Jamai Raja 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Krutika trying to suicide by cutting her wrist and falling on the ground unconscious. Sid, Raj and Simran rush her to hospital. Doc says it is a police case and he needs police clearance. Sid says they can complete formalities later and asks him to start treatment first. Simran (earlier was a sweet mother and now agony aunt) starts her emotionally atyachar and asks Sid to tell his mother-in-law to keep away from her daughter, she forgo her son but cannot forgo her daughter now. Sid says it is not DD’s mistake, but Rajveer is trying to ruin Krutika and everyone’s life. Simran says he has become DD’s puppet, pushes him and asks him to go back to his mother-in-law. Sid says he was collecting evidence against Rajveer all this while, but he has counteracted by harming his family, he will not let him harm further. Simran continues shouting and pushes him out. Nurse comes and asks them to arrange blood. Sid says he will give blood and tells Simran that he will not let his sister happen anything.

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Naani and Roshni get ready for the party and wait for Sid. DD says she has arranged Roshni and Sid’s remarriage, talks about her failed marriage, and says she does not want Roshni go through the same, etc. Naani says DD has changed because of Sid and praises him.

Doc informs Simran that he could not save Krutika’s child. Simran starts her emotoinal drama again and cruses Sid. Doc says Raj that Krutika is murmuring Rajveer’s name and they have to get Rajveer to make her condition better. Simran says she will get Rajveer. Sid says she has to understand that Rajveer has eloped seeing his plan failed. Rajveer comes there acting as being beaten by DD’s goons and asks Simran to save him from DD.

Pratima helps Roshni get ready as a bride. DD says her daughter is looking very pretty. She says she could not enjoy her daughter’s marriage properly, so she wants to each each bit now. She says Sid has changed her and says Roshni that she can go and stay with Sid’s parents if she wants as Sid cleared her debt by saving her family and business. Babloo comes and says Sid has not come yet and is not reachable. Roshni says he is not picking even her calls. DD says guests have started coming and Sid should be here soon. Bablu asks her not to worry, he will bring Sid.

Rajveer comes to the hospital acting as being injured and beaten by DD’s goons and asks Simran to save him from DD as she will kill Krutika and him. Simran says she will not let DD play with her family and will play with her instead now. Sid gets irked, beats Rajveer him till he bleeds. Rajveer pleads Simran to save him. Sid holds his leg and drags him out while Rajveer still pleads Simran to save Krutika and him from DD. Sid asks him to tell the truth, but Rajveer is still acting as innocent. Inspector comes and arrests them both. Raj says it is a family misunderstanding and he will handle it. Inspector says he cannot help and takes Sid and Rajveer from there. Rajveer laughs at Sid.

Precap: Rashmi desai dances on Sid and Roshni’s remarriage function and they both exchange garlands. Simran comes there with her lawyer and asks to stop their drama. DD and everyone are shocked to see her drama.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. blah blah blah…… 🙁

  2. i have to wonder if the writers of this show really think that indian people behave like this. or is Simran’s behaviour which is not rational at all is normal for them….

  3. Candacey Rose

    Simram is so stupid to believe a stranger rather than her own son anyway i love Rajveer especially when e smiles e looks so cute with his dimples

  4. Its like pure evil n sad in these tv shows no happiness and if the do get happiness it never lasts for long

  5. what a transformation siman always loved her son sid dearly how could she now turn the tables on him believing a stranger and a crook like rajveer you know what writers since simran is so gullable let rajveer kidnap she and her crazy ass daughter kritika and let them see him for who he really is and let simran have to turn to her own son sid and husband ran for help I am soooooooooo glad that kritika lost that crooks baby so at least she can start life fresh if she has to

  6. I don’t know why Raj don’t throw Simran and her bad behaving daughter out the house!!!!!

  7. Crappp!!!!;;

  8. Simram is behaving like a mother who is buying her child’s love, she’s ready to sacrify and forget other to make her daughter happy, sad. Love the way DD is behaving now, she was strict, too protective over roshni and making mistakes because of her own failure in marriage, thumbs up for DD.

  9. Don’t tell me u Indians are bunch of saddist…. What a shame, all ur serials are so sad….. Something bad always happen, Like seriously,?????? WTF…. Sapne…. Qubul Hai, Bandhan, etc…. *yawn*

  10. Wth is happening to this seriel..its just dragging

  11. Where is the humble n lovable character of Simran. Why this sudden change in her???????? Its not logic at all. Even if you want to drag the show don’t use a person who has been so lovable towards her son and her husband. Even in real life you will never see in a family. Although its an entertainment serial abit of realistic is better to see.

  12. Apparently no one goes to jail in India. Shallow soap that should end soon.

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