Jamai Raja 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni seeing DD giving money to the doctor for keeping her secret that she is not having heart problem. She is shattered to see that. Roshni is about to enter her mom’s roo, but Mona stops her and asks her to meet Sid and her parents before fighting with DD. Roshni starts crying reminiscing Sid pleading that he and his parents are not wrong and she kicking them out of her house. She asks Mona why did her mom betray her and she had to leave Sid and insult his parents for her mom. She says she wants to know the truth. Mona says she has a plan to know the truth.

Sid’s mom prays go unite Roshni and Sid. Roshni and Mona reach catering office which DD had hired for the engagement party and confront waiter who helped DD. Naani asks DD about Mona and Roshni and asks where are they, says they must have gone together. Mona and Roshni ask what did DD asked him to do in party. He says DD gave her 20,000 rs to change dry fruit and sweet boxes with money boxes. Mona gives him money and asks him not to inform DD about it, else she will send him to jail. Roshni starts crying thinking her own mom betrayed her and she doubted Sid.

Sid’s mom gives her aarti and says god will set everything right. Sid says he is going to Roshni’s house and tell the truth that his parents can buy her mom’s business and everything. Mom says Roshni hates rich people and she will break up with you again. Sid says let it be, but I want his parents and himself cleared from the allegations.

Bablu and Kesar are busy counting money. Resham shows Kesar stolen money and asks him to come. Kesar sees DD coming. Resham falls and her money falls with mingles with DD’s money. DD sees Roshni angrily entering her room without talking to her and asks Mona about it. Mona says she came to know about your betrayal. DD asks her to stop brainwashing Roshni. Roshni comes down with her bags and asks why did she betray her and asks why did she do this to her own daughter. Naani asks Roshni why is she misbehaving with her mom. DD asks her to stop her drama and tell what is in her mind. Roshni says she came to know about her fake heart attack and her calcium tablets. She says even she alleged Sid’s parents for asking dowry. DD says Mona has brainwashed Roshni. Roshni asks Kesar why did he change sweet boxes with money with the help of waiter. Kesar gets embarrassed hearing that. Naani asks what is she telling. Roshni tells all the incidents happened and says this is my mom’s truth. Naani asks DD if this is truth. DD says yes and says she cannot tolerate poor beggars become her relatives and cannot see Roshni begging for her basic needs. Naani asks her to stop her rubbish and says even god will not forgive you. DD says let it be, she was doing right. Roshni congratulates for her drama and stops before calling her mom and says she is DD Patel and not her mom. She says she will leave DD’s house and tries to walk out with her bag. DD and Naani tries to stop her, but Roshni with her bags. She opens the door and finds Sid there.

Precap: Sid says DD that nobody can stop him from marrying Roshni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thank God!!!! DD is exposed!!! Finally Roshni will believe Sid… Hope he tells her he is rich soon, so that is not another problem for them…

  2. Yes,yes, finally,now d drama really startin.

  3. Getting hot hot hot love this

  4. Ha……. sid at the door, work out something come on………….

  5. this is like Cinderella but the difference is shes rich also lol

  6. Thnk god bt sid mst sy d truth tht he is rich

  7. The show was dragging in Sid’s lie and DDs lie so much…..now is pace!!!!! Love it!!!!! 🙂

  8. Lol @ kristelle.. now is pace 😉

  9. This serial has started on a wrong footing. Will Roshni never know that Sid is rich?

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