Udaan 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor facing problem in her class. The teacher comes and takes their attendance. She asks for Chakor and scolds her, asking her to go out and hold ears. Chakor says but… The teacher asks her to go. Chakor says fine and goes. Chakor stands outside and hears the teacher. The teacher asks them to say and Chakor says she will say. The teacher asks her to hold ears and stand. Chakor says the table standing outside. The principal asks why is she outside. The teacher says her clothes. The principal says its first day and this state. He recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and says he will rusticate her from school if she wears such dress. Chakor says she won’t wear inked uniform.

Chakor goes to her class. Billu tells the kids to come to met Chakor, and says about Imli going first. Imli sits alone and thinks of Bhaiya ji’s words. She eats raw mangoes. Chakor is again bullied by Suraj and his friends. Suraj scares her and says you will run by school name, come outside the gate. Chakor thanks the principal for making her sit in class and does not tell him who spoiled her dress. He says wear clean uniform and study well. He leaves.

Suraj asks who will save you now, principal is gone. They see the village boys coming. Suraj says so what, where will you go. They all leave. Chakor smiles seeing the kids and they ask her to teach them. Chakor says I will have some solution, I will study, do haveli work, and themn teach you all, I m getting late now.

Tejaswini greets Bhaiya ji. He laughs and says I thought your Maayka people will not leave you, how are you. She says meet her first and calls Ruby. She says this is nurse Ruby Dsouza, she met me on the way asking about haveli, so I got her here. He says he was waiting for her, doctor would have explained you. Ruby says no, he said you will explain me. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini ask her to take care of Baa. Ruby says don’t worry, she will be fine in few days.

Baa is being treated by another nurse. Bhaiya ji asks the old nurse to leave. Tejaswini gives her money and asks her to go. The nurse says fine, I will say the schedule. Bhaiya ji says no need, she is from Lucknow and more qualified, go from here. The nurse prays for Baa and leaves.

Imli tries selling the raw mangoes and is shocked seeing Chakor. She asks how did her uniform get dirty. Chakor says I will tell later, what are you doing here. Imli says she can’t study. Chakor asks why. Imli says she will repay the loan and free her from bonded. Chakor asks what will happen if she becomes free, Ishwar said we have to erase the sign on our wrist, and it will go from studies. Imli asks in how many years. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s words and says I just started studying, I know this sign will surely get erased. She says we want education to erase this. Imli says we need money to get free from being bandhua. Chakor looks at her.

Chakor says she is sure Imli will earn money which their parents could not earn, if she is not educated, it will go waste. Lakhan tells Chakor about giving medicines for Baa and his bike is not working, but uts important to make medicines reach Baa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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