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Hiii guysssss!!!!!!??????…so sorryyy for being late but what to do yrr ..actually i posted this 8th epi i think one or two days before but TU didn't post it and i deleted this epi from my laptop so now i m writing it again..so now lets begin the 8th epi….lets go!!!!
Episode 8
Scene 1
Twinj reached the jungle……they came out of the car and started to search for their gang…..
T: kunj this jungle is soo scary..
K: yeah twinkle it is….
Some scary voices could be heard in the jungle….the jungle was sooo horrifying..
They were walking in the jungle and the jungle was turning into a Bhool Bhulaiya ( Maze) …there were so many turns and they didn't know in which direction they should go…
K: twinkle like this we will not be able to find our friends yrr….
T:  yeah kunj …then ???
K: umm….what should we do…hmmm….and then suddenly he sees some light was on in front of their eyes.
K: twinkle see that ..pointing at that direction where light was there….
T: kunj i think they r there only ..
K: yeah twinkle….
They both were going slowly towards that direction…and finally they reached  there and hid behind a bush…
They saw that there were some goons who were sitting there playing cards……
K: twinkle where are they???
T: don't know kunj…god!!!!! Babaji help us…and she sees that on her left there was the same truck which they saw before.
T: kunj see there …pointing towards that direction in which the truck was standing…
Kunj sees it and said: vaah twinkle we got one clue ..
T: yeah….
Kunj: now lets go towards that truck and lets check whether our friends are there in that truck or not….
T: yeah..but we have to go slowly…
K: yeah
They were going towards that truck when they saw that the goons had slept and they felt relaxed..
They opened the back of the truck slowly and they saw that their gang friends were tied with rope and mouth covered  and all were unconsious….twinj tried a lot to make them consious but they were not getting up….
T: kunj they r not getting up…
K: twinkle now there is only one option left….we have to drive this truck to our house….
T: but kunj….
K: twinkle this is the only way to take them to house…
T: r u sure?? ….
K: yeah….now first lets check whether the key is there or not…
They went on the front and saw that there was no key on the steering wheel….
K: oh no yrr there is no key..
T: now????
K: one second….the key must be with the goons….
T: ha..
They both went towards the goons who were sleeping and one of the goons had the  key ….at first the goon was turning from left to right in sleep as he was not getting proper sleep …
Kunj says in a low voice: is he mad or what..kitna hilega mote ….ruk jaa….??
And he slowly took out the key from his pocket…
T: nice job mr.sarna
K: thank u ms.taneja.
And they both went towards the truck and both sat on the front..
T: kunj do u know how to drive a truck? Have u done this before.?
K: madam don't underestimate the power of a common man ..? he says in srk's tone.
T:chaliye dekhte hain mr. Common man
Kunj started the truck and started to drive the truck in full speed ……
When suddenly on of the goons woke up due to the sound of the truck…..
1st goon: see they r going in the truck..catch them varna boss will not leave us…
2nd goon who was sleeping: koi baat nhi..let me sleep
And the 1st goon hit him hard on his leg due to which he falls down and wakes up.
1st goon: u have to sleep na ….ab soke dikha….bl**dy fool
2nd goon: sssoorrryy sorryy..and they both wakes up all the goons in this way only…
All goons took their guns and started to follow the truck in their jeep.
Kunj was driving very fast.
T: kunj they r following us.
K: don't worry twinkle…
The goons were also driving very fast…
Screen freezes on twinj's tensed face……………….
Precap: Whether twinj be able to get out of the jungle carefully or not…….and some twists and turns……

Guysss do comment yrr….see i have written this episode
 again just for u all…..
So comment fast…

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  1. Sana785

    Kunj saying srk dialogue ….
    Don’t underestimate the power of common man ….
    Hahahaa amazing yrr…. Lovely …..
    Post soon….

  2. nice one!
    post next soon

  3. Presha

    Loved it

  4. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome epi post next soon
    I was waiting for your post

  5. Amazing
    Post soon

  6. Nishuu

    Nice one

  7. Awesome episode… Plz post soon ?

  8. Awesome episode ruchi …
    Post soon
    Luv u

  9. SidMin23

    Kunj saying srk dialogue ???? post soon.

  10. Sameera

    Ahaaa Roch amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much ….
    Kunj hehe ??????….
    Post soon love you ??????

  11. Awesome rochika amazing
    Filled with suspense
    Love you keep smiling

  12. Baby

    osm episode rochika ♥
    babes loved it soooooo mch ♥
    interesting ♥
    common man ♥
    love u ♥

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