Humsafars 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Samaira’s father Rahman promising her to get engaged to Zaki. She thanks him. Sahir is in his office and recalls Arzoo’s words. He recalls Arzoo telling him that he is like others. Rahman comes. Sahir greets him and thanks him for coming on a short notice. Sahir asks him the worth of Lucknow land. Rahman says 10 crores. Sahir says he have an idea about land rates. Rahman says case is going on for that land and who will give more money for this land. Sahir says he will find buyer himself. Rahman says I can’t betray my daughter’s inlaws. He tells that Zaki and Samaira love each other and asks him to take care of his daughter’s happiness. He says he will get a good buyer.

Sahir gets thinking and says he will answer after talking to Zaki. Samaira tells Zaki about the venue for their marriage and says they can even book the venue in Mauritius. Zaki holds her face and says they fell asleep when they reached the hotel room. He asks whose child is this. Samaira says this baby will address you as his father. She leaves.

Sahir comes to Zaki and tells him about Rahman’s proposal. Zaki tells him that they were friends before and Samaira wants to marry him, but he don’t want to marry her. Sahir asks him for the reason. He recalls Arzoo’s words. Zaki says I can’t marry Samaira because………….Sahir recalls Kurti Apa’s accusations. He says I know the reason. I will refuse Rahman Saheb. You always ran from your responsibilities. I hope that you won’t run away from the responsibilities this time. Samaira thinks about Zaki’s questions and is about to cut her veins. Rahman comes and stops her. Samaira tells him that she will die if Zaki doesn’t marry her. Rahman says I talked to Sahir about your marriage. I can’t see your tears. You will marry Zaki anyhow. Samaira hugs Rahman and cries.

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Arzoo tries to lift a heavy box. Sahir comes to her as he thinks she is pregnant. He lifts the box and keeps it. Arzoo thanks him. Rahman comes and asks what is this joke. You said on phone that Zaki refused to marry Samaira. Sahir says relations can’t be forced. Zaki refused to marry her. Rahman asks him to change his decision. He says you needs a partner and my daughter needs Zaki. He has to change his decision for the deal. He threatens him. Sahir asks are you threatening me. Rahman says I am just giving you advice. Sahir threatens him and says world is big. You will get a boy for your daughter and I will get a financial partner. Rahman says I came here to make relation. Sahir says you came here to snatch relations. Rahman says you gets angry fast. I accepted this alliance and even decided everything. I even brought a video and plays it. Sahir gets shocked seeing his video footage when he burned the factory.

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Rahman tells him that it is just a trailer and the real film have everything. If this video reaches media then you have to land in jail. He threatens to send him to jail if Zaki doesn’t agree to marry Samaira. He tells that he will send him DVD of the video. Sahir gets shocked and angry. He recalls promising Zeenat and thinks his promise is going to be fulfilled soon. He recalls Zaki words that he can’t marry her, and Rahman’s threatening words. He gets angry and throws everything in his cabin. Arzoo comes to him and tries to hold his hand. Sahir accuses her for everything. Sahir angrily storm outside the office. Arzoo gets thinking.

Arzoo comes to Zaki and is tensed. Zaki asks her what is the matter? She says I am not worried about you, but because of Sahir. Zaki says did he tell anything. Arzoo says she heard the conversation between Sahir and Rahman. Rahman threatened Sahir that you shall get engaged to Samaira within 24 hours else…..Zaki gets angry and goes to Samaira.

Zaki tells Samaira that he is ready for the DNA test. Samaira gets tensed. Rahman asks why his daughter is in tears. Zaki says she can answer better. Sahir looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. saaz reminds me maneet. This couple is very similer to geet n maan.

    1. Yes… You are absolutely right… Even i feel the same…

  2. Thanks

  3. maan b geet se aise hi gussa karta tha. N indirectly care b.

  4. precap is Gud..i hope Monday truth revealed to everyone…

  5. but what about that video?

    1. I guess.. They both blasted the factory with cylinder in lucknow right.. Would be that video i think…

  6. i dnt knw. Actuly i hav started watching hs before 4 days only. I hope that video won’t make trouble for sahir. If it wil, then also arzoo wil b ther to save him.

  7. ya i even i agree it rem us geet and maan.same to same but in geet geet war pregant but arzoo is not but both the hero r same and superb.i wisi they clear there misunderstanding clear soon.and to c some good scene of arzoo and sahir.thanks update.

  8. Both these serials geet and humsafars are from the same production house as most of you know. I think that is how they are bringing elements from the successful scenes of the past you all think in the precap Sahir was listening to Zakir’s conversation

  9. @janaki, if sahir was listening,then All mess will b sorted.

  10. i read in spoilers that sahir begins to question his feelings for arzoo as he discovers her growing closeness with zaki. zaki confesses his love for arzoo in front of sahir. Sahir challanges zaki to make arzoo fall in love and prove that she is a gold digger. I think its the sign of big misunderstanding between saAz.

    1. Oh…Wher did yo read??what about that pregnancy confusion??

  11. on dishtv. Nothing was mentioned about pregnancy confusion.

  12. Ok…thanq…

  13. welcum…

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