Jamai Raja 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with DD getting annoyed seeing Sid and Roshni’s roka pooja. Sid sees her hiding behind door and watching the rituals. He follows her till the car and says her he promised Roshni to give happiness of whole world and he is happy that his MIL came for the function. She asks him to shut up and get out. He asks her to calm down and control herself as she cannot stop his and Roshni’s marriage.

Darpan comes to promote her new serial Bandhan. Roshni sees her and asks who she is. Darpan says she is searching Sid. Sid sees her and introduces her to Roshni. Darpan’s father Mahesh also comes and promotes their new serial Bandhan. Sid and Roshni also promote the serial.

Sid and his dad discuss about distributing sweet boxes to their relatives. Mom comes and says she was about to get into an accident in vegetable market, but a guy saved her. A man comes with boxes. Sid identifies him as Krish and gets irked. Krish says he did not know it is their house and congratulates them for their marriage. Mom inviteshim for the marriage. Sid thinks Krish came with a some plan.

DD tells Krish no matter what no one should come to do mehendi in Roshni’s hand. Kesar asks Resham to show her acting skills. She says now wait and watch and starts crying seeing DD. DD asks why she is crying. Resham says her uncle is ill and she wants to meet him. DD permits. Kesar asks her if he and Bablu can drop her. DD says driver will drop her and takes them with her. Naani thinks they have to lie to attend Roshni’s wedding and she is the first mother who is not happy with her daughter’s wedding.

Sid’s grandma and aunt reach marriage venue and asks Sid and dad why did they set middle class theme for marriage. They both lure them by promising a gift and ask them to relax and have beverages while Roshni and Sid’s mom comes down.

Sid sees Roshni finding difficulty tying her blouse thread and helps her tie it. Roshni gets sensuous feeling his touch and they both get romantic and aer about to kiss when mom stop them by twisting Sid’s ears. They both get shy and Sid leaves. Mom says Roshni that Sid is lucky to have her. Dad informs her that mehandi designers are not ready to come. They inform about it to Sid. Sid says he will do something and leaves. Sid talks to someone about this.

Sid’s parents eagerly waits for him to come back. Neighbors come and introduce themselves and say they have come for the marriage. They see Roshni and say she is very beautiful and will be very happy with Sid.

Naani and daadi fight with each other about their culture. Mom brings Roshni there and asks them stop fighting and see new bahu. Sid comes back playing drum. Zainda rahti hain unki mohabbaten …. song plays in the background.

Precap: Sid and Roshni sensuously dance on a song Subhanallah….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sid is a very NAUGHTY boy!!!! Lol….

  2. lol sid your so funny

  3. Hi, Can someone tell me what is the English translation for “Jamai Raja”?

  4. It is another way of saying son in law

  5. Sid is so handsome xxxx

  6. I just love Sid nd Roshni. ..rab ne bana di jodi

  7. i love jamai raja alot well done sid

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