Jamai Raja 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sidharth gets annoyed seeing a stay order for his hotel project and asks his manager to call his lawyer. He says this project is his dad’s dream project and he does not want to let him down. His parents watch this and dad says he is proud of his son that he has realized his responsibilities. Dad sends manager from there and takes him for a morning walk near beach. Sid informs him about the lady trying to stop their project and says he will teach her lesson legally. Dad says he should talk to her peacefully instead of getting angry unnecessarily.

Roshni is with her NGO students at the beach feeding them pani puri/snacks. She sees Sid there standing sadly and thinks he always tries to cheer up people and it is now her turn to cheer him up. She and kids throw water on him. Sid gets irritated, but then sees Roshni, calms him, and starts looking at her romantically.

DD and her devars are traveling in their car. DD sees Roshni’s car, goes near it and asks Kesar to call police thinking a man has stolen Roshni’s car.

Roshni asks Sid why is he tensed and asks if she would have been in problem, what he would have done. She pours mud sand in his hand and asks him to close it. She says he wants to hold his problem like sand and asks her to let it go like sand. Sid smiles hearing her. Roshni says even she is talented like him and calls him Bubbly. Sid says who is Bubbly, if he is your boyfriend. She says he is a friend who does not want to tell his name. Sid reminisces yesterday’s incident where he referred her as Bhagyashree and she told her name is Roshni. He tells his name. Roshni gets back to her students and walks away from there, looking repeatedly back at him.

Kesar calls police. Man says he bought it from car dealer for 15 lakhs and shows papers. DD gets annoyed hearing that and apologizes man.

Sid’s dad brings falooda/sweet for him and sees him jiggling happily. He asks if he found someone who made him happy. Sid hugs him and thinks Roshni is the reason for his happiness.

DD scolds Roshni for selling her car. Roshni says she did not give her money to save her NGO, so she had to sell it. DD gets irked hearing that and drags her to her room. Naani stops her saying Roshni has grown up. DD says if she has grown up, she has to be responsible. She drops her in her room and says until she gets a lesson, she will be in her room. Roshni pleads she cannot confine her, but in vain. Naani says DD that she should remember Roshni is her daughter. DD warns everyone not to open Roshni’s room door without her permission. Naani prays god to send someone to clear differences between DD and Roshni.

Sid reaches his hotel and imagines Roshni standing near the door. Kisi shayar ki ghazal…naye mausam ki sahar….. song plays in the background. He imagines Roshni holding his hand and sitting with him on chair, but he is holding watchman instead. He imagines dancing with her romantically. He sits in his cabin and reminisces all the incidents with Roshni and says she is a coincident with which his life is changed.

Sid’s manager comes with papers and asks him to sign them. Sid says he will handle the matter himself and asks him to leave the files on his table. Manager gets irked hearing that.

Roshni gets a mail from Sid to meet him. She thinks of meeting him somehow.

Precap: Roshni reaches Sid and asks why did he come instead of Sidharth Khurana and scolds rich people. Her students ask if he is Sidharth Khurana. Sid gets tensed hearing that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. awesome epi i am fan of this amazing serial.The chemistry between nia and ravi is awesome

  3. Does anyone know the song that was playing when he was dreaming about roshni?

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