Jamai Raja 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni and DD bringing Sid home. Whole family ask if he is alright. He says he is fine and DD’s prayers brought her in. DD gets says and leaves to her room saying she will go and rest. Sid says he is lucky to have such a good family. Naani prays god to let DD express her feelings for her family. Rajveer thinks he escaped this time but will not next.

Raj says Simran that Krutika is acting and she played kidnapping drama. She says she knows. He says she is a criminal and will harm them also. Krutika comes with her bags, says she is a criminal and will not stay with them now. Simran stops her and says she will not let her go. Raj says her motherhood will ruin Krutika. She asks him to stay away from his daughter. He says blind love is very harmful and will bring situation like Mahabharat and destroyal.

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Roshni helps Sid remove his dress and says she will nurse his wound. He jokes if she will nurse with her lips. She says with towel and gets emotional. He asks her to stop crying. She says she loves him and hugs. He says even he loves her. She asks him not to leave her alone any time. He says he will not and hugs he again. They share emotional moments. Sid thinks god plays games to unite people.

DD thanks commissioner over phone for his help. Roshni comes to her room and hugs her. They both get emotional. Sid sees that and thinks once DD forgets her arrogance and egoism, his work will be done and he can go back to his family.

DD is having breakfast with Bablu, Kesar and Rajveer. Sid comes getting ready and says he came late as he was doing dressings. She asks him to go and take rest for today and she will not cut salary. He is surprised to hear that and says he is hearing weird talks. DD says he heard it right and asks him again to go and rest.

Roshni speaks to Raj and tells him about Sid’s accident. He apologizes her for not coming to see them. Sid comes and says she does not believe her mom gave him 1 day leave and said she will not cut salary and asks whom she is talking to. She says dad. He takes phone and asks where is he. Dad asks him to come to their hotel. He agrees.

Simran asks Raj whom he is talking to. He says to his son and says Sid met with bombblast accident and she is not worried about him at all. She says she cares about her son and is about to call him when she hears Krutika shouting on servants and goes to attend her. Raj says she is doing mistake by differentiating between children.

Rajveer meets Gafoor (DD’s rival) and says he needs his help to get DD’s property. Gafoor reminisces DD insulting him and says he will punish DD with a chain he is wearing. Rajveer shakes hands with him.

Precap: Rajveer says Raj getting into his office and thinks Sid told he is Sid Khurana, now he will reveal his secret in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Do it rajveer.. we are also waiting to see sid as a big shot against DD

  2. Can’t wait for the truth to be exposed..

  3. simran came into the show with a son sidharth all of a sudden now she has a daughter with the most shitty name kritika simran loved sid and roshini so much now she could care less about them your son was in a blast and that is how you react writers very poor acting on your part this soap started out one way and now has developed into a whole lot of crap it do not worth watching any more

  4. me too cant wait for the truth to be out

  5. Yhh me too meera..who is an indian?here?? Wanna learn d language.im from Turkey.

  6. i wish kritika change and become supportive to her family. Wish she didn’t play the negative role.

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