani sees her and opens the door. She tells Saanchi that the guy is very good and asks her to be polite with him and don’t asks him to parade. Saanchi enters and sees Dhruv. She is shocked,while Dhruv is equally shocked. Saanchi gives him a angry look, while Dhruv looks at her smilingly. Aaji introduces Saanchi to Dhruv. Dhruv says her hello, but she doesn’t respond. She then does Namaste. Dadi and Nani says we will leave. Dhruv asks them to stay. Aaji asks Saanchi to show the house to Dhruv, Dhruv eagerly goes to look the house. Dhruv gets happy seeing the room, Saanchi says do you want to say anything. Dhruv says her sorry for morning. Saanchi says you lied to me and I was about to suffer loss because of you. Dhruv says I told you naa everything will be good for you. Nani and Dadi prays that everything shall go smoothly. Saanchi asks his age, he jokes do you need younger. Dhruv says he will live here and talks about the money. Saanchi says do you want dowry and wonders why ulka kaki selected him for her. Saanchi says it is no from her side. Dhruv and Saanchi comes downstairs. Dhruv takes the leave from Nani and Dadi, thanks them for the snacks. He says he took the wrong route. Nani and Dadi says why you didn’t tell us before. Dhruv says you didn’t give me a chance to speak. Ulka kaki comes with the guests. Nani and Dadi welcomes them. Saanchi thinks she has mistaken him to be the prospective groom.

Dhruv goes to Dilshaad house, who opens the door and falls in love with him at first sight. She goes inside to wash her face as she had applied something on her face.
Saanchi gives the snacks to the guests. Nani and Dadi praises Saanchi’s tea. Ulka kaki says she comes daily to have tea. The groom’s mother asks her about her hobbies, but Nani says she is always busy. Nani says she prepared all the snacks. Dadi says she will gel with you all. Nani and Dadi speaks good about Saanchi. The prospective groom looks at her smilingly. Saanchi and that guy meets alone. She says I felt you was uncomfortable and says he is software engineer. He asks he heard you drive jeep. He introduces himself as Shivam, 37 years of age. He says he got married before but got divorced. Saanchi says ulka kaki informed her. He says he was about to cancel the trip but it is good that he didn’t cancel the trip. Saanchi smiles.

Dilshad gets ready and opens the door. She introduces herself. She pulls Dhruv and both of them falls down. Dilshaad nods him to pick her up.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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