Jamai Raja 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid challenging DD to stop him from becoming her grandchildren’s papa. DD says she accepts his challenge and will not let her daughter Roshni come near him. Sid taunts her that his honeymoon is already over and she should wait for her grandchildren. DD gets irked hearing his taunts

Sid calls Simran. She asks him about Roshni. He says she is fine and asks him to let her speak to Raj as he wants to discuss about business project. She says he is sleeping and cuts call. Sid realizes that his dad must be ill and reaches home. He sees dad on bed and asks his parents why did not they inform him. They say they did not want to trouble him. Sid says he cannot get away from his responsibilities even after his marriage and asks them to tell him if anything happens. Parents get emotional.

DD asks Kesar to put more workload on Sid. A girl enters in her cabin without her permission and asks about interview venue. Sid enters cabin just then. DD asks Sid to take that girl out and scolds girl for coming into her cabin without he permission. Roshni’s friend comes and meets DD. DD thinks of plan to take revenge from Sid with the help of Roshni’s friend.

Kesar and Bablu discuss that they cannot hire the girl as she is from a middle class family. Sid interferes and asks Kesar to hire her, justifying that even he is from middle class family but is their jamai. DD comes there and asks why is this girl standing inside office still. Sid says Kesar took this girl’s interview and feels she is best suited for this job. DD asks Kesar to take decision to keep or kick the girl out. Kesar hires her and gets into his cabin. Sid congratulates girl and shows her thumbs up. Kesar watches that and thinks there is something fishy between them.

Sid picks Roshni from cooking class and asks what she learnt. Roshni says the receipes she learnt. Roshni’s friend reaches there and introduces herself to Sid. She says Roshni that she met DD who invited her and all her friends for her birthday party at Sid’s house instead and asks her to check her SMS. Roshni checks SMS and is shocked to see DD’s invitation. Friend leaves saying she will meet her at 7 p.m. at her home. Roshni gets tensed and says she will cancel the party as he friends are all typical south Mumbai spoilt brats and will insult him seeing his chawl. Sid asks her not to worry as he will manage everything and will take his parent’s help.

Sid’s mom prepares food and says dad that if Sid would have informed her beforehand, she would have taken servan’ts help. Sid and Roshni reach chawl and hand over grocer to Simran and Raj. They both receive Roshni’s friends. Friends insult Sid that they thought Sid was having an apartment at suburb instead of a chawl. Sid takes them into his chawl. Once entering chawl, friends start showing tantrums that this house must not be having sanitizer, AC, etc. Sid’s dad says he will arrange a fan for them. Roshni asks him not to bring fan as her friends will manage without fan. She gets into kitchen angrily and says Sid that is the reason she did not want to invite them. Sid says they are not clean hearted like you, says guests are god’s guests and we should respect them, says her friends will enjoy middle class food. Friend sees samosa and other oily food and say they cannot eat oily food. Another friend says Sid that he has seen him somewhere and asks which school he went. Sid says he went to a nearby small school and murmurs that he is his senior.

Precap: Roshni scolds her friends and asks them to get out before she kicks them out of her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show is becoming the unbecoming…….
    Sid should say who he is and handle DD the high class way.

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