Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bharti places temple in her room

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Damru and his Lali coming to the village. The villagers ask Damru from where did he get such a tall wife and asks if he bought her. They ask him to tell from where he got such a beautiful wife. Damru says swear on Mata Rani, I will beat you both much. I am Damru of Mahadev, if you make fun of me then it is like teasing the God. He asks if I am short then if I don’t have any feelings etc. He tells that if I call you Motu and Patlu then. Lali asks the men to go and tells that if they don’t go then she will ruin their lives. They leave. Lali tells damru that she has accepted him as her husband seeing his goodness and not his money. She talks about Mata Rani etc. Damru gets pleased. Vaishnavi and Narendra return home. Devendra asks why they are staring at him and asks if they brought vegetables in the bag. He asks Narendra, from where bharti is coming with him. Narendra hides behind Bharti. Devendra asks bheema to check the bag and asks if there is vegetable in it. Bharti tells that she was with him and all the things are fine. Bheema asks him to be quiet and asks her to show. Bharti says I told you not to worry.

Devendra hits Narendra with hunter and asks Bharti if she thought him as Narendra, and knows well that there is Vaishno devi’s temple in this bag. Narendra thinks nobody knew about it. Bharti and Jyoti also think the same. Devendra tells that he understood seeing Narendra and Jyoti devi’s dreama. He says nobody can save you now, especially Narendra. Bharti tells that there is just vegetables in the bag. Devendra asks from where she had learnt this act to look innocent while lying. Bharti tells that she was not lying and tells that if there was a temple in it, I wouldn’t have kept the bag down. She says I was refusing as I wanted you to believe your son. Devendra gets shocked. Bharti recalls asking Shullu to bring the temple from backside of her house.

Damru comes home and asks his bhabhi to open the door. Bhabhi opens the house and asks who is she? Damru says she is your devrani and my wife Lali. Bhabhi tells that Lali will change his destiny and appreciates his choice. She says nobody will joke on you now. Lali sees his house. Bhabhi does her aarti and asks them to come inside. She asks Damru from where he got such a beautiful wife. Damru tells that Lali used to stay with his Mama and Mami, who used to troubled her a lot and that’s why I helped her to elope. Bhabhi says it is all because of Mata Rani’s blessings. Lali starts crying and tells that she doesn’t know if Damru ji has not found her then what would have happen. She gives credit to Mata Rani. Bhabhi asks them to rest in their room.

Shullu comes to backside of her room. Bharti asks did anyone saw this temple? She takes it from him with Narendra’s help and asks Shullu to go before anyone sees him. He goes. Bharti keeps the temple in her room and puts the chunari in the temple. She tells that everything will be fine in the house and her love will increase for him. Vaishnavi smiles as she decorates her house with flowers. Vaishnavi sees flower decorations in the cave around her.

Lali and Damru come to the room. Lali sees Mata rani’s idol and asks Damru to pray to Mata Rani. She acts and apologizes to Mata Rani. Damru tells her that he could only bring a small idol as his brother Sangata works in Devendra’s house. He says he brought the idol with his bhabhi’s permission and his brother doesn’t know about it. Lali had come there with hidden intentions and tells that they need God’s blessings soon. Narendra brings wet mud for Bharti. Bharti sits down to make the idol. Just then Devendra comes there with Bheema and looks angrily.

Precap: Lali plan to steal the treasure box with the help of her aid. Damru comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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