Jamai Raja 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naani checks DD’s gift and likes it, says her daughter thinks about her a lot. Mona gets happy seeing golden coins. DD comes and asks if they liked their gifts. Resham and Kesar also say their gifts are very nice. Naani thanks her for gifts and asks about Sid and Roshni’s gifts. DD says even she has a gift for them and asks Kesar to bring them. She gives envelope to Sid. Roshni asks what is in it. DD asks him to open and check. Sid is surprised to see bills. DD says these are the bills of around 27,000 rs which they both had to pay her. Roshni tries to intervene. Sid says there is no use arguing with DD and asks her to get their saving and give them to DD. Roshni says they got only 2000 rs and asks DD she would have informed them before. DD says she does not need to. Naani says she and Mona will pay her. DD says she does not need their money and only needs it from Sid. Sid says he will not get money from Naani or Mona and will arrange it from somewhere. DD says she was expecting this from him and says how will he get money when he is a broke, says he has another choice for him. He calls servants and says they can take diwali leave and until they come back, Sid will be her house’s servant. She says Sid he does not have to come to office and will have to work as servant for 1 month. Naani asks how can she make jamai as servant.

Roshni asks DD how dare she is to insult her husband. DD asks either to pay bills or become servant. Sid agrees to become servant and says it is his house now and he is not ashamed to work in his house. He asks what he should do now. She asks him to keep her sandals in her room and get her slippers. Servant tries to intervene, but she warns them and sends from there. She asks Sid to start his work. Roshni stops Sid, but he smiles and removes slippers from DD’s feet. Roshni asks Sid if he has self-respect or not. He says why should he be ashamed to remove mother’s slippers and says he got a chance to take her blessings after marriage. DD gets irked hearing this and walks bare foot to her room. Roshni also angrily walks out from there.

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Roshni packs bags and says she cannot stay in DD’s house after his insult. He asks if she would have felt insult if his mom would have asked her to remove her slippers. She says she would not as she is her mother now. Sid says like his mother is hers, her mother is his. He says DD’s ways are wrong, but they are benefitting because of it. She asks what benefit. He says first she taught us saving, second his wife’s anger for him is gone, third he will enjoy diwali weekend at home with his wife. She asks how he take everything so positively and says she is proud of him. He says even he is proud of her.

Mona says Naani that DD has made our jamai as servant and we cannot do anything. Roshni comes and says she can do but.

On the breakfast table, Sid tries to serve dal to DD and tells her about its health benefits. DD asks him to shut up and get her soup. Roshni comes with soup and says she got her soup. DD asks what is wrong with her, she already told none of the family members will help Sid and asks her to change her servant clothes. Roshni says as she already told she is not her family member and is Sid’s wife’s now. She says already she had worked in this house and used to get salary. DD gets irked hearing that. Roshni says she is doing as she wanted, she is servant with her husband this diwali. She asks her not to give them salary this diwali and to keep it as diwali treat. DD angrily walks out from there. Naani claps for Roshni. DD thinks he became chef, servant, etc., even then these mother/daughter are still at loggerheads with each other.

Precap: Simran sees Sid and Roshni mopping DD’s house floor and insists to take them to her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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