Main Bhi Ardhangini 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj and Maha Maya ask Mohini to kill the snakes

Main Bhi Ardhangini 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari/Maha Maya asking Mohini how to believe that she is not the snake and will not bite her. Adhiraj tries to kill the snakes (Vasudha and Chandra) and says if you go out of haveli then how you will cross the Maya Rekha. Maha maya tells Mohini that Bhujang had sent his naagins to her and she has made them a toy. Mohini says I want to learn this from you. Maha maya tells her about Bhujang’s last soldier and says don’t know where is he/she. She says she needs a weapon to kill Bhujang. Mohini tells her that she wants to protect her and take revenge from Bhujang. She says I will not back off if I have to give my life for you and says my revenge fire will work. Adhiraj makes something in kitchen to trap the snakes. He brings the smoke and makes them come in their real form. They feel drowsy. Maha maya tells her that Adhiraj is her eyes, anger, weapon and trust. She says when he don’t trust you then how to believe her. Mohini asks her to take her test and bends her head down.

Nilambari tells that all snakes will be on her feet. Mohini gets angry and is becoming snake. She recalls Bhujang telling that they will make her get angry to bring her come in her real avatar, but she shall keep her anger in control. She calms down and says I will wait for the day when all naag vansh will be bend down infront of you. She says I will kill them. Maha maya asks about her parents’ name and asks why did they kill your parents? Mohini tells the names and tells that his father was Ved and one day the snakes attacked us. Maha Maya says you can stay with us. Mohini thanks her. Adhiraj brings the semiconscious Chandra and Vasudha there and says final test is remaining. He says he found the snakes in haveli and then thought they are three. Maha Maya says you brought them at right time. She says I was giving her a clean chit.

Adhiraj says a snake can’t kill other snakes and asks her to kill them. Maha Maya says it is Mohini’s left hand work and puts some powder on Chandra and Vasudha. They feel pain and become snake. Maha Maya says now the real fun comes and gives sword to Mohini. She asks her to show how much hatred and fire are there in her heart for them. She asks her to take the sword and kill them. Mohini recalls calling them as her parents and their care for her. Maha Maya asks her to kill them. Adhiraj says she is hesitating. Nilambari says she will surely kill them. She asks her to lift the sword and kill them, don’t make her doubt right. Adhiraj says her hands are shaking. Maha maya says if she don’t kill them then I will kill her. Mohini says it is against my rules to kill the weak and injured snakes. Maha Maya says your rules and asks her to kill them. Adhiraj gives her time. Maha Maya says do or die.

Adhiraj says your time is up and says this girl is not like she appears. He takes the sword and says they will be in other world in 2 mins. He is about to kill them. Mohini holds his hand. Adhiraj asks her to move from his way. Maha Maya says you have proved that you have hidden our identity. Mohini says you said right and tells that she was scared and her hands was shaking as she didn’t kill anyone before. She takes the sword and says I am alive to take revenge from them. She is about to kill them.

Precap: Mohini plans to kill maha maya, while Maha Maya plans to kill Bhujang and his clan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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