Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th August 2013 Written Update

Aai talking to someone on the phone when Ruku comes there. Aai asks Ruku what’s up and asks her to sit down. Ruku returns the bangles gifted by Aai. Aai asks Ruku if she has given up so easily. Ruku says Vasu won and his victory can never mean loss for me. Aai asks Ruku not to talk nonsense. Ruku says what she is saying is the truth. Aai tries to tell Ruku that Vasu only has sympathy for Megha. Ruku says sympathy is what we have been giving each other. Aai tries to stop Ruku but the latter walks away.

Vasu someplace(Marine Drive) having FB of Bala telling him to accept his love for Megha. Vasu has fb of Megha as well. Vasu continues walking lost in FB. Vasu walks towards the sea and continues walking till he gets drenched. Vasu

walks back to chawl and watches Megha walking down the stairs with a bucket (Ye tune kya kiya playing in BG) Megha walks and stands in the queue. Vasu walks up to her and stares at her. Megha picks up the bucket and walks away. Ruku is watching all this and bursts out laughing. Vasu is mad and he walks to Ruku.

Ruku tells Vasu that he used to run away from love but it has finally caught up with him. Ruku tells him that he used to always ask why she ran after him and now love has made him run. Ruku asks Vasu to go change his clothes.

RJ is looking at family pictures when Megha comes with a glass of milk. Megha makes RJ drink the milk and tells her to continue studying. Megha notices RJ looking at the pictures. Megha tells RJ that she is going to cook. RJ to thinks that Papu(Vasu) should do something to make Megha come around and not think of him as Vasu.

RF talking to someone and asking them for Vasu’s address at his native village. RF notices Megha cooking. RF asks Megha to trust him on the fact that sadness is only a guest as it has to bow down in front of happiness. Megha says there is no end to her sorrows and that they came to Mumbai to become strong. Megha says she has become weak without Mohan and that she is always worried when RJ is missing as it always leads her to worry that RJ is with Vasu. RF tells Megha that she is never without Mohan and that there can be twist of fate and change things. Megha walks away. RF thinks that the twist he is thinking of happens then things will change.

Aai feeding Vasu. Vasu is lost. Aai asks Vasu if she can ask something to him. Vasu tells her that she doesn’t need her permission. Aai asks him if she would have to ask permission when he gets married. Vasu has fb of Bala telling him that he is love. Vasu calls out for Bala. Bala comes and Vasu hugs him. Vasu tells him that it has happened and it has happened to him. Bala is overjoyed and picks Vasu up. Bala runs away in happiness. Aai and Uncle wonder what is happening.

Bala is dancing outside and announces to everyone that Vasu is in love. Uncle goes inside and tells Aai that Bala is shouting out to everyone that Vasu is in love. Aai looks unhappy.

Vasu looks at Bala dancing and celebrating. Vasu spots Megha buying something and is happy looking at her. Megha notices Vasu and walks away. Tere deedar hua playing in BG. Bala asks Vasu to dance. Vasu starts dancing. Vasu imagines Megha looking back and whistling. Vasu imagines walking up to him and putting her hand on his cheeks Vasu holds Megha’s hand and closes his eyes & gets lost in fb’s of Megha. Vasu’s daydream comes to an end and he realizes that it was his own hand. Vasu watches Megha walking to back to the house.

Precap: Megha searching for RJ in the night when Vasu pulls her aside. Vasu puts a hand to Megha’s mouth. Vasu tells Megha that everyone is saying that he has fallen in love and that he is always following her. Vasu asks her what she has to say….

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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