Jamai Raja 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Biji getting necklace for Roshni and sees her in another room. She takes her to Sid’s room and says she does not want them to sleep separately and says there is nothing wrong if husband and wife change dress s in front of each other. She asks Sid to come out of bathroom and let roshni get ready, gives Roshni a necklace and asks her to get ready well with extra makeup. Sid asks Roshni to get him dress and asks her to turn her face. She says she has seen him many times. He says it was different before and now she alleges him often. She says whatever and turns her face back. He comes hurriedly and wraps blanket over him. She says it is her blanket and she will have to give it to laundry now.

Biji asks Simran to call DD and invite for muh dikhayi function. Simran says DD is not in town. Raj says he saw DD yesterday and waved her hi from his car. Simran hesitantly calls DD and invites her for muh dikhayi function in a very friendly tone. DD thinks what happened to her today. Naani asks whose call it was. She informs about Roshni’s muh dikhayi by biji. Naani says only elder like her understand value of relationships.

Kritika comes down with Rajveer crook and tells him that he will see the drama today. Biji sees him and asks why did not he go to work today. Simran says she asked him to help her in function arrangements. Biji says he is ghar jamai already and at least do his job properly and sends him to work. He goes to work and taunts DD if she needs half day leave to attend her daughter’s muh dikhayi function and hog food. DD says she will go after office hours and asks him not to discuss her personal issues. He says ok and thinks today she will see her daughter’s drama.

Servant gives towel to Roshni and she goes in to get ready. Kritika sees her going into washroom gives her ugly smile thinking her plan is working.

Relatives come home and Biji asks Sid to call Roshni. He goes to call her and gets mesmerized. He goes in front and laughs. She asks what happened. He shows her color smeared face and jokes it is jaadooo…..She panics and asks him to help. He says when he cannot touch her, how can he help her and laughs. Roshni continues wiping her face unsuccessfully. Guests asks Biji to call bahu as it is too late. Biji asks Simran where is goti/bahu and goes herself to check. Sid asks Roshni to go down with colored face, else biji will come up. Kritika smirks and thinks now the real drams wills start. Roshni requests Sid to stay with her. He gets impressed hearing her requests and turns. she wipes her face with towel and colors it and says they both should look of same family.

Biji comes up murmuring that new generation kids are very lazy. She knocks door and asks them to come out as guests are waiting. Sid starts making smooching sounds and asks Roshni wait until tonight. Biji feels embarrassed, goes and complains Simran that children and busy smooching shamelessly instead of meeting guests. Simran gets irked.

Roshni cleans her face with lemon and helps Sid clean his face. They both go down and meet guests. Kritika is shocked to see her plan failed. Biji asks Roshni to prepare lunch for everyone.

Precap: Roshni prepares food for guests. Kritika adds lemon juice in it and happily tells he crook husband their plan will work now. Biji tastes food and asks Roshni what did she do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a cccccrrrraaapp!!!!!!!!!

  2. Slowly things will get better fr sure sooo happy fr roshin and sid as unknowingly dy both will help each other nd save each other frm d troubls created by dat b*t*h kritika…nd start falling fr each other all over again

  3. after so many days….its really interesting…..

  4. I really like this episode not bad at all jamai raja is alot better than most of the other series on Zeetv…i really like how they bring across Sid character very nice

  5. Things are gonna get better no matter hw hard u try kritika and her stupid husband

  6. this serial is tooooooooooooooo boring it is about time they find out about rajveer and kritikas caniving plans and throe them out and let the police arrest rajveer and give him life imprisonment for the murder he committed and what he did to samraia

  7. I like what I am seeing so far.I believe that through this episode with biji Roshnie and Sid would get closer to each other.Don’t worry Kritika and Rajveer day coming.

  8. My wish is that Roshni and Sid never get divorced and live right there in that house.Roshni I think will catch Rajveeer and Kritika in their nonsense.I cant understand that she is married and I do not see her life moving further. She does not do anything more conniving.Sid you are back again to your old self.This episode was ok.

  9. I think Roshni will get pregnant,she slept with Sid.I can’t wait.

  10. Great show,love the vibes Sid and Roshni trying to send each other.God be with Ranveer and kritka.

  11. This story is ok for now. This will also be the same like other show, if they continue to take too long to end.

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