Ek Boond Ishq 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kala is getting ready but is angry that fake sia’s brother vidant is at om’s house, her servant says till when you keep hiding from these policemen, kala says till I don’t kill tara, I will be hiding, I just want good chance to kill her, she listens to people chanting ganpati’s name, kala says I got the idea, tomorrow is visarjan, all will go with ganpati and tara will be alone in home, tomorrow is the last day for tara’s life, tomorrow will be her life’s visarjan.
om comes home and ask where is sia, mother says that tara is with her would be sister in law, om thinks what tara must be talking to her, did she tell her too that she is tara. tara and nandu comes to them, vidant ask how is my would be wife, did you find any badness in her? tara says no, she is like a moon but without any dark spots. tara says to vidant that you will remain happy with nandini, om thinks why tara is becoming so emotional for her fake brother, om’s mother gives nandini bangles as shagun, om says to vidant that you have cuffed many thieves now its time to cuff you, vidant says you will put cuffs in your hands two times as you are going to marry sia again. om looks at tara, vidant says we should leave now, tara says let nandu be here for sometime, I wanna talk to her, I will drop her, vidant says ok and leaves from there, tara says to nandu that when mj comes, tell him the truth, nandu agrees.
mannat gets vaibhav’s call, he tells mannat that balli met him and asked him where is sia, tara has told him that she is not sia so he is finding truth, mannat ends the call and thinks that balli believed tara that she is anot sia and he is finding truth.

Scene 2
tara is waiting for mj, he comes, nandu is shocked to see him, tara ask did you recognize her? oh you don’t recognize your wife, how will you remember my sister, she says nandu is my sister, I thought I wont find any family member but I got to meet nandu, she and vidant are in love, I found my sister, it was not coincidence but bappa’s blessing. she ask Nandi to tell mj the truth that she is tara and he is mj, nandu recalls how vidant showered love at her, tara ask what are you thing? tell him who I am, nandu says tara, she then says why I am lying? nandu starts acting that tara forced me to say infront of this guy that you are tara, what name you told about this guy, yes mj, I only know that vidant is your brother and you are married to om and vidant calls you chutki, that’s all I know, tara says why are you lying nandu, please don’t lie, say the truth, nandu says why are you forcing me to lie, I don’t know anything about you, please forgive me, nandu leaves from there, tara cries and says how can you do this nandu, you are my sister nandu, you could have told the truth that I am tara, I was hopeful to see you but why did you ditch me, how will I prove now that I am tara, she cries, she comes to mj and says I am not lying, I don’t know why nandu lied, she is my sister but why she ditched me I don’t know, mj says all are fake, only you are telling truth, you told me many stories but you failed to give me proves, I agreed with your every story but today your sister didn’t take your side, I request you to stop this drama, tara says this is not drama but my truth, please believe me, mj says why would I? tara says because we have trust between us, what you found by following mannat, mj says I got to know that you are sia and you wre not happy with your marriage and ran away from house, you hate om that’s why you are doing all this drama, I am requesting you to stop it now, tara says tis not drama why don’t you understand, I don’t know why they are platting things behind me, why they are using me, finishing my identity, mj says and today your sister didn’t even take your side? didn’t take side of truth? why. mj says blood relations are not so weak that she didn’t take your side, sia agnighotri its good if you accept your truth as its good for me and you too, he is in tears and leaves from there. tara cries and says I am not sia mj, I am not sia. both mj and sia are hurt and broken by heart.

Scene 3
mannat comes to mj and says why you followed me? you knew that laado kidnapped vaibhav, mj says I didn’t know that, mannat says why are finding about sia, mj says I am sia’a guard, I should know who is planning against her, who is behind her life, he leaves, mannat is tensed.
om is managing the arrangements for event, mannat comes and ask whats all this? mother says don’t you remember? babaji said that we have make om and sia remarry in two days, today is visarjan and from tomorrow marriage events will start, some mrs. Kapoor is also coming then sia will beomce our daughter in law of our house, tara listens all this, om looks at her, mj looks at her too, she leaves from there.

Scene 4
tara comes to her and cries, she sees her reflection which ask tara to not cry and think with brain, she says you cant put someone else name’s sindoor in your forehead, you have to run from here, when there will be no bride then how marriage will happen. she ask tara to not think much and run for herself, tara says but what if kala tries to hurt mj, reflection says kala wont hurt till mj doesn’t get his memory back so don’t worry about him, just run from here and plan how to revive mj’s memory. tara says today is ganpati visarjan, I should run from house.

PRECAP- tara and om are taking ganpati murti to go fro visarjan, kala is babaji’s disguise says that sia cant go outside, in two days, its her marriage so she should stay at home only, tara thinks why kalal wants me to stay at home, she want to kill me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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