Dil Dosti Dance 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th August 2013 Written Update

the Episode starts with them team in a room where Adi has called them.The girls ask Adi if they are officially not in the banner and Adi says yes.They ask if they will be in the music video When Rey says yes they will and Adi confirms it.He has come here to say that Aashi will take Neha’s place. Aashi asks if she is the crash dancer and Adi says yes.Swayam is thinking. Adi says Swayam and Aashi and Sharon and Rey shall be partners. Adi asks if Swayam is Fine and Swayam smiles.He says rest team will assist Swayam and Aashi and help them out in choreography.Adi adds since they had not shown him the any concepts he has decided it to be intimate,passionate and a bit sensuous too. He has also decided the song and plays Chokra Jawan from his phone.Swayam and Sharon look at each other.

He asks Swayam,Aashi,Sharon Rey to come to rehearsal hall.

Aashi and Swayam start the choreography when Swayam is bit uncomfortable.He sees Sharon and she blinks her eyes. They are performing and Swayam explains few steps when Adi says he needs more passion. Swayam says first let them set the choreography and later passion will come. Swayam and Aashi perform a step when Adi laughs and says if this is close then what is far. Swayam says he needs time and show him the choreography in sometime and moves.Adi interrupts asking Rey and Sharon to perform on the song. Rey and Sharon perform and when they get close Adi ask for more passion.Rey says they have been dancers before but have not done such close dance and they need time.Adi says Sharon needs to think professional.After they move out Adi says he finds the ice melting.

Swayam is in the abandon staircase thinking this must be a well prepared plan.he was walking back and forth when Sharon enters.Swayam asks Sharon does she not feel strange.Sharon says at first she felt but now she decided to think it professional.Swayam says that song is special for them.Sharon says out of all persons she did not think she has to expalin this to Swayam. Sharon says this can be a coincidence.Swayam says she will be dancing with different person and him with different person. Sharon asks is it her fault that she has different person.Swayam asks Sorry and says he is thinking different. He knows the situation is not as simple as it seems. Sharon says he fells so cause he is taking it personally.He needs to be professional.Both get a message asking for meet in the atrium and move.

Once in atrium they get contract papers. The boys says Adi is making them like a slave.They cant decide what they have to do.No pubic appearances,No birthday meets and so on.This is like a slave.They get a message from Rey asking them to meet up. the boys remind that they will not tell a word to Rey. Rey says he has spoke with adi and Adi says its just on papers.They can suggest for the creativity and stuff.Vicky says they wont sign the contract.Rey says they are taking extreme steps. Vicky replies saying they have a way out by not signing the contract.Nil supports Vicky.Rey asks Swayam to explain when Swayam tells Rey how can it be different.He needs to see Adi is not the same.When what he has said has not been done he does not believe Adi’s words.He has issues prior with Adi acts and this cant be taken.Rey says he will speak with Adi again. Vicky says Rey need not do anything when he finds the contract fine. Rey saying he is doing this for him selves and team and moves.In the corridor Rey thinks whats wrong with Swayam.He can think about contract later but needs to speak with Swayam.

Precap; Rey and Swayam in projector room when Swayam hears about Sharon and Rey getting more famous and while taking to Rey he moves out .

Update Credit to: asmaju

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