Udaan 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji scolding Chakor. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to send Arjun back, as Chakor is using them in his presence. He asks her not to worry. Its night, Chakor sees the moon and talks to it. She says she is very happy now, and plans what will she talk when everyone comes. Kasturi prays to see Chakor. Imli talks to Dadi and they make kites. She says she will earn money and free Chakor. Dadi sleeps. Imli makes kites all the night. She smiles seeing them.

Its morning, the haveli servants make food on grand scale. Arjun shows kite making to Chakor and Vivaan. He shows how to make threads and balance it. Bhaiya ji laughs and says he has good bond with kids. Arjun says yes, I m always between kids. Suraj asks why, are you any school teacher. Bhaiya ji asks him to go and see every village kid having a kite. Suraj leaves annoyed. Tejaswini shows the sweater for Chakor, and asks her to remove the old one. She makes her wear it, to show to Arjun. Bhaiya ji says we give love to Chakor. I wish every child was lucky like Chakor. Arjun says yes, she is very lucky.

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Girja says villagers has come, shall I open the gate. He says yes, it should be always open. Chakor smiles. The villagers come inside the haveli. Kasturi waits for Imli and says she went to sell the kites, Chakor might be waiting for us. Imli sells the kites in low rates. No one buys the kites. She asks Munya to buy it. Munya says we are getting it free in haveli. Imli says I made the kites and its better than haveli kites. The party survey officer Arjun Desai comes there. He says I have reached Aazaadgunj and going to haveli, I will give report in two days, I feel no one is annoyed wth Bhaiya ji here.

Imli asks him to buy kites. He says your age is to fly kites, why are you selling. She says I need money to free my sister. He asks what, from where. She says my sister is Bhaiya ji’s bandhua. He is shocked and asks her name. She says her sister’s name is Chakor. He recalls Aditya’s words. She says many people are bandhua. He asks the owner’s name. She says Bhaiya ji. He says Kamal Narayan. She asks does he know Chakor, I know you can’t do anything for her, she is bandhua and will always be bandhua.

He says no, I don’t know Chakor, but I have seen you, you are lovely and hardworking, I will buy all kites. He gives her good amount and she gets glad. She thinks why is he buying in high rates. He gives her money. She smiles seeing it. She thanks him. He leaves. She says if I sell like this daily, I can free Chakor soon.

Kasturi scolds Imli and asks who gave her money. Did she do anything wrong? Imli says no, I sold the kites. Kasturi asks why will villagers buy it from you if they are getting it free in haveli. Imli says a rich man bought all the kites. Kasturi sees the note. Imli says we can buy many things by this. Kasturi says we will go first to meet Chakor. Bhuvan asks them to hurry up. The villagers like the decorations and think why did Bhaiya ji call them here. Lakhan controls them and acts sweet seeing Arjun.

Chakor waits for her parents. She says maybe Imli made them come late. Vivaan asks her to come and fly kite with Arjun. Chakor says I don’t know. Vivaan says I will teach you. Chakor says you go, I will learn with Imli. She sees her family and is very much glad. Arjun sees Bhuvan and hides. Chakor hugs her family and smiles.

Ranjana looks at Arjun and is shocked. She says I saw him somewhere. Arjun Desai find out about Bhaiya ji, and think his bad report will make the party glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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