Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vivaan shouting. Imli asks him to come. He asks her why did she tell Ranjana about the baby. She asks are you drunk. Ranjana says Vivaan, talk to Imli later, many people have come to congratulate you. He says move back. He takes Imli with him. Suraj and Chakor go after them. Ragini asks the man to go to villagers and tell them. The man leaves. Ragini smiles and says this is my first step, I will become the queen and earn much money.

Ranjana comes and asks are you making palace in air, what’s happening, Bhaiya ji got unwell, I gave you this ruling power to manage this, you are busy, you are not able to manage haveli, Vivaan got mad, he insulted me, you did not do anything, he wants to make Imli out of home, I don’t know why, tell me what are you doing, I can take back the rule from you. Ragini says don’t get annoyed, I did not hide anything, Vivaan has hidden this, no son can share this with mum, I m helpless to say, so that you don’t be mistaken about me. Ranjana asks what is it. Ragini says Vivaan can’t become a father. Ranjana gets shocked. Ragini says Vivaan told this to me. Ranjana asks how did Imli get pregnant.

Ragini says its not Vivaan’s child. Ranjana says poor girls can’t have good character, my son got cheated. Ragini says don’t worry, he is focussing on his progress, not Imli, when we change this village, none will remember about Imli, Vivaan needs you, maybe you get your son back. Ranjana smiles and thinks to use Imli’s cheat to get Vivaan back.

Vivaan scolds Imli for falling so low. Imli cries and asks what are you saying, its our dream that you become father and I become mum, why are you saying this. Chakor asks Vivaan to open the door. Imli says don’t act innocent, tell me, whose sin do you have in your womb. Suraj asks him to open the door. Vivaan says you can’t name the child’s father, I will say. He opens the door and holds Suraj, saying he is your sin partner, Suraj. They all get shocked.

Suraj asks what nonsense, did you go mad. Vivaan beats Suraj and says I got to know everything, that mechanic told me how you both were hugging, you were together all night. Imli cries. Chakor asks Vivaan to stop it, there is no relation between Imli and Suraj, I trust them.

Vivaan says its not Ramayan and Mahabharat’s time that children are born by Lord blessing, how did Imli get pregnant. Imli asks what happened to you, why are you troubling me, its your child. He says this can’t be my child. She asks why. He says I will say everything today. He gets the reports and says I can’t become a father. Imli gets shocked.

Vivaan shows her many reports and says see, its same, I can’t father a child, I have hidden this from you so that you don’t get hurt, I did not know you will cheat me, else I would have told you, you thought you will put anyone’s sin in my neck and leave, this can’t happen. Imli shuts her ears. Vivaan says this is true, Suraj is your child’s father. Suraj checks the reports. Vivaan says its the result of that night, when you two disappeared by excuse. Chakor says maybe Imli is not pregnant, it can be misunderstanding. Vivaan says fine, I m ready to get her checkup done. He calls Ragini and asks her to get lady doctor, I want to get Imli’s checkup done.

Tejaswini says its good news Kasturi, I think Chakor is pregnant. Kasturi says I think Imli is pregnant. Bhuvan comes and says Imli won’t have a child. She asks why. He says I heard it, haveli servants were talking about Suraj, Chakor, Imli and Vivaan’s fight. She asks what happened. He says Vivaan can’t become a father. Kasturi asks what are you saying, we can’t believe servants, this can’t happen.

Tejaswini says this can be true. Kasturi says no. Tejaswini says maybe that’s why Vivaan held my neck that day. Kasturi says maybe he did that on Ragini’s saying, Imli would have told us.

The villagers see haveli men coming. The man says you all don’t need to go factory now, factory is getting shut, we will inform later, rest at home. The villager ask Chagan what’s this, how will we have ration. Chagan says its not a joke, factory is getting shut. The villagers worry. Chagan says Vivaan arranged our food for today, Vivaan and Ragini called everyone at haveli tomorrow. The lady says what will they do now.

Vivaan says you all want to know Imli is pregnant or not, we will know it now. Doctor comes. Ragini says why did you call her here. Vivaan says to know if Imli is pregnant or not. He asks Doctor to go and check. Pandit comes and asks for Imli to say baby’s future. Vivaan asks him to get lost. Imli comes downstairs. Chakor says I don’t know what to pray. Pandit says oh, so Imli is pregnant, congrats, she will get a son, who will take your family name high, but…. Ranjana asks what but. Vivaan asks pandit to leave. Doctor says pandit is right, Imli is really pregnant. They all get shocked. Vivaan asks Ranjana and others to leave. He cries and throws the things.

He asks Imli to say now, your doctor says you are pregnant, my doctor report says I can’t make anyone pregnant, tell me whose child is this. Imli cries. Chakor and Suraj look on shocked.

Vivaan keeps knife at Imli’s neck and asks her to accept that Suraj is the father of her child.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. thank u for updating soon amena

  2. Sukorian

    Again thanks for fast upload of the update. Sorry I can’t watch vimli track honestly I loved when Kn returned n the bandhua track it was so much of sukor. As to the update its bad n its clear that ragini is behind all of this. Yeah Chakor trust them well lets see how long…Vivaan is an as*hole… how can he raise his hand on Suraj ? poor Imli blaming her ?.

    1. Yes as i said before i dont like the way vimli always raise thier hands on sukor even in the latest spoliers after vivaan throws imli out and her parents also throw her out she blames and puts all her fustration on chakor and vivaan is blaming suraj for everything either way vimli will try destroy sukor in jealously wen sukor have done nothing but i hope this buchwa track finshes soon or they should add sukor scenes beoz all there doing at the moment are standing in the background and i dont like that as i only watch to see sukor

  3. Roumya

    RIP udaan….
    i really feel sorry for the actors of the season one of udaan… the characters of ishwar arjun abaa and lil spandan who once made the show a must watch soap and did a magic on screen especially ishwar abaa and arjun who made marvellous…
    now i feel azadganj kabhi azad nahi hoga…. aab chakor azadi ke liye nahi balki sukor le liye ladegi… its no more chakor and azadi… its sukor-vimli saga…

    1. Roumya

      and i really miss those soothing songs “yeh honselon ki udaan hai ” and “chale chakori chand ko chune”…

    2. Divyashankar

      If u miss u go and watch season 1 or other thing but don’t tell RIP and all..it’s enough sukor to bring high trp ..no other story is like udaan…?? If u want to spread positivity u spread or else keep quiet don’t be jealous…??more than spandana meera act so well so she get best debut don’t forget k…East or west UDAAN SEASON 2 IS D BEST

    3. Ya exactly.. I miss season one of udaan…

    4. Roumya

      Who r u to stop me from putting my views here… This is not your personal site.. U are violating my right to freedom of speech and expressions… Mind your lang .. I just kept my views sry if it hurt u… But this is not the way u speak… U were rude

    5. Roumya

      *put my views

    6. Aqua

      Guys everyone has the rights to state their opinions here… no need to be judgmental. Pls keep the a positive and respectful environment here. ?

    7. Divyashankar

      K RIP SEASON 1..I have rite to say my pov…next thing I didn’t say it’s my site..then u aqua then don’t interfere between us..I. m not telling bad words here…

  4. Thx amena mam for d updates .

    no cmntes on this epi .
    so from this week it is officially started – IIMLI KE BACHUVA KA BAAP KOUN ?????
    one thing is suraj a scapegoat yday imli blamed suraj now vivaan also doing the same .

    n di such much mai sare game uninstall ker diya hai n dant to pada per chize phenk ne ke baad humesa same dant sun sun ker ye abb meri adat ban chuki Thai to jyada bura mujhe nahi laga n mere uncles IPL dekh te hai . u noe lyk u my mumma also hate cricket n subse fav mera cartoons hai

  5. Thanks for the quick update!
    I fast forwarded through the episode, it was ok. I liked Tejaswini and Kasturi scene. I wished Suraj had hit vivaan, he deserves it. It seems this is only Ragini’s plan and Ranjana is not part of it. Ragini is very evil, she spread details about Vivaan’s private life to the villagers. To get power she’s ready to destroy 4 lives. Vivaan is a fool to trust Ragini to bring an honest doctor. Ragini closed the factory so people can witness vimli scandal she’s despicable.
    I miss sukor scenes, if we have scenes between them, this track can be tolerated.

  6. Ranjana is the worst mother ever, Ragini has already told her that Vivaan can’t become a father and she’s so happy when the doctor says Imli is pregnant. She doesn’t care for her son and his pain at all.

  7. guys don’t take it seriously

    after vivaan got to know imli is pregnant , he felt lyk betrayed by his lady love imlu n he was driving on full speed , looses control over car n hit to a big tree n died n spot .

    after hearing this imli got a major hrt attack n died in hospital after 3hr
    #RIP VIMLI / IMVAAN *victorious step vth evil smile *

    after that only SuKor ,SuKor n SuKor . n I’m doing happy wala cango dance , dinhka chika dance , disco dance n all dance at same tym

    1. That’s so funny tapa, great idea.

  8. Sukorian

    im so disappointed I Did it I watched both episode one word baqwaas…. ????.

    1. Sukorian

      I forgot to mention but i think to safe Imli from Vivaan with knife Chakor will shout it is Suraj child… wht u think?

    2. No i see in the spoliers that suraj grabs vivaan and smacks him and chakor was telling vivaan to stop


    Pooor chakor, suraj and Imli.. its show tradition that if chakor, imli and vivan were on correct path suraj was villian and now suraj is on correct path so vivan is villian… vivian you need to change ur doctor…

  10. This is why i was kinda liked the bundua track because it was all about sukor and chakor focus is still to free the bundua wen kamal went mad chakor said we should take advantage and destroy the contracts suraj agreed and sed we should also find the drug report so u can run again every1 chanted for suraj ragini got jealous and so she made this child track as vivaan will blame suraj imli will stay stressed and chakor will support suraj trying to keep his name clean were ragini is doing all the illegal stuff withoutany1 noticing its all her plan and wen kamal gets betterhe will destory her and for season 2 of udaan they did focus on turing a malik to a bundua which was suraj and that was not expected for every1 that is saying the work of season 1 characters are runied becoz of season 2 in season 2 chakor put kamal in jail and released every1 but ragini fooled every1 and made them bundua then kamal went after suraj and chakor supported suraj wen he became bundua and now wen she wanted to free every1 the child track came which keeps blaming suraj and chakor loves suraj and knows he never did anything thats why she is supporting her husband but this track will be abit boring cuz its all bout vimli

    1. True bandua track had many good moments, it was full of sukor scenes and VJ’s acting was superb. This bachua track is not promising, but we shouldn’t be impatient this is still the first week. I expect things to improve next week and we will get more sukor scenes, there was an olv were they went to save children from gun factory for example.
      I think KN will help in failing Ragini’s plans and he will punish severely when he gets back to normal.

    2. Guys on a new spolier suraj and chakor try to stop vivaan from kicking imli out suraj pulls vivaan collors and shouts at him suraj also raises his hand but chakor stops him then imli shouts at suraj really badly for his behaviour towards vivaan and wen a car was gonna come chakor saved her and she also shouts at chakor i understand vivaan misunderstanding against suraj cuz of the mechanic etc but imli what the hell is her problem surajand chakor arw trying to help her and she is disrespecting them really badly all this aint thier problem but they r still trying to help after watching these new spoliers i will never like imli again and sukor should stop running after them because vimli r so stupidand irritating that they will try to ruin sukor and im still amazed how chakor and suraj are getting blamed for there problmes it just showed that the only reason imli was happy for chakor was because she was falling with suraj and it give her the relief that chakor is over vivaan because some how she still thinks chakor is not.over vivaan and vivaaan thinks suraj likes imli guys one more thing remember wen imli sed suraj is jealous that his child died and now he jealous about vivaan child that was so stupid and a very mean thing to say sp shes saying that the first child was only suraj i mean if suraj really wants a child he can have it with chakor why would he go by imli guys i still think the first child of imli is not suraj i think that this will also get revealed during this track cuz imli was really drunk and at the time she loved suraj i think it was some1 else and she was imagining that it was suraj

    3. Philomina

      i totally agree with u tippu

  11. Aqua

    Imli looked fishy when vivaan accused suraj to be the father…..

    What if imli wasn’t pregnant with her suraj’a baby in the first time… Imli was pretty desperate to have suraj by the hook or crook?

    1. Yes as i previously sed before i dont think suraj was father of imli first child she wanted suraj anyhow and at the time she was drunk and must of thought that it was suraj but it was some1 else but she blamed it on him guys remember wen chakor got drunk after the failing drug test track her and suraj both drank alcohol and they both remembered bits of what happened but in a flashback only imli remembered suraj but there’s never been a scene were suraj doubts or has a flashback doing that to imli hence why i think tthat in this track it will be revealed that suraj was not the child of imli first child

    2. Aqua

      U r right. Suraj usually remembers when he is drunk. And he could not remember the night with Imli. But he did trust her so he thought he must be the dad. But I remember they showed they were in dried grass or something and it was raining and both were drunk and had eyelock.

    3. Aqua

      Honestly I want Imli to confess hat Suraj wasn’t the dad and she had made it up and now she is being punished for that lie…. it would be a good lol both vivaam and Imli redemption for season three. Vimli always switches their evil mode on and off and people forgive them.

      This time I was them to.go through sever redemption. .. especially for annoying the sukor fan by coming in their lives lolzzzz????

  12. Once suraj swapped the brides to revenge chakor and vivan… now it’s vivan s turn to make their life upside down.. in serials nothing will happen good.. always before something bad going to happen, some romantic scene will be shown.. otherwise most of the time evil wins over good.. after long waiting sukor confessed their love… then suddenly another issue…hating these things… life is not always trouble…

  13. Sukorian

    I’m waiting for the epi. whe sukor find the child gun factory that will be again a fight of freedom. Than im waiting for the moment when vivaan finds out the truth that imli is pregnant with his child he will be destroyed but he will deserves it….Im also sure imli will forgive him easily like always ? n no one will think of Sukor makes me angry.

  14. Philomina

    Hi guys

    Hi aanya di,mama di,tapa di ,shreya di ,Tippu ,Sukorian ,janani di,zoya di,aqua,nemo,divua di,sruthi di,aria di, dil d, and everyone

    @shreya di just by curiosity
    what r u doing ?,i mean r u studying college or working.

    @aanya di what IV u r talking about ?
    really dont u have any aim?

    @zoya di i want to become a fashion dear.and u ?

  15. Philomina

    All new comers are warmly welcomed [:-)

  16. Philomina

    @mama di what is ur fav serial (ZKM,udaan then anything?)

  17. Philomina

    guys i dont whether u agree with me or not
    but actually nowadays i am losing interest in Udaan just watching for the sake of TRP and for our cute sukor .

    i am missing old udaan post leap u guys remember how sukor and vimli joined hands against kamal narayan it was really nice. everthing was good that time. i would like to see them like that once again .but now the storyline is not good at all.udaan was a wonderful show with good concept .i am sure if they continue this crap (i konw the Cvs are upto something) the TRP will go down.many of them have started to quit udaan .some r quitting it for one weeks ,two weeks.

    i am watching udaan as i hope this bachuva treack may reveal the secret about first bachuva thats what i really hope.

    1. Aqua

      I miss sukor chemistry….
      I want shayeribaaz suraj babu back with more romance for chakor. Lol

      I have quit the show for one week???

      I’m relying on written updates and instagram sukor scenes?

    2. Philomina

      yeah me too
      i want that suraj babu back with his dashing look
      i really loved that sahayri of suraj very much

    3. Sukorian

      I was so disappointed like I wrote Aqua so even I will skip the rest of the week. I said it befor the reentry of KN n Bandhua Track were great bcz of tge sukor team n the Strong imli. But Vivaan was always focused on hisself n life he always told imli to stay out of this matter with kn n sukor… his character was always selfish!!!

    4. I also agree with u philo. I also lost interest n udaan nw a days.

  18. Philomina

    @sukorian,tippu,annabeth i am waiting for ur next part pls post ur next part soon guys .
    my patience is killing me .. (i am not forcing u post it when u have time [:-)

    1. Sukorian

      i did episode 1 dont know if you saw it?

  19. Aaj chand akela koi sitara nhi hai
    Iss dard e dil ka koi sahara nhi hai
    Hmne pyar sirf tumse hi kiya hai
    Phir kyu tmhare dil mei naam hmara nhi hai.

  20. Aaj chand akela hai koi sitara nhi hai
    Iss dard e dil ka koi sahara nhi hai
    Hmne pyar sirf tumse hi kiya hai
    Phir kyu tmhare dil mei naam hmara nhi hai.

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