Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish reading the note. He tells Vividha to be out of this matter, as her life is in risk now. She says risk is not to my life, but to that person, I will not leave this matter incomplete, that person is scared and so he is doing this, I have to catch that person, he killed my sister. Ravish says I m with you. Kailash is injured and opens the bandages off his face. He says I got saved by that incident, my family got ruined, all this happened because of Atharv. He sees his face in the piece of mirror. He sees Atharv and Sujata’s pic and gets angry. He crushes the pic and dumps.

Ravish and Vividha try to investigate the matter. He says we have to get justice for Guddi. She nods. He says anyone from outside can also do this, but why, what can be the motive. She says how can any outsider come inside house, he can’t come when family is around. She stumbles. He asks her to be careful and holds her. They have an eyelock.

Atharv wears cat mask and scares them. He says I m the black cat, catch me. Ravish and Vividha stop him. Vividha asks what is it, show me. He says its mine, I m the black cat. He does not give the mask and runs. She asks why was he saying he is black cat. Ravish doubts on Atharv. She says Atharv can never do this, you don’t know what was Guddi for Atharv, there are few things you don’t know, that letter and scorpion, Atharv can’t do this, his mental state is not fine. He says is Sujata behind the scorpion and notes. She gets shocked.

He says maybe Sujata is doing this to make our attention diverted from Atharv. She says no, Sujata loved Guddi a lot. He says we have to think by mind, Atharv is her only son and she can do anything to save him, I know this, till the person is caught, every person is in suspicion.

They meet Sujata. Sujata asks what nonsense, Atharv can’t do this, was this the only thing to listen after bearing so much. Ravish asks her to recall was Atharv with her when Guddi was pushed down, where was he. Vividha sees Atharv. Sujata says Atharv can never do this. Ravish says I know, he can’t do this with Vividha’s sister. Sujata says he can never do it, never with anyone, don’t dare to blame my son. Ravish says I m asking again, where was Atharv at Guddi’s death time, even police will ask this. Sujata says he was with me, I was boiling milk in kitchen, he was playing around, he can’t do this. He says fine, he can never do this intentionally, but unintentionally if he did this and does not understand what he is doing…..

Sujata asks really, what happened to your senses, Atharv is always blamed and he has to prove his innocence, when Vividha was attacked, you thought Atharv is behind the attack, but Situram was the real culprit. Atharv tells Vividha about black cat. Sujata says last time also, you blamed him, did you think of us such. Ravish says none has motive to kill Guddi. Sujata asks does my son has motive to kill Guddi, he values relations and can’t do this. Vividha says yes, Sujata is right, he can never do this, its just coincidence. Ravish says Atharv is not in his senses, he does not know what he is doing, maybe he did this by mistake.

Sujata says such crimes do not happen by mistake, my son can’t do this, stop blaming him. Atharv wears mask and tells Vividha to see. He drops a box and says push, down….. Ravish thinks we are trying to prove Atharv innocent, not culprit, we will know it soon.

Later, Vividha goes in corridor. Atharv comes and shows the toy cat mask. He says I won’t go, its mine. She says fine, you keep it, don’t give anyone, no one will tell it. She recalls Ravish’s words. She asks Atharv will you tell me about this toy. He says yes, its my fav. She says Guddi was your friend right. He says yes, then she died. She asks did you like her. He says yes.

She asks did you push Guddi down, you told me that black cat made Guddi fall down, are you the black cat. He looks around and says its secret, will you not tell anyone. She signs no. He goes close to her and says yes. She gets shocked. He says I have thrown Guddi down. He wears the cat mask. It falls down. Vividha cries. He says I held her neck like this and shows holding the vase. He says I suffocated her neck like this, she was crying and I threw her down. He drops the vase. She gets shocked.

Vividha says its wrong, we should not do this. Ravish says I don’t want to hurt Sujata. Atharv’s finger prints are taken and machine beeps. Everyone get shocked. Sujata asks what happening with Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It was a dream 2 vivida what atharv said of killing guddi.bcoz in precap we clearly seen that vivida in red saree nd mrg in green saree.
    I think some one kill guddi when atharv came he/she tries 2 escape.at that time guddi was about 2 fell down then atharv catches guddi neck 2 save her but he failed.i think this was happened
    Why this kailash unexcepted entry.wt he want 2 do with atharv nd sujata
    That kailash killed guddi nd he tries 2 put blame on atharv???quit suspence nd confusing

    1. I am also feeling the same…hope that in tommorow ‘s episode…

    2. Yes, it should be a dream.. Don’t wanna see Atharv in -ve role even though his mental condition was not fine..but he is always Atharv Sujatha

  2. No atharva can’t do such a thing…. No even wen he is out of his senses…. I strongly feel someone used atharv as a tool to kill guddi… A person’s character doesn’t change even wen u are out of ua self…

  3. No atharva can’t do such a thing…. No even wen he is out of his senses…. I strongly feel someone used atharv as a tool to kill guddi… A person’s character doesn’t change even wen u are out of ua self…

  4. Dumb serial.People who watch this serial are also dumb!

  5. What the hell was the writer was doing……..what the story started with and what was it now……how can they blame atharv.its not going well. I am just watching this show because i am in dream that one day atharv and vividha well get one..i think writer doesnt have such intention…….i am fed up seeing vividha with ravish……wat stupid eyelock and nonsense……i am watching their love episodes again which were so awesome……and their saath vachan…..where all that had gone…..really dissapointing episodes are there now a days……some times they show vividha belongs to artharv even after marriage.and they show care and eyelocks with ravish.i am just hating this story now.when will atharv get his memory back…….when they will one again…..hoping that there will be no tragedy in lovestory of atharv and vividha.love u both

    1. Exactly every word of our comment is true..donno wer writers hav kept der brain n forget it to fix in them while wroth story???definitely show vll flop if dey go lik dis…

  6. atherva ko guddy ke murder se dur rakho please writter atherva vividha ke sadi kra do atherva vividha is best jori

  7. What’s happening to this serial day by day its going too worst now they ll make this atharv as villain aa…

  8. Why that ravish always blames atharv.. Ravish suspects sujatha nd atharv bt his family also do this na.. Atharv not killed guddi.. He never do this..

  9. The killer is either Ravish or Kailash. But Ravish shud not b shown as a killer as he is playing a character of an army officer.

  10. When adhiti said about incident..FB it is shown that person is wearing gloves how can they get fingerprints.. ?

    1. Good one….grt observation. Guess writers also dint realise their blunder!!

  11. What the hell is this I aleady stop watching the since 1 wk and reading updates from I stop reading updates also vitharv is best forever but for prolonging show they added new characters and spoiled the main theme

  12. Isn’t it suman nd her f-i-l hu killed guddi coz dat wat i understood in de last episode correct if am wrong it confusing nah

  13. really vividha suspect atharv in guddis murder…o god so boring its

  14. No way…not atharv plzzz…atharva can never do this

  15. Urggg this storyline…I hate this….the fan fiction is far better than the real storyline

  16. Writers enough stop dis detective drama, der r alresdy many detective shows running in TV…please don’t turn love story into crap… Reveal d murderer, prove athrava innocent, unite vitharva, n end dis unnecessary guddi track….why did dis kailash com bck 1 more headache ???

  17. What I feel is that… atharv is already back to normal and he is perfectly in his senses.. and I don’t think its atharv. But I do feel its sujatha. That is why atharv is trying to mislead everyone. and am sure everyone will soon come to know that now atharv is only acting as a mad person.

  18. Is the writers r trying 2 unite vitharv or ravidha

  19. Dear writer, the story is becoming bakwas. Please don’t make more complicate, firstly yu are lagging so much. Secondly yeh bakwas the script. If this continues definitely your TRP rating will go down.
    I am hating to watch serial, day to day the story line is becoming waste.

  20. Just becoz shanshak Vyas acted in Balika Vadhu the writers are giving ok I am quitting show frm now

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