Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Kans decides to apologize to his people

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The Episode starts with Balram telling Yashoda that Kanha don’t want to play holi. He says we can’t ask him. Yashoda says there is no meaning of playing holi without Kanha. Kanha thinks to make Yashoda happy.Asthi tells the villagers that they will gather the woodlogs here so that they can celebrate holi, without letting Maharaj Kans know about it. Rohini asks Balram why he didn’t have food. Balram says his stomach is full. Kanha thinks to cheer up Balram and asks him to listen. Balram says I am going to sleep. Kanha asks him to listen and offers to massage his feet. Balram says no need, you made me do all the wrong work. Kanha says it is not like that. Balram says Maiyya wants to play holi with you. Kanha says first I will play holi with Mama Kans and then with others. Balram asks since when evil person plays holi, it is the festival of good people and not evil persons. He says there is no goodness in him. Kanha says today Maiyya has taught us that holi is the celebration of victory over evil. He tells that Kans has touched yog Maya/Devi Parvati’s feet once when he attempted to kill her and tells that he has goodness in him due to this and he has to just awaken it. Devi Parvati wants to see what Kanha’s leela will be this time. Asti thinks to return to her room carefully and sees Prapti coming there. Someone comes there and calls Prapti. Asti tries to go. Prapti asks from where she is coming? Asti thinks she don’t want to lie and can’t tell the truth. Kanha says I will help Asti Mami. He makes Kans laugh. They hear the laugh and go to Kans’ room. Kanha tells Balram that lets see what happens with Kans. Balram asks what he is doing? Kanha says you will soon know. Balram thinks Kanha’s leela is beyond his understanding.

Asti and Prapti go to Kans and see him crying. Asti asks what happened? Prapti asks if such thing is suited for Mathura’s king. Asti asks him to tell what is his problem? Prapti asks who has the power to upset you. Kans says I am very sad and says there is a big problem. Asti asks him to tell. Kans says I have troubled many people with my hands and says I am so evil, I have realized this that I am cruel. Asti thinks it seems Narayan heard my prayers and thinks to take permission from him for holika dahan. Kanha says you said right. Asti asks him to apologize to the people of the kingdom. Kanha asks if I do this, then will I get rid of all my sins. Prapti asks if this is suitable, that Maharaj Bali Kans, shall apologize to his people. She asks how they will react and what respect they will have for you, they will know that you are weak. Asti says if you apologize then you will be good and kind king. Prapti asks Asti not to interfere between them and says you shall apologize. Asti says you are crossing your limits and insulting me. Kans asks Akroor and the soldiers to go. Asti is about to go. Kans holds her hand and tells Asti that she said right, and apologizes to Asti first. He apologizes to her for all the injustice, he has done with her. Asti asks what are you doing? Prapti wonders what is happening. Kans says I have decided to apologize to Mathura people and also outsiders. He asks Asti to accompany him to support him. Asti says why not, it is my duty to be with you always. Prapti hopes he will be fine by morning and asks him to rest. Kans says ok.

Prapti asks soldier to inform him when Kans get up. Soldier says ok. Asti tells that Kans has got good thoughts. Prapti says it is bad and tells that she will stop him. Asti says nobody can stop Kans. Prapti thinks how dare she to challenge me?

Everyone in the Gokul make arrangements for holika dahan. Kanha tells Balram that he will put the woodlogs for holika dahan. Balram asks him to come with him. Kanha asks why did you stop me? Balram asks him not to get involved in holika dahan, if he can’t play holi with them. Kanha says you shall be happy as everyone is happy and asks him to smile. Yashoda comes there and asks what are they planning? Balram says e were about to go. Kanha smiles and thinks Dao is acting nicely. He says I will go with Maiyya. Balram says I won’t let you attend holika dahan, I am your elder brother. Kanha smiles. Mahadev thinks how can Aaradhya make his elder brother lose?

Precap: Kanha tells that Kans has to give test of his goodness. Kans steps in the holika fire to kill his evilness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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