Bandhan 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao points a gun a naraini. He says you never listened to me? you planned against me? I asked you to go away from my house on 26th jan, you made darpan your partner. you will crave for your son. you will never have him. Naraini shoves him and says you will lose, you took my son from me. He now knows he is my son. i will tell him every sin you did. I will expose you to to him. He grasps her by hair and says its the end of our love story. He shoots her. darpan comes there, bhao runs. naraini is in pain. she says vishwas rao took his revenge. i lost darpan. but you have to win. take him an run from here. darpan says i wont let anything happen to you. raghav is lookin for naraini. Naraini says i dont have time, take raghav and run from here. Someonee turns on the light. Its raghav, He is shocked. he ays maa please don;t leave me. get up ma. e says darpan you killed my mom? kajri says how did this happen? ragahv says kajri kaki darpan killed her. Kajri cries. bhao says they are here. Kajri says ragahv get up you have to run. Kajri takes darpan and ganesh. Kajri says you both have to go from here. Darpan says i have to take raghav. kajro says he wont come, he thinks you have killed naraini.

Bhao comes and shaku follows her. Bhao says darpan killed her. inspector says we will try our best to find that girl. darpan is in forest. Bhao’s men are looking for him and ganesh. they see them and start shooting. bhao gets out of car and says it should be final. ganesh puts darpan in a boat and sails it. darpan is fainted. ganesh gets down in wated and sails the boat. bhao tries to follow them but he loses.

ganesh comes to temple and rings the bell. darpan’s boat is sailing on its way.

Scene 2
ganesh is sitting on bank with an orange scarf. Some men come and says this elephant come here and sits. he looks at waves like he is waiting for someone. ganesh recalls his time with darpan. its been 10 years.

DArpan comes out and says to horse its time to eat. you never eat till i am here. She givs food to the birds. she sees a rabbit who has a bruise. she says waht happened to my little baby.

Precap-ganesh recalls the night when he and darpan ran.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. agh what this..??how will ganesh survive and what about darpan has she forgettrn about ganesh…..and raghav will hate darpan thinking that she killed her mom
    i hate vishwas raoo he always win but i am sure darpan will be back and he wilm be navk and he will make vishwas suffer she will take revenge and maybr when raghav eill realise the truth they wl be together in their plans

  2. Omg wat the hell why the good ones always fall as the prey

  3. The serial lost the goal second time first after death of mahesh and has to again start from scratch to rebuild the proofs.

  4. Cannot understand his brother knows that he wanted to kill them how can the police think Darpan kill

  5. Zee tv n its fuking tv shows where the evil its shows r baseless…jerks

  6. what nonsense is going on with this show evil bhao shoots naraini and blames darpan what the hell is wrong with everybody now darpan had to run away without proving her fathers innocence and all the planning she and naraini did against bhao nothing came out of it bullshit again everytime bhao is winning frustration to the highest please writers what is going on now all of a sudden ten years have passed so who took care of darpan for that ten years this story is not making any sense at all and what became of naraini dev the dancer and narainis son so tell me writers where is this story really going bhao committed murders and got away with all including darpans parents so that means evil won without proving the innocence of Mahesh and others to tell the truth I did not believe this storyline would end like this writers it is the worse soap you all have ever written as I would say a whole lot of crap shit tata too too nonsensical bullshit

  7. This show has become so much crap eh…..I only read updates here. But I think today is the last time I will be doing so. This show needs to be taken off air immediately!!!!!!!!

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