Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanha and his team steal the milk products

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanha, Balram and others go to the storehouse to steal the butter. Balram says search the butter. Subal says if we have come to the wrong place as they couldn’t find the butter and milk. Kanha says we are at the right place and shows the pots to Balram. They all look at the pots. Kanha says lets enjoy it. Vrinda stops Subal from eating first and says first Kanha will eat it. They open the pots and starts having the butter. Balram asks Kanha if he is enjoying? Kanha says yes and shows him the pots hanging. Balram says we are eating butter here. Kanha says they shall do hardwork and get the butter. They stand on each other. Kanha climbs on them and eats the butter from the hanging pot. Nand comes there with Kans’ soldiers and tells that he has forgotten to bring the keys. The soldiers tell that they can’t waste their time. They ask if the butter is inside. Nand assures them. Balram tells that they shall steal all the pots from here. Just then they hear soldier breaking the lock. Balram says they will come inside now. Kanha says I have solution for every problem and gets the door locked. He says this door will not be broken until our work is done. He says we have to take all milk, curd and butter pots outside. Balram tells everyone the same. They lift the pots and take them out. All the soldiers try to break the door. Nand is surprised to see the door stuck. The soldiers get tired and sit. The kids take all the pots out. The door gets opened suddenly. Nand and the villagers get inside and find the pots empty. The soldier tells that you people are acting and haven’t done anything to give the tax. Nand tries to stop them. They are leaving. Nand tries to stop him and says we don’t know about this theft, we can’t think of insulting Maharaj Kans and asks for a chance.

The soldier asks them to bring all the milk, butter, curd and ghee from their houses. Nand says we agree. He then apologizes to the Gokul residents. The villager says you haven’t done anything wrong. Balram tells Kanha that they are feeling bad as Nand baba is suffering. Kanha asks him not to worry. Sudama tells that they shall return all the stuff. Balram says what to do. Kanha says tell them that everything will happen as we planned. He asks him to trust him and says I will tell you when the right time comes. Balram says we will do as per our plan. Vrinda says if you can’t see Nand baba’s tears. Balram says everything will be fine. Vrinda says if not then. Balram asks her to have patience. She says if anything wrong happens then we will not have any respect left for you. Sudama says I was saying? Vrinda asks him not to say, hide the pots.

Yashoda takes out the hidden butter pot. Rohini says you have hidden the butter, if Nand comes to know. Yashoda says she has always kept one pot for Gurukul students and says Nand will never know. Nand comes and says I know this. Yashoda says sometimes I give butter to the Gurukul boys, and says now no question arises to give the butter to the students. Nand says it was known to me and I have no objection. He says forgive me today, this week you can’t save the butter for Gurukul students, as all the butter, milk, curd etc are stolen. He says that’s why whatever we have left at home, shall be sent to Mathura, even this butter. Yashoda says don’t do this. Nand says if it was not important then I wouldn’t have told you. She refuses. He snatches it from her hands and takes it. Yashoda cries. Kanha and Balram see yashoda crying. Balram says I can’t see Maiyya crying. Kanha says everything will be good and says I am doing this for everyone’s betterment. He apologizes to her and promises her that he will make the sorrowful tears as happiness tears soon.

Precap: Nand tells that he couldn’t find out about the thief and that’s why he will sell all his cows and will compensate for it. Balram tells Kanha that he can’t see his mothers and Nand baba crying, decides to tell them the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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