Jamai Raja 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kritika (ugly, filthy vamp) and Rajveer (greedy, crook) taking Simran’s (dumb agony aunt) blessings. They try to take Raj’s blessings when he stops them and says he does not consider them as his family and they are Simran’s relatives. He says Simran ruined her own son’s life and did not care about his happiness at all, when she knows Roshni is his life, she did not care at all. Simran says Roshni had come back to take god’s idol and misbehaved with her instead and asks him to forget her for his family’s sake. He asks which family, she ruined his own son’s life and listen to crook Rajveer instead of him and made him a family member, says he will never consider him as a family member and only Roshni is his family. Simran acts as feeling sad and Krutika (ugly vamp) consoles her.

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Naani says DD that she did wrong by tearing Raj’s papers and says it looked like he is not involved in this. DD asks her to come into reality and says it is their plan that wife snatches their property and husband comes to console them. They are fraud people. Roshni comes and says she is right and says she did not get god’s idol as Simran is blindfolded with crook Rajveer’s love and does not want to see the reality. Sid also told life from the the beginning and now she does not want to keep any relationship with him, if anyone forces her, she will leave even this house.

Raj reminces DD telling that Roshni has moved on and will not come back to Sid’s life. Simran (dumb fool) comes food, asks him to have food and accept Rajveer as their jamai. Raj throws food and says he will never accept Rajveer as jamai. He says he will not get lured by her sugar-coated talks and she is not Simran whom he knows, but a filthy wolf who ruined her own son’s life. She says she tried to convince Roshni to come back, but she rejected her offer and flatly told that she has left Sid and will never come back into his life. He says any self-respected person would do the same and would not forget their insult easily. He says he would have left her with her drunkard husband and would not have married her at all. He got her out of hell and even tried his best to find her daughter, but instead of thanking him, she ruined his son’s life and betrayed him. He says though he may accept Kritika as his daughter, he will never accept Rajveer as his jamai and will never let him into his business or property (yippee, hats off Raj for showing Simran a mirror).

Roshni talks on phone about a job and DD with broker to get a new house. They both smile and discuss what they spoke over phone and hope they set the things right. They hear Sam (plastic doll) shouting on Bablu and Pratima and telling that she lost her husband and everything and it is because of Roshni. Pratima asks her to stop shouting as Naani may wake up from sleep. Mona (Sr. plastic doll) backs Sam and tells her daughter is right and Roshni/DD are responsible for her problems. If Roshni had not married Sid, Rajveer would not have left Sam. Pratima says Mona is talking rubbish. Roshni says Mona is right, she would not have married Sid, hopes tomorrow morning brings them a new ray of hope.

Precap: Sid meets Roshni and says he brought the idol which she left at home.

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  1. Wow! Raj you are the man of the hour or should i say half an hour lol…you did put Simran in her place loving it, but you have to be careful of that Rajveer, you have to watch your business like a hawkeye…And why is Samaira and Mona blaming Roshni and DD this is the time for you to be each others support take all of that anger out on Rajveer he his the one who dumped you and you deserve it you were too proud so your wings got clipped

  2. Simian is a jackals

  3. I cannot believe my eyes when i saw Simran changing as a caterpillar infront my eyes.Roshni had loved her but
    revenge blinded her.Rajveer will ruin both Simran and Kritika.I feel hurt for Sid and hopes he reunite with his wife.

  4. simran you are a dotish fool I thought you were more educated than that you let spoilt knockabout brat like kritika and a criminal murdering thief like rajveer ruin the good family bond you and raj and sid and roshini had I cannot wait to see what evil things rajveer will do to you and kritika and if I was sid I would turn my back on you sid is so sweet but kritika that ugly vamp of daughter whom you trust so much really came to destroy you and her murdering husband rajveer well all he came for is to steal your property I only hope that raj use his brain and set up all road blocks to his assets and let them see his true colours

  5. ihate that pupet(simran)

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