Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th January 2014 Written Update

Episode start with…Nandini goes to see Rajvir in room where he shifted from ICU… Rajvir is unconsious… Nandini cring and speaks to him … she says that how can anyone can do anything wrong with such a nice human being … she further says that the merriage for him may be just a political stratergy(compromise) but for her its the biggest truth of her life…Gayatri at door listening all this (the door is close but she watching them from glass so not sure she listen or not) Nandini watch her and says looking at Rajvir that now she will see…that who use her Husband for there political benefits… she will not alow anyone to hurt him anymore… GD leaves from there…

(Scen shifted) Nandini come out from RV’s room and at the same time Pandey family reaches

there… Nandini’s father ask her about RV’s health and she replies that Rajvir is fine now… GD’s devar(BIL) says to GD that Rajvir is still unconsious may be something serious and they should take him abroad by chartted plain…just then Nandini intrupt and says that there is no need of that as Rajvir is fine and he will return home with her…(loved Nandini’s confident)…GD and Abhay talking GD tell him that she is not finding Nandini’s frown well…but they should gain this opportunity and gain some shympathy votes… she tell Abhay to arrange a press confrence but Abhay tells her that its silent zone and hospital will not alow for PC…GD tells him to arrange it at morning when RV will Discharge..

(scen shifted)…Nandini at RV’s room … she holding his hand (BG song)… Rajvir moves his finger he come into senses..he open his eyes and sees Nandini and ask her that she had leaved him…Nandini replies that now she will never leav him … just then entire family comes…GD tells him that she is happy that he is fine…(Nandini and GD giving look to each other)..

(at Raiuvanshi mention) RV and Nandini reach there … the media isalready there they asking questions to RV… but GD intrupt and giving some lecture..Rajvir in pain …Nandini sees that and intrupt and tell to press that the political speeches can be done later as of now RV needs rest and she walk away with RV and enter in house(dadi had listen all what happen out of house and she was happy to see that)…Ambika welcomes RV and Nandini at the entrence (Arti and all) Ambika praises Nandini…

(at RV and Nandini room)…Nandini takeing care of RV…he thank her and she tells him to take rest …GD and Abhay Gayatri tells Abhay that because of Nandini they lost opportunity to get attention and blah blah… Abhay tells her that Nandini is right as RV needs rest…GD angry and just then Nandini comes and talks to midia..she tell them that they always want breaking news…and they don’t think about a person who went threw a pain…they should take care of othes pain also… one midia person says that its there work..and they want RV’s interview…Nandini tell them if they want to know about Rajvir’s health they can ask her or other member…as of now RV will not give any interview…(Dadisa listen all this and big smile on her face)… GD and Abhay speechless … Nandini walks away from there and Episode Ends…

PRECAP :- Nandini and GD talk ,. GD Says to Nandini that she takeing revenge and spoiling RV’s image…Nandini says abt which image she talking the image she made by project and says she has some Rights being Rajvir Raghuvanshi

Update Credit to: Divya

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