Jamai Raja 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Biji waiting for Roshni. Roshni comes home late. Biji scolds her. Sid says she must have stuck in traffic. Raj says Sid is right, roads are full of traffic and cars. Raj asks if she had food. She says no, but Sid says she must have had feast as DD and Naani and whole family would have taken care of her. Biji asks servant to keep food back in kitchen. Roshni sadly leaves.

Roshni eats biscuits standing in a balcony. Raj comes with food and asks her to eat. She says she is not hungry now. He says she will if she eats from his hand and while feeding her says she respects elders and this nature will make her win in her mission. Roshni thanks her. Sid brings food and smiles seeing them smiling.

Biji takes Roshni for a competition. Her friend taunts roshni that it is Punjabi competition and not Gujrati. Biji says she knows and her bahu will win it for sure. Hosts announces competition and its rule.

DD sees Sam and asks where is she going. She says she got a job in PR firm which takes care of client’s needs. DD says she feels something wrong and asks her not to join. She says she will be careful and leaves. DD asks Mona to explain and stop her.

Biji spreads items on floor and asks Roshni to practice for competition. Sid comes and asks what is it. Biji says is helping Roshni practice. He jokes and she walks out angrily. Biji says they don’t have love at all and act as arranged marriage couple.

Roshni prays god to help her, lights lamp with match sticks and gets an idea. She goes and starts decorating cardborad with match sticks and sleeps getting tired. Sid comes there, picks her and makes her sleep on bed. He drapes blanket on her, keeps pillow next to her, and sleeps.

Roshni wakes up in the morning and sees Sid sleeping. She sits back for practice and thinks she will win the competition for Biji.

Roshni reaches competition venue and presents her matchbox design. Everyone likes it. Biji gets busy talking to Simran and Kritika. Yash comes there to meet her and she leaves. Competitor lady sets matchbox design out of jealousy. People shout about fire. Roshni runs to rescue her design and burns her hand. Yash helps her. Biji sees him touching her and gets angry.

Precap: Biji asks Roshni what is happening between her and Yash.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yaar ye yash ko hata do…..then sab sorted hai its a nyc track going on…obviously things cant b perfect overnight atleast dey have a storyline of dis compitition which is bringing dem togethr unlike kumkum bhagya’s chewing story line….excitited to see roshini nd sid close in a manner of “happily ever after”

  2. arre what is yash doing here get yash out

  3. Oh god what the hell is this! If you want to unite roshni and siddharth please get yash out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s horrible

  4. Plz get yesh out

  5. Plz unite siddharth and roshni

  6. Dear Writer (in this case H. Hasan).

    Your use of pronouns is incorrect. You make reference to the wrong noun. For example:

    2nd paragraph, second to last sentence, you wrote:
    “Roshni thanks her”
    at this point, Roshni was thanking Raj.
    it should state:
    “Roshni thanks him”

    I know it’s a little detail but it makes a big difference when you are trying to follow along. This in one exaple, the write-ups are all riddled with these types of mistakes. It makes it very difficult to follow along.

    1. Seeing as your English is so perfect why don’t you start writing the updates. Clearly everyone reading can see that Roshin was talking to Raj, and as such understands that H Hasan mistake of writing “her” meant “him”.

      H Hasan donot have to write the updates, he/she does it as he/she knows we want to keep abr*ast of all that is happening on the show.

      We should thank him/her for taking the time out, instead of being so critical and technical, not everyone speak or write english as their first language a such we are bound to make gramatical errors.

      1. well said vidya…on that note thanks alot Hasan….this is a huge favor for people like me since I mainly rely on the written updates to know whats going …..as most the times im too busy to watch

  7. stop all this drama with sid and roshini and unite them once and for all because the really do love each other and please please get dotish looking yash out of the picture and horseface husky voice dd too please set dd up with a man any man so that she would leave roshini and sid alone

  8. Get yash out he is now kabab meh hadieh

  9. yash yash yash we getting sick n tired of yash plz hurry and get rid of him every where roshini goes yash is there he is like her tail so he cant left her alone

  10. Haha yash is so daa he kws sid/rosh love each other n not divorced so y he pops around lk popcorn out plssss

  11. I think DD always send Yash to apart roshni and sid…..plz take him out of serial I can’t bear him more plz

  12. Vidya – point taken. I was unaware that the writers are volunteers.

  13. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    two days i m back

  14. Yash isn’t fed up getting insulted? Why the hell he so pushy??

  15. Sid you are such a gentle man.You live up to your marital vow .Irregardless of what Rushni did to you you still adore her.Rshni ,you are still married and if Sid is hateful he can name Yash as the one you are having an adulterous affair with and with this if he can prove it he could win the case and then you will be called an adulteress.Therefore why don’t you ask him to leave you alone until after the three months.Sid is not making no woman touch him or flaunt with him so why is this okay for you to do.Get some morals.Even though you are not in a intimate atmosphere; it is the attention and the touching and the flowers bringing and always be where you are.Respect your vows and also your husband.Sid’s Granny will soon find out what is going on.DD needs to stop and show respect and try and teach her daughter something good if she really loves her.I think Sam is going to work in a place where Rajveer will be.I also think that she is going to run a competition with Kritika by trying to get back her husband.This will take away the attention from Sid and his wife.DD and Simran need to turn their hurt and pain by helping the young couple then they will be able to transform their darkness into light.Beautiful episode.Love Sid good acting skills.

  16. That was great Vidya,sometimes people just don’t appreciate the good that others do,great talk.Anyway it seem that we are getting a little bit romance here but Yash,Yash like salt in a wound.Things are finally trying to look up in this show.

  17. do you think yash love roshni as much as sid?

  18. sid rocks….I just love his moments with roshni

  19. Get the yash out

  20. Yash is jst attracted to roshni….i dont think if roshni would hv insulted yash in dat manner which she insulted sid by abusing him to b a rapist sort of a person he(yash) would not hv still loved roshni as sid does……@yannick….
    i m sure ek din ye yash roshni ek haath se tapad zaroor khayega…

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