Jee Le Zara 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 10th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi informing everyone that Dhruv didn’t come and will never come again. Aaji asks, what are you saying. Saanchi says, we are not getting married. Nani says, you said that everything is alright and they gave you shagun/nek. Saanchi says, they gave 25 crores cheque. Aaji asks, what is the truth. Saanchi says, we are two different people. We can’t get along as we have different thinking. She says it is my decision. Nani says, you took the decision alone. Saanchi says, I will not sell the land at any cost. I sold my dreams. My eyes was opened when I go there. I couldn’t fit in Dhruv’s world. It is better than tomorrow’s sorrows. She says 25 crores…..I brought my dreams. She cries. Everyone are shocked and teary eyed. Aaji says, this nek would have never

accepted by any bahu. What you have done Saachi. She cries.

Dhruv is sitting sadly with tears in his eyes. He says, Saanchiji can’t be selfish. I have to know the truth. You will answer me. Dhruv calls Saanchi, but she didn’t pick his call. Dhruv calls again. Saanchi picks the call and says, why you are calling again and again. Dhruv says, we were in this relationship. Why you took the decision alone. Saanchi says, I came to know that your family is different with me. Our worlds are very different. Dhruv says, you know that. Saanchi says, 25 crores is a good deal. I did what I thought is right. You will thank me afterwards. Dhruv replies I don’t want to understand you. Dad offered your 25 crores. And you accepted it. I would have given you doubled money. Your thinking is so narrow. He cuts the call. Saanchi cries miserably. Addu says, you did a mistake. Dhruv can’t bear it. Saanchi says, he will be sad but he will move on. Addu says, he will move on but what will happen to you. You are so wrong this time.

Dhruv is silent and in pain. His mom asks, why you are sad. She asks him to come to have dinner. I made your favourite dishes and halwa also. Dhruv reacts on hearing about the halwa. His mom says, I know you are in pain but your wounds will be healed soon as you came to me….Whatever has happened is for good. She tries to console him after wounding him. Dhruv says, my heart is broken. I don’t have faith on my decisions. I am pained…Dad and Saanchi ji played with my emotions. One has sold me and the other has brought me. 25 crores deal bombards my respects. His mom says, your didn’t betray you. Dhruv says, it is difficult for me to take breath. His mom says, Saanchi was not right for you. Dhruv says, I am hurt but we should celebrate as you got a son worth 25 crores. His mom asks him to be mature. Dhruv says I am immature and emotional, then why you are trying to make me understand. He leaves.

Suparna comes and tells her mom in law that Dhruv will be fine. She says, Dhruv is hurt. I can’t see her in pain. Suparna asks her to learn from Dad. Mom says, we have lost him. Suparna says, I have an idea to get Dhruv back. She calls Ankita and asks for her help. She asks her to meet in the cafeteria. Ankita says, I will meet tomorrow. Suparna tells mom to not worry about Dhruv as she has a plan.

Aaji and Nani talk about Saanchi’s luck. She take care of everyone but she is not happy. Nani says, everything will be alright. Saanchi comes and asks Nani to have medicines. Aaji says, why our blessings doesn’t touch you. Why you are not happy. Saanchi says, I got an order for farm and it is everything for me. Mugdha calls Saanchi and tells about Mr. Mehta coming to the office. Saanchi says, I will reach office soon. Nani says, you have just returned home. Saanchi says, everything will be fine soon.

Dhruv imagines Saanchi. Saanchi asks him to get up. Dhruv kisses her on her cheek. She laughs. Dhruv comes out of his dream and sees Ankita laughing.

Dhruv sings aashiqui song….Ankita says so sweet. Dhruv says, you are sweet Saanchiji. Sweet and loving..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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