Jee Le Zara 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the grannies arguing over the cuisine for the guests. They gives the list to Saanchi. Saanchi says what is the need to treat them greatly. She reads the lengthly list. Saanchi says sorry and says she will not get anything while returning. Dadi asks Suman nani, why you didn’t wrote any Maharashtrian dish and laughs. Dilshaad tells Saanchi that she have to reach somewhere and says she had advertised to get the tenant. She plans to marry the tenant and wants the tenant to be of 30 years of age. Saanchi says it is very risky and asks her to give an ad in the newspaper. Dilshad says she did all that and nothing comes if one doesn’t take the risk.

Saanchi asks her sister and brother to have breakfast. Dadi asks why you wake up early, Saanchi says she have an important meeting. Nani asks her to finish her meeting within an hour. She emotionally blackmails her and pretend to cries. Saanchi agrees. Dadi asks them to be on time. Saanchi, Advait and Prachi leaves in the car. Prachi talks about her choice of husband. Advait and Prachi sings Didi tere liye ek rishta aaya hain… They asks Saanchi about her thoughts. Saanchi says she wants someone who is understanding, mature, calm and independent, meanwhile Dhruv is introduced. Saanchi drops them to their college. She gets a call from Mugdha and she tells about the client reaching to the office. Saanchi says she will reach soon. Dhruv’s car stops and he lie on the road to get a lift. Saanchi sees him on the road and gives him a lift. He pretends to be hurt, Saanchi asks about him. dhruv asks her to drop him home. Saanchi says she will take him to the hospital and asks him to have patience. Dhruv asks her to drop at home as his mom is a doctor. After they reach the market, Dhruv gets down happily. Saanchi gets angry that he lied to get a gift. Dhruv says he lied because his car stopped. Dhruv asks her to smile and says your day will be good. He wants to take her photo but she leaves angrily.

Dadi and Nani argues over keeping the vase. Vase falls down. They asks the servant to go to the factory. The match maker comes and tells them that the guests will come late. She asks about Saanchi. Dadi says she will be coming early to get ready. She asks about food arrangement. Dadi says they have done good. Saanchi reaches the office and tells Mugdha that she came late bacause of some mad guy. She greets Mr. Shah, who tells her that she got late, and he thinks she can’t fulfill his order. He decides to leave but Saanchi tells him that she went the other side because of some mad guy. Shah gets happy with her honesty and asks her to show the presentation.

Mugdha asks Saanchi about the meeting. Saanchi says they will get the order and Mugdha gets happy. Saanchi comes to her cabin and gets happy as she will be getting the new order. The servant kaka asks him to be happy always. Saanchi looks at her parents photo and feels happy. Dhruv comes to Saanchi’s home, Nani sees him from the window and smiles mistaken him to be the groom.

Dadi tells Nani that the guy is looking young, Nani says but he is good. As dadi is making Dhruv eat all the delicacies, which they have prepared for the groom. Saanchi comes and Dhruv gets shocked on seeing her. Saanchi too is shocked to react anything.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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