Santoshi Maa 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is trying her best possible ways to retain indresh.

Santoshi Maa 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on


The episode starts with other sister in law of indresh tells his sister that it seems he is again getting attracted towards swati but sister replies to her to stop talking nonsense. Nidhi tells indresh what are you doing as this is happening because of swati but swati comes telling her not because of me but of true love for each other due to which inspite of indresh angry with me for so many days still he is with me & nidhi says this is trick which has being played by you on him & not love as he is a fool to understand this so came into your talks.
Devi polomi says she is saying right as a true devotee itself understands this but your devotee is a fool & dev rishi shouts polomi saying do not divert your talks wrongly towards true love & santoshi mata also tells her because of true devotion knowledge is acquire which you are already aware off.
Swati asks indresh to give your earned money & he gives while all are shocked to see this & swati prays the earned money. Indresh’s father is shouting him while swati hands over the money to indresh’s mother saying now I can eat in this house right? & his mother takes it shockingly.
Swati is appreciating indresh holding her hand & saying what you have done today you do not know & now I am not scared of anything as I know you are standing with me but he pulls his hand from her hand as indersh’s aunty tells him what are you doing & he says it’s right as she was saying love wins & she’ll die at her husband’s place itself so I did this deliberately to show her that love itself wins & how can I allow her to win so I am with nidhi & his family is appreciating him saying this is our true son while nidhi too appreciates indresh & indresh tells nidhi to let’s go out while swati gets very depressed hearing this.
Indresh’s father tells his mother to arrange for celebration today & make special for this woman too to let her eat here for some days till indresh’s marriage.
Devi polomi laughs saying to mata santoshi to see that your devotee’s power has finished on him I guess & takes leave while dev rishi asks santoshi mata is it true that indresh’s mind has changed & santoshi mata explains him these wrong powers enter into human’s mind easily which attracts him but it takes time to get cleared which is to be seen as far as swati’s will power remains.
Nidhi asks indresh what are you concentrating on & he says watching date for marriage & she tells him to make it as early as possible as I do not want to delay due to swati’s behavior.
Swati is feeling scary or some trouble might happen so praying mata santoshi & here indresh is resting with nidhi on same bed & nidhi tries to plan evil but in between swati calls him & he curses her while nothing happens between both of them & nidhi gets bugged.
Swati is thinking depressingly what indresh said her earlier of not to believe him & to divorce him or go & die while nidhi arrives telling her this itself is your life now so to accept the truth which will be good for you. Swati is explaining her that you did not understood what he did for me as we are made for each other & nidhi tells her what he did you know & swati tells her it was important for me for whom he did but nidhi tells her arrogantly that within three days I’ll make it possible for you to sign the divorce papers & swati tells her if at all for you force me then too I won’t leave him for my next seven births too. Swati calls indresh & he comes so she tells nidhi see only called him without taking his name & he came which is called as true relation & tells indresh to go & leave nidhi to her place because of her my language becomes wrong so he tells nidhi to let’s go but nidhi asks her on her saying you are doing this but he tells her only some days then she’ll be left alone & nidhi warns swati saying only three days to wait & watch & leaves the place with indresh.
Indresh’s father tells his other son that nidhi had called him telling if indresh wouldn’t had gone to repair the car yesterday then divorce papers would had being signed by swati till now so this work has to be done by us itself hence to go & clutch swati’s parents so that once love makes her bend for her parents then her mind come to accept our wish as indresh is sleeping now.
Indresh is sleeping besides swati on bed & he wakes up but finds his hands tied by swati with her hands so as he pulls swati too wakes up & he asks her what is this then she says it’s because you to say good morning first to me & then go & they both are steering with each other lovingly but again he says to release the knot & swati tells him this is lifetime knot which can’t be released ever & he tells her to not to be in the impression but only to sign the papers so that we get released immediately & walks out of the room. Swati keeps thinking in depression that I won’t ever sign the papers.

Precap: Indresh asks swati do you love me & she says I have told you that I love you very much & can give my life for you then he tells her to sign these papers & save your life or I’ll take my life with this poison while all are shocked to see this as he is about to drink poison & swati too watches him shockingly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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