Kriyam FF – Worthy of Love (Chapter 2) ~ Part Two

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’
– Unknown

Chapter 1 – Part Two ~ The Wedding Party ~ Krishna’s POV

I stood in front of the mirror in my bedroom dressed in my long beige gown for Riya’s wedding. It was so beautiful yet simple, fitting me perfectly. The clear sequins scattered down the silky dress sparkled in the light; It was not too detailed, it was just perfect.

My mother came behind me and held my shoulders, with her face next to mine.

‘Krishna, I didn’t tell you this, but this dress was mine when I was younger and I was waiting for the day to give it to you. It was the dress I wore when I first met your father. He fell in love with me when he saw me in this dress.’

A big smile appeared on my face as I gently pressed my cheek against hers.

‘Who knows? You might just meet your Prince Charming today, like I did mine.’ She turned me round to face her, she smiled proudly and kissed my forehead.

‘Beautiful.’ She said wiping a tear from her eye. Seeing Ma emotional made me feel upset.

‘Don’t start crying Krishna, it will ruin your make up.’ She laughed.

I heard the doorbell. I took a deep breath and made my way downstairs to open the door for Yuvani.
Yuvani has been my best friend since childhood. She has been with me through everything.
Behind her stood Yuvan, Yuvanis twin brother.

‘Hi Krishna.’ He smiled.

My eyes lit up as he spoke to me, my heart began to beat faster. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he looked so handsome dressed in a white sherwani with black embroidery enhancing his gorgeous smile. I smiled back to find Yuvani clicking her fingers in front of my face.

‘Come on, let’s go.’ She said and started making her way to the car.
I realised I was staring at him, I felt so embarrassed, I felt my cheeks go warm. Yuvan smiled and held out his arm, I smiled back and linked my arm with his.
He walked with me to the car.

‘You look pretty,’ He said looking at me with a smile.

‘Thanks.’ I said shyly. He opened the passenger door for me to sit in the car.

As we approached the wedding venue, Yuvan opened the car door for me and held out his hand to help me out of the car.
Yuvan is such a nice guy, such a gentleman, he is so lovely to me. Every time I see him, the more I like him. Could he be the one? Maybe my mother is right, maybe I will meet my soul mate today. This dress was lucky for her, maybe it will be lucky for me.

The three of us walked together into the hall. It was so beautiful, never had I been to a wedding so grand, the large chandeliers shining down from the ceiling, I could hear the buzz of chatter from the hundreds of people here echoing around the room. This was exciting, I always went to weddings in our small village but this was on another scale. This was a wedding for the rich and wealthy.

A while later the chatter stopped as two young men appeared at the entrance. Everyone stared at them in silence.

‘Why is everyone looking at them? Who are they?’ I whispered to Yuvani.

‘That’s my friend Vik with the blue sherwani and the other guy is his friend Sayyam. You’ve heard of the company Sambhav Industries right? Sayyam is his son. He owns and runs the business now. He is the most eligible bachelor in the city right now. Every girl would dream to marry him.’ She whispered.

I looked at him. He was good looking, with a chiselled jawline, tall, medium built, very well groomed dressed in a smart black and gold sherwani with his thick black hair slicked back. He had a serious expression on his face, walking across the room with a confident persona with his head held high. I was curious, he seemed really difficult to read, was he serious because of arrogance or was he just nervous??

‘Come on, let’s go and talk to them.’ Yuvani grabbed my arm and dragged me across to them.

‘Hi Vik.’ She said in her chirpy voice. I stood there uncomfortable as I don’t know them.
Vik asked Yuvani to dance.

‘How about your friend here dances with my friend Krishna?’ She said nudging me forward. I watched him as he stood still expressionless.

‘No thank you. I have no intention of dancing with anyone and definitely not your friend.’ He snapped and turned his face away.

I was shocked and speechless. Now I understood him. Never had I ever come across a man so arrogant. I didn’t want to dance with such an egotistic man. I chose to ignore what he said and looked away. I saw my friend Hina across the room. A big smile appeared on my face as I saw my childhood friend. I walked across the room to talk to her. It was just like old times catching up with Hina. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder making me feel nervous. I turned to find Yuvan smiling at me. He started talking to the both of us. As they both were talking, my mind was distracted by what happened earlier. Who does that guy think he is?? Does he think he is too good to dance with me? All because he is rich and I’m not??

‘Krishna, Krishna.’ I heard Yuvan calling me. I snapped out of my thoughts.

‘What are you thinking about?’ He asked.

‘Nothing. It’s just that guy Sayyam, he comes across as such a rude and arrogant guy, he really loves himself doesn’t he?’ I said. Yuvans smile disappeared from his face.

‘He is not a nice guy. You don’t want to speak with him. His family are not good.’

‘Why what happened?’ I questioned.

‘His father wanted to be with my mother. His father hurt my family and Sayyam was involved. He worked together with his father to try and destroy my whole family.’ He said angrily.
He explained the whole story where his father wanted to forcefully marry Suhani Aunty and he tried to kill Yuvraj Uncle. I was shocked and speechless at what Yuvan was telling us. He told us how they are rival companies and because they’re rich they think they can get whatever they want and how spoilt Sayyam is as a result. I was disgusted and appalled at what I had heard.

As the evening passed by, I couldn’t get Yuvan’s words out of my mind. How could someone be so selfish and so horrible?? I felt anger build up inside me. Who does Sayyam think he is??

All I knew is that I hope to never have to see or speak to this guy ever again…

Precap – Krishna and Sayyam meet

Hi everyone

I hope you enjoyed Krishnas POV. Right now she doesn’t like Sayyam at all but she doesn’t know him. He didn’t give a very good first impression at all, as we all know sometimes the first impression is a lasting impression. The next chapter will show Kriyam meet and communicate with each other for the first time. How will Sayyam react to Krishna’s first impression of him??

Please keep reading, there is plenty more to come, this is just the beginning.

Let me know what you think.

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