Shastri Sisters 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji getting ghee on the bottle. Santo and Astha are tensed. Bua ji says she will not leave Santo and asks Vrinda to kick her out. She asys her why did she touch her medicine bottle. Santo apologizes to her. Alka says forgive her Bua ji, she is not educated and can’t does not know any other work. Bua ji says she will punish her. Alka convinces her to forgive Santo and give her once chance. She says Santo will not repeat her mistake. Bua ji says yes, I m forgiving Santo because of Alka, but not next time, leave now. Santo folds hands and thanks Alka. She leaves. Astha thinks Bua ji did not see divorce papers, but I will show her at any cost.

Shastri ji sits for dinner with his daughters. Everyone start having food. Devyaani thinks Neil did not call me, maybe he is annoyed, its fine, I will meet him later. Anushka gets a message from Rajat and she sees it. She smiles reading the halwa was delicious, it looked like made by love. She gets another message and Devyaani sees her smiling. She talks to her. Anushka goes to kitchen. Devyaani takes her mobile to check. She keeps it back as Anushka comes back. Anushka takes her phone. Minty talks to Nikki and asks her to take care of Neil. Nikki says I m like her mum, Maasi, I will make him have food. Minty cries. Nikki says don’t worry. She says I will end call, Sareen is coming.

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Sareen asks where is Neil. Minty says he went for group study. Sareen says you are lying, he can’t go to study, I see his future dark. Minty cries and gets angry on him. Sareen says I m just worrying. She says I m here to worry for him. Nikki brings food for Neil and asks him to have it. Neil says I m not in mood. He asks about Devyaani. Nikki says don’t worry, I will teach her a good lesson. Neil says I don’t want this. She asks then what. He says nothing. He says I will stay here for few days, please. She says its your house, you can stay here till you wish, have food now.

Neil says after some time, please keep it. She says fine, if you don’t eat, I will beat you. She leaves. Neil thinks about Devyaani and cries. Devyaani thinks about Rajat and thinks to check Anushka’s phone as she was chatting. She takes her phone and Anushka moves. She wakes up and sees Devyaani with her phone. She asks does she want anything. Devyaani says my phone was not here, so I took yours to see time. Anushka sleeps as Devyaani does not check and keep phone back.

Its morning, Bua ji comes to Alka’s room and knocks door. Alka puts the bedcovers on the bed, taking from the couch. She slips on Rohan and her mangalsutra gets stuck. Bua ji sees the door got opened and sees them in such way. She gets glad and smiles. She turns and says don’t come out, stay there, be together like this always. Rohan and Alka look at each other. He frees the mangalsutra. She says I m sorry, Bua ji came. He says you have to come more closer to get this free/ She gets closer. He says more…. She bends on him and they have an eyelock.

They have a romantic moment. He frees it. She gets the call and he gets up. Rohan leaves. Anushka talks to her and asks her about Diwali. Alka says it was good, I think yours was very good. Anushka says no, it was normally well, nothing else. Alka teases her and asks you have smile without reason. Anushka says yes. Anushka says all love symptoms. Alka says she is happy for her. Anushka tells about the guy. Alka asks his name. Anushka says Rajat….. Alka is shocked, as Devyaani loves him too. She says Rajat? Anushka says yes, Rajat….. Alka thinks about Devyaani.

Anushka asks what hapepend, did I say anything wrong. Alla says I will come home in evening and talk. She ends the call. Alka asks Bua ji can she go to her dad’s house for some time, its Bhai Dooj aand she did not give Diwali gifts. Vrinda says if Bua ji says yes, I don’t have problem. Bua ji says if I m in my Maayka, how can I stop her. She says Alka can go, but on one condition, you will go and come with Rohan. Rohan comes there. Bua ji asks him to take Alka and bring her back, else she can stay there saying someone is ill. Rohan says fine.

Rohan and Alka come home. Everyone hug Alka. Alka thinks when Anushka knows truth, don’t know what will happen. Shastri ji welcomes Rohan and Alka. Alka talks to Anushka in kitchen. Anushka says I m feeling odd, maybe you did not expect this from me. Alka says I m happy that you experienced love. Anushka asks why did you get tensed hearing Rajat’s name. Alka says you have to know one thing, that Devyaani also loves Rajat. Anushka is shocked and looks at Devyaani.

Sareen asks Shastri ji to give his daughter’s hand for Rajat. Nikki says I will explain which girl, and says name Devyaani. Devyaani smiles and Anushka drops the glass being shocked. Nikki sees her and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Noooooo rajat and anushka are meamt to be together! Btw newpromo can anyone translate

  2. Rohan and alka scene was bood but the rest was shit

  3. i feel bad for anushka because rajat nikki mause tell devyani that s why feel bad

  4. The promo doesn’t look that exciting, however I believe that these coming episodes will be a thrill to watch 🙂

  5. Please mousi anu rajat pe Rehem karo mausi ban daayan nahi

  6. Anushka and rajat are soulmates .But there is a boy in my class named rajat and a girl named anushka ..and u know i really love rajat so how could i see there names together..

    1. What? ?

  7. really vandita

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