Jee Le Zara 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 16th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv assuring Saanchi that he loves her and asks her to trust him. Saanchi says she trust him but is scared. You know very well about me but I don’t know anything about your Mumbai life. I love you immensely but is scared by the society and your parents. She asks him to understand her fears and says I am afraid because you are my life precious thing, beautiful part of my life. You make me smile and I see you only in my dreams. You gives me hope. She says I smile suddenly while thinking about your joke. She says, my face brightness is only for you. She says she is scared to lose the precious person in her life. Dhruv smiles. They hugs each other. Dhruv says, you said wrong as I don’t know everything about you. I don’t know whether you snore or not, Saanchi

smiles. Ankita calls for him and he leaves. Ankita is sitting closely to Dhruv and says you didn’t replied to my messages and calls. Saanchi comes and serves coffee to Ankita. Ankita thanks her. Saanchi asks, how are you feeling here?

Ankita says she is getting bored. Dhruv says I told you not to come. Ankita says you didn’t come so I came here. Dhruv says he is very happy here and praises the city. Ankita says, you have become a poet after coming here. Ankita asks, is there any mall here. Saanchi says ofcourse. Ankita says theatre? Saanchi says yes. Ankita asks Dhruv to come to watch movie. Saanchi says I can’t come. Ankita says, ok we will leave. Dhruv says this is not the right time. Dilshaad asks Saanchi, why you are giving a special place to Ankita in Dhruv’s life. Saanchi says she already has a place in his life and says she knows Dhruv as she is his childhood friend. Dilshaad asks her to go with them and get back her rights. She asks her to fight for her relationship with Dhruv. She says I will also accompany you. Dilshaad comes and says Saanchi changed her mind and we are also coming. Ankita says she will get ready soon.

Prachi calls Nani and says she is calling them with great difficulty. She blames Saanchi. Nani asks, what did she do? Prachi says, everyone is talking about tai. Nani asks, why can’t Saanchi marry Dhruv. Prachi says because he is younger than her. Nani says, Saanchi is thinking about her now. She asks Prachi not to talk to them if she doesn’t understand Saanchi. Ankita comes wearing a short outfit. Saanchi says you are looking nice. Dhruv offers to drive.

Ankita sits on the front seat. Dilshaad asks her to come on the back side. Ankita says she always sits with Dhruv and asks Saanchi to sit on the back side. Saanchi makes an excuse and asks them to enjoy the movie. Dhruv asks her to come but she refuses. Saanchi gets sad. Saanchi is ironing her clothes and gets lost in thoughts. One of the clothes gets burnt and Saanchi thinks to iron later. Nani says we can’t see your burning in pain. Saanchi says she was thinking about office work. Nani explains her that one needs to trust the other in marriage. She says we were worried about your attitude and values but we also saw Dhruv’s love for you. That’s why we have trusted him. She asks her to trust Dhruv and trust self. Saanchi hugs and thanks her.

Dhruv tells Ankita that this time won’t come back and says he will do some work. He asks Dilshaad to look after Ankita. Dilshaad smiles. Dhruv smiles after dropping them at the theatre.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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