Udaan 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj and his friends scaring Chakor. The teacher comes and they get scared of her, as that teacher is very strict. Chakor lies and saves all of them. The teacher says its hygiene inspection and asks them to come. Chakor asks her about it. The teacher says we check how good and neat are. Imli comes to meet Chakor. The guard asks her to go. Imli says she has to say something to Chakor, and says Sheru also has to meet. Sheru barks and the man gets scared. Imli says we will come after school ends and goes. The teacher sneezes and everyone laugh. She scolds them and checks their shoes, uniforms and is strict.

She scolds Roshni for having nail polish. She sees Chakor and says nail and uniform are fine, why are the shoes so dirty. Suraj and his friend hold noses and he asks why. Roshni says her hair is stinking. Chakor says no. Everyone say they are getting bad smell. The teacher says I m not getting. Suraj jokes on her. The teacher asks Chakor to wash her hair and tie it. Chakor says there is no one to tie my hair. The teacher asks where is your mum. Chakor says she does not stay with me. The teacher says I don’t care, tie your hair and come, else don’t come. Suraj laugh.

Chakor recalls when she tied hair last time and her family laughed. Imli says see Chakor’s hair and laughs. Kasturi asks Imli not to laugh on Chakor, and says Chakor is smart, she will learn. Chakor says whats the need for me to learn, you are with me. Kasturi makes her hairstyle. Chakor gets sad. Imli says its good I m not going school, Sheru and I are happy outside. Chakor comes out and recalls the teacher’s words. Imli says she has to say something. She asks her to use her mind and she will use her hands. Chakor scolds her and is worried. Imli says about Dadi. Chakor asks what happened to her, is she fine. Imli says not our Dadi, haveli Dadi. She says about new nurse, she does not find her good and says Tejaswini and that nurse were doing something.

Chakor says yes old nurse told me to take care of Dadi, I also don’t trust new nurse, I will go now. She asks how did she know this. Imli thinks she can’t tell Chakor about money and says she was passing by, go fast, Dadi should be fine. Chakor asks her to go home and leaves. The nurse removes the glucose pipe and Chakor stops her, saying its imp pipe, its giving food to her, it makes her stay alive. The nurse says I was cleaning and removed it by mistake. She keeps the glucose bottle back and Chakor says she will keep an eye on her. She asks Dadi not to worry, as she is with her. The nurse says I will just come and goes.

Chakor asks Dadi to wake up as she has to tell her everything. The nurse says Tejaswini that Chakor explained her the saline meaning, Chakor is always there to stop her from doing anything, if she tells anyone, we will be gone. Tejaswini says yes, I also can’t digest that she goes out of haveli, do anything and such way that if Chakor sees, she does not understand, do it slowly, it will be better.

The nurse says great and goes. Tejaswini asks Girja to see Chakor’s wounded thumb and asks her to make her work. Chakor tells Dadi about the things happening in school, and she faced some problems too. She hides her uniform near her and says what Girja does to trouble her asking her to iron all clothes. She says if she can get food by this pipe, she will also have water. She drinks water and smiles.

She says she will now go to do household work, take rest, I will meet later. Girja asks Chakor to cut all lemons and get the juice of it. She asks her to apply salt in the lemons and keep. Chakor cuts the lemons and fills salt. She gets hurt as her thumb is cut. Tejaswini looks on and smiles as Chakor screams. She asks Girja to open the leave off her thumb, as it can make the pickle spoil. Chakor says no, I will remove myself and recalls how Imli tied it. Ragini looks on and feels bad for Chakor.

Chakor combs her hair and tries hair knots recalling the teacher’s words. She does not tie well and says she did not do even homework, teacher will kick her out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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