Jaat Ki Jugni 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bittu shows Bauji and Tauji’s video to Bauji,Pratap, and Bheem and threatens he will send this video to Munni. Bauji says he is not a man, else he would not have blackmailed them hiding behind women. Bittu says he can send video right now, but they provoked his manhood, deletes video and says they will tell truth themselves to Munni. They all 3 fume. Bittu taunts them that they are cowards and not men, so he is not afraid of them. They 3 or 11 bodybuilder cannot harm him. He leaves. Bauji picks gun to shoot him, but Pratap and Bheem stop him.

Jyothi asks Bittu how will they go out of this haveli. He says wait and watch, what he will do. Munni walks in. Bittu starts taunting her and says she is jealous of Jyoti that she has boyfriend and is marrying. Munni asks why will she. Bittu says her brothers will not get her married and whoever will try to marry her, her brothers will kill him. She says they will not. Bittu says her brothers will not let her married whole life. Munni says she will ask her brother to get her married soon. Jyothi asks why did he provoke Munni. Bittu says this is his plan to get her out of this haveli. He thinks hemamalini/Phool Kumari’s one hour challenge came true.

Munni goes to her brother and says she wants to marry. They all 3 stand shocked and Bauji says she cannot. Bittu enters with Jyoti. Munni says why can’t she marry, if Viru is right. Bauji’s wife says she still has to study and is very young. Munni says they agreed for Jyothi’s marriage when she is just one year elder than her. She tells if they don’t get her married, she will think they don’t love her. She leaves. Bauji angrily looks at Bittu. Bittu says they should control their sister, else their truth will be out soon. He will roam outside and come back after some time. Bauji and family walk towards Munni’s room. Bittu tells Jyoti now they can go out freely. They both leave. Munni looking from her room fumes at Bittu.

Bauji and his family knock Munni’s door and asks her to come out. Munni says only if they are ready to talk about her marriage, she will come out. They all walk back to living room and fume. Bheem says he will kill Veeru and bury him in backyard. Pratap’s wife taunts that poor Munni does not know that her brothers does not want her to marry and be unmarried whole life.

Precap: Bauji’s goons beat Bittu and he collapses. Bauji angrily fumes that he will not spare whoever comes in their way, he finished Veeru, now it is Bittu’s turn.

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