Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Badal strikes deal with Pujan Pandey

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The Episode starts with Chatura asking Badal to think what is more important to you, your responsibility for us and my dream or that girl for whom you want to lose everything. Badal recalls Suman and his marriage and assuring Suman that nobody can separate her. He apologizes to Chatura and says I will fulfill all your dreams and my responsibility, but not sacrificing my love. Lakhan gets angry and shouts. Suman recalls Shashi’s words that Pujan is a dangerous man. She imagines her childhood incident, Pujan brings cycle for her and telling that he will do anything for his daughter. Suman smiles. He makes her ride the cycle and she gets hurt. Pujan Pandey gets teary eyes and says when you get hurt, I feel the pain. Imagination ends.

Pujan Pandey sees her and asks her to go to room. Suman says for every daughter, first love and first hero is her father and you are my hero. She says you made me walk, run and when I used to get unwell, you used to massage my feet. She says you used to keep your hand on my hand when I was sleeping. You made me courageous and kind. He says I knew that you are with me, but today I am afraid of you. Pujan Pandey asks why and says I can do anything for you. suman says I know, you have fulfilled all my wishes, made me sky, but why you are cutting my feathers and trapping me in the cage. She says you know that I love Badal very much and can’t live without him. She says I will agree to your sayings and asks him not to do anything to Badal. Pujan Pandey looks on. Chatura brings the chilli and throws on Lakhan’s face. Lakhan shoots in air, but nothing happens to badal. Badal takes advantage of the situation and fights with Badal. Lakhan continues to shoot. Chatura beats him with kitchen wood. Lakhan’s goon come inside. Ashok and Kamal hold him. Badal picks the gun and aims Lakhan to ask his goons to move back. He says I don’t want to kill you, but if needed I will kill you. He says I don’t want to be murderer like you. Lakhan asks what do you need? Badal says deal and asks him to tell his goons to tell Pujan Pandey that he wants assurance that nothing will happen to his family else he will kill Lakhan. He asks Ashok and Kamal to tie him inside the room and if he does something then shoot him.

Pujan Pandey tells Suman that he has done so much for her and will give many things to her in future also, but can’t give the right to love. He says I have never given this right, you are my daughter, respect, pride and honor. I will not let you ruin it and asks her to go to her room. Suman cries and goes. Lakhan goons come there and tell that badal has kept Lakhan captive. Pujan Pandey says Badal you are gone, he says yesterday’s rat is doing this. Suman hears them.

Badal tells Chatura that he wanted to tell her about Suman after IAS exam. Chatura says I will never accept her in my life. Badal says she is not like her family. Chatura asks him to choose between Suman and her. Suman faints and falls down in her room thinking of Shashi’s words. In the morning, she wakes up and recalls Pujan’s threat. She says I never thought that I have to choose between your and my love. She says I will not let my love die, my Badal will not die, nobody can kill him, not even you. She searches for pistol and finally gets it. Rukmani comes and snatches pistol from her hand. She says you shall have mehendi and not this. Suman says she is already married.

Rukmani says Arjun is going to come so I brought nice dress for you. Suman asks why are you doing this? Rukmani says what shall I do, shall I go against my husband and asks him to let you go. Suman says I have learnt to speak truth. Rukmani says adarsh wife shall not question her father and husband and stand with her husband like a blessing and not as shield. She goes. Suman takes the gun and hides it. She says I will become adarsh wife and comes to Shashi’s room. She says I can’t live without Badal and asks her to help her elope. She says whatever you said is right. Shashi asks her to wipe her tears. Suman asks her to help her elope. Shashi says we have to plan as there is tight security. Suman apologizes to her. Shashi says your bau ji will not understand you and asks her to give her sometime to think.

Ashok gives Lakhan’s phone to Badal and says Pujan Pandey is calling. Badal picks the call. Pujan Pandey asks him to leave Lakhan and says his damad is coming home. Badal says if I become like you and kill your brother. He says he wants safety of his family, I will leave your brother. Pujan Pandey says I am doing this deal for first and last time. He says I will leave your family and you shall leave my daughter. He says if you are found around my daughter. Badal asks what is the guarantee that you will leave my family. Pujan Pandey says you know what I can do.

Precap: Suman comes to Badal, dressed as his wife. They aim gun at each other to die each other as they can’t live together. Mohan, Chatura and Guddi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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